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20092010 Online Student Orientation Session


20092010 Online Student Orientation Session – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 20092010 Online Student Orientation Session

2009-2010 Online Student Orientation Session
  • By
  • Werner Vavken
  • Director of Online Education

  • Intro
  • Online Program Overview
  • Online Handbook
  • Enrolling in your online course
  • (Consumer Math Student ? see Mrs. Avalucea)
  • Enroll complete the ONLINE Virtual Valley
    Orientation Course

Prayer Introduction
Online Program Overview
Courses this year 13
  • Mathematics
  • Consumer Mathematics (BYU)
  • Algebra-1
  • Algebra-2
  • Geometry
  • Trig/Pre-Calculus
  • Social Science
  • US History -NEW
  • AP US History -NEW
  • Computer Science
  • MS-Applications
  • English
  • Shakespeare -NEW
  • Bible
  • Spiritual Disciples -NEW
  • The Truth Project -NEW
  • Visual Arts
  • Photographic Design-1
  • Photographic Design-2

Why Online?
  • Benefits...
  • Sharpen YOUR study habits
  • Prep for YOUR college experience
  • Available to YOU 24/7/365
  • Prep for YOUR work life
  • Optimize to YOUR learning styles
  • Go at YOUR speed
  • Courses for YOU not offered in classroom
  • Optimize YOUR high school schedule
  • Summer classes Vacation possible for YOU
  • Fun and rewarding for YOU

Can I be successful with this?
VCHS Summer 2009 Online Student Success Rate
Success Pass the course
  • Mathematics
  • Algebra-1 86
  • Algebra-2 98
  • Geometry 96
  • Trig/Pre-Calculus 87
  • Computer Science
  • MS-Applications 93
  • English
  • Shakespeare 100
  • Visual Arts
  • Photographic Design-1 88.5
  • Photographic Design-2 83

How Does it Work?
  • Work from top to bottom in your course page
  • Video lectures and activities online
  • Textbook for homework reference
  • Online exams some are proctored in this period
    (see your course for details)
  • Proctor will need to enter a password to access
    online exams.
  • Some online exams are paper based under
    supervision of a proctor.
  • Should do most of your online work on this period

Online Handbook
  • Get a copy of this from your course proctor, or
    download from the VV home page. This must be
    fully read and signed (last page) by you and also
    by one parent/guardian.
  • Homework Last page MUST filled out and signed by
    the student and one parent/guardian and turned in
    to your proctor by the next class session

Online Handbook
  • V. Student Responsibilities Regular School
    Session (pg 2-3)
  • Read and sign the Online Handbook, along with at
    least one parent (or guardian), and turn it in to
    your proctor by the next class session.
  • Contact the online teacher and/or counselor if
    you are struggling with the course.
  • Attend proctored classes (unless approved, in
    writing, not to attend.
  • Unless otherwise specified by your course, all
    online work to be done only by you and with
    assistance from anyone
  • Do only online class work during proctored class
    session with the following exceptions
  • Online class work completed and you are
  • Need help from teacher and cannot proceed.
  • If item 1 and/or 2 is the case, students may
    read, study, work on homework or prepare for
    another class.

Online Handbook
  • V. Student Responsibilities -continued (pg 3)
  • Adhere to Proctor Classroom rules
  • No talking or visiting with classmates
  • No web surfing
  • No e-mailing (except for help for your course)
  • No cell phone use
  • No food or drink in the classroom
  • Raise hand to speak to class proctor
  • All classroom rules as found in the VCS Student

Online Handbook
  • Online Policies (Pg 5 6)
  • Add/Drop Dates
  • Students may add or drop an online class until
    the end of the third week of school.
  • Students may transfer into a brick and mortar
    classroom until the end of the eleventh week of
    school. The student grade will be transferred
    to the new teacher it is the previous teachers
    responsibility to forward the grades to the new
    teacher in a timely manner. If a student moves
    to an online course they may not submit work that
    had been previously due to the enrollment date
    (i.e. restarting the class mid-year is not
  • Students may not switch from online to brick and
    mortar (or vise versa) more than once.

Online Handbook
  • Online Policies (Pg 6)
  • Waiving the Proctored Period (see proctor or
    counselor for form)
  • Students and parents may waive their proctored
    period for the following reasons
  • The student has successfully taken an online
    class before (C- or better)
  • The student is a senior
  • The student has a medical condition
  • Music Conservatory students (must be approved by
  • The above option can only occur during 1, 2,
    7, or 8 periods
  • Parents must have verbal or face-to-face
    communication with the counselor to ensure they
    are comfortable waiving the proctored period.
  • Students that waive the proctored period must
    still attend the class for required proctored
    assessments, which are noted in the online class.

Online Handbook
  • Online Policies (Pg 6)
  • Retaking Assessments
  • Once a student takes an assessment, they may not
    retake the assessment unless the teacher appeals
    to the counseling staff due to unusual
    circumstances. Contact your online proctor (if in
    class) and then also e-mail your online teacher
    if you experience a technical problem while
    taking a test .

Online Handbook
  • Must be fully read and signed (last page) by you
    and also by one parent/guardian.
  • Homework Last page MUST filled out and signed by
    the student and one parent/guardian and turned in
    to your proctor by the next class session

Accessing Your Online Course
  • Go to www.virtualvalley.org
  • If you have a login/password log-in with that
  • If you need a login/password
  • Click on login at top of screen
  • Click on

Accessing Your Online course
  • Your password will be e-mail to you. Get that and
    write it down. If you have trouble with this
    contact Mr. Vavken (wvavken_at_vcs.net) to help you.
  • Return to www.virtualvalley.org and login with
    the username that you chose and the password that
    was e-mailed to you. Later you can change that by
    clicking on your name when at the VV home page.
  • Click on High School Online Courses and then the
    name of the course you are enrolled in.
  • You will be asked for an enrollment key. This
    will be given to you in this orientation session
    or by your proctor or orientation presenter. You
    will only need to enter this once.

When in my course what do I do?
  • Read all of the information in the top most
    section of your course syllabus, policies, etc..
  • Due the items by the due date (or before) not
  • Some tests require a password these test
    require your proctor to enter a password and the
    test must be taken during your online period.
    Your course will specify which tests are to be
    done under the supervision of a proctor. Some
    tests have a written part, ask your proctor for
    that written test and then hand it back to the
    proctor when done. Proctored written test cannot
    leave the proctor room. Your online teacher will
    grade the test.

When in my course what do I do?
  • About the online lectures/lessons
  • Alg-1, Alg-2, Geometry ONLY
  • Lectures are on DVDs that must be played on a PC
    (or a MAC). Instructions on this are on a
    separate blue instruction sheet. Try out one of
    your DVDs in class today, or at home tonight. Get
    DVDs from Mr. Vavken or your proctor.
  • You will also need QuickTime (www.apple.com/quickt
    ime) loaded on your home computers.
  • MAC students taking Geometry Be sure to also get
    the QuickTime movie DVD for the lectures from Mr.
    Vavken or your proctor.
  • Lecture formats for all other courses
  • QuickTime movies
  • Streaming Flash files (like YouTube)
  • Elluminate Videos (allow this program Java to

  • Course Academics? Your course teacher
  • Navigating through your course and help while you
    are in your proctored class? Your proctor
  • Schedule/transfer/add/drop? Your high school
    guidance counselor
  • Technical? Mr. Vavken, wvavken_at_vcs.net, or see
    him in the ITC office (door near the north-west
    end of the education building)

-Mandatory-(Unless you have taken an online
classes before)Virtual Valley Orientation Course
  • Navigate to High School Online Courses on the
    Virtual Valley site and then on the last page of
    courses (page-2) you find the Virtual Valley
    Orientation Course. Click on this. There is also
    a shortcut to this course from the Virtual Valley
    home page.
  • Enroll into this practice course with the
    enrollment code vvstudent. You must have a
    Virtual Valley Login/Password before you can

Start at the top and work your way down
Get it done....
  • Proceed to your online course
  • www.virtualvalley.org ? Online High School
    Courses ? and click on your course name
  • Hint Book mark your course in your browser
  • May the Lord bless you in your online studies
  • Remember We are all here to help you
  • Online teacher your course
  • Proctor help while in class
  • Counselor for scheduling guidance
  • Mr. Vavken for technical matters of your course
    (passwords, etc.)
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