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Multicultural Essecs Linked Together


Well, the aim of this guide is to give you a hand in order ... The Residence ' Le Foyer de Cergy le Haut ' * some movies are in English. 7. CERGY- PREFECTURE ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Multicultural Essecs Linked Together

Multicultural Essecs Linked Together SURVIVAL KIT
How to make your stay in France a SUCCE...
Welcome Word
Youve just arrived in France and you already
have many questions? Well, the aim of this guide
is to give you a hand in order for you to
discover our wonderful country and adapt to Essec
life. MELT, our students association, was
created 3 years ago to encourage the foreign
students integration and we will always be glad
to help you and answer your questions.
Folklore If you spend some time at school, youll
be really surprised by the place granted to
entertainment and students associations. Indeed,
Essec considers that courses are only a small
part of student life which is why
extra-academic activities are given such a great
importance. Next is a small introduction to some
of the aspects covered by these activities
Events There are many associations in Essec
and most of them organise various activities
during the first term. All sorts of events are
Sport ( Mens Sana in corpore sano - You can
also try Manzana Verde, a magical alcohol made
with apples. (Mens sana vs Manzana. Laugh
people, laugh!) A large panel of activities is
offered. Whether you are a great champion or a
big and fat lazy man, youll be a happy bunny.
Sport is not only a means to make friends, but
also a way to become a superstar of national
championships! Its up to you There are various
sport courses organized by the BDS (Bureau des
Sports sports student association). Just ask
them when and where they are. Generally there is
a program at the entry of the BDS that can inform
For info, here are the sports organised last
year Individual Sports Running, step, swimming,
soft gym, tonic gym, yoga, modern jazz, rock,
salsa Dual sports Table tennis, fencing,
capoeira, judo, karate, jujitsu, tennis Team
sports Rowing, football, rugby, volleyball,
handball, basketball
  • Work/Job
  • Within three or six months, you will probably
    have finished your time in Essec. But you may
    find France so exciting youll decide to stay and
    find a training course or some work experience.
    Why not? So be far-sighted and start searching
  • One of the best ways to succeed in your search is
    to follow the announcements of the ESSEC stage
    (work experience) service.
  • The address is Then click on
     scolarité ,  offres en lignes ,
    apprentissage, VIE, stage à létranger et
    monitorat Essec.
  • (For work, thats all folks, because there is a
    lot of unemployment in France)
  • Money
  • Life in Paris may be expensive. To earn money,
    you can always decide to work for the junior
    enterprises of Essec. If you speak a better
    English than mine (it is not really difficult)
    you will probably make easy money quickly
    phoning, data entry, and many other thrilling
    activities are waiting for you!
  • Basically, this is how it works The Junior
    Enterprises receive offers from firms and they
    ask students to do the work. Then, they pay
    students with parsimony and keep the loot.

Essec Campus
  • Cergy is a small town but still, it is quite
    large and you may feel a bit lost the first days.
  • Following, youll find a map of the town and the
    localisation of the main places
  • -how to go to Essec from the residences / how to
    go to the residences from Essec?
  • -Where is hidden the supermarket?
  • -RATP What does that mean? (Rentre Avec Tes
    Pieds go back by foot No, just kidding)
  • -And if you are as good in French as I am
    in English, the famous English movie theatre of

The closest supermarket The movie theatre
The RER The Residence  Le Foyer de
Cergy le Haut 
some movies are in English
The Residence des Linandes (not on the map, but
very close to the limit of the map) The
closest supermarket The RER ESSEC
Essec Business School
How to get the courses you want Be careful,
this chapter is not the least interesting,
because you will soon face this issue. Indeed, to
get a course, you have to follow warrior
way. First, you have 140 points to bet on the
courses you want to follow. Second, you only get
the course if youve bet enough points. Till
this point, it is easy. Now, the constraints You
will never follow more than 7 courses a
trimester. You will never follow more than 2
courses a day. There are three rounds for you to
bet your points. At the end of each round, you
get the courses on which youve bet enough points
and you take back the points that you have bet
but that were not sufficient to enable you to get
the course. Now the exceptions Some teachers
accept extra students to their courses. It means
that the maximum number of students officially
authorized to follow the courses may be exceeded
youll have to go and plead and beg to get the
course. You can see many exceptions to these
constraints, because France loves exceptions. You
can even benefit from these exceptions if you
negotiate with a teacher. The only thing that
will never change is the number of points you can
bet. Practical information There are courses in
the morning from 9 to 1215, the afternoon, from
13 to 1615 and the evening from 16.30 to 1945.
There are also breaks of 10 minutes during the
course. You can find a descriptive of the courses
on Then click on scolarité,
service de la scolarité, registration. You will
find the timetable with the quota of students
allowed to follow the courses, the name of the
teacher, where is the course, etc.
The war of the four trainings Youll soon
discover that there are 4 ways of entering Essec
and that each one has its own reputation. First,
there are the ASC. They worked very hard for two
years in classe prépa. They follow a first year
of studies in Essec (The famous PI) before
joining the program MBA. They claim they are the
most invested in school life. Well, basically, it
means that they think they drink more than the
others. The AST are older than the ASC. Indeed
they have generally worked and followed a course
at Uni. According to the ASC, they come to Essec
more to follow courses than to enjoy student
life. Then, you have the EPSCI. They only have
their Bac when they enter Essec, where they will
stay four years. We dont know them very well
because they spend a lot of time abroad and
because we dont follow the same program of
studies. But they are said to be nice, especially
the girls. Last but not least, the Masters. They
are the oldest. They stay only one ore two years
and they spend their time working because they
have many courses and they pay a lot of money.
Dictionary  CNIT  One of the places where you
can attend some courses. It is in La Défense, in
Paris, which is a drawback or an advantage,
depending on where you live GH it is not only a
part of the alphabet. It is also an abbreviation
for Grand Hall (Big Waiting Hall) and a good
synonym of We are going to party in Essec on
Friday PA Petit Amphi. In English, it is SA,
Small Amphi, but SA in French is Société Anonyme
so we are a bit too far from courses. Because in
PA you attend courses. And according to some
students, there are even some interesting
ones GA Grand Amphi, where the seats are just
so comfortable you cant help falling asleep,
even when listening to the most fascinating
conference or politician HDC it rewards 7
points in scrabble, but Im not sure of the
translation. It seems it means Hall des
Consignes, but there are no left luggage office
contrary to what the name indicates. Anyway, the
signification is not important. It is the place
that joins the corridor which goes from the
Foys to the BDS (be careful to not spill over
your beer when you go from the Foys to the BDS)
and that joins the corridor of the associations
to the residence (please be careful when you go
from the residence to the corridor of the
associations not to push someone carrying a beer
from the Foys to the BDS). Bouh/B000 Your
Bouh is your ESSEC mailing address. You have
two login names for the same address. The first
one is and the second one
is The second one is your
bouh. Assoces  there are many associations in
Essec. They are the lung of the student life. If
you stay only a short time, most associations
will refuse your taking part in the association
lives. Nevertheless, you can participate to their
activities. Alegessec  You probably know this
organism. It rents studios to French and foreign
students. It has probably offered to lodge you
for the term. It is not the less expensive
solution, but it is certainly a good one if you
only stay for a short time. Be happy.
The CTI How incredible it may appear, the city
is not in London but in Essec (I apologize for
this very bad joke, but try to make jokes in
English and you will understand) So, the CTI is
not only the financial temple of the United
Kingdom, it is also the library of Essec, where
you will find many books of finance or marketing
that have never been borrowed. But keep cool, CTI
is not only a place of desperation. It is also
the computers network of Essec where you can go
and check your mails. Be careful though! If you
are a student who wants to go on the net, youll
have to fight 2 enemies The first one is the
guardian who will prevent you from penetrating in
the CTI without your Essec student card (even if
you have been attacked in the RATP by a spy which
is why you must send a mail to J. Chirac to warn
him that the villain spy is going to destroy the
Earth, I know, I have tried) The second one is
your neighbour that has had the same idea but
just 1 minute before you, so there is no more
free PC
Jessica Her Caroline Alamy
President In charge of
welcoming students ? 06 16 01 63 46 ?
06 78 76 10 17