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The National GEM Consortium Fellowship Program


Student FAQs. Why Should I Go to Graduate School? How Can I Pay for Graduate School? ...,pageid.15/default.asp ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The National GEM Consortium Fellowship Program

The National GEM Consortium Fellowship Program
  • Cordelia M. Brown, Ph. D.
  • Purdue University
  • Assistant Professor
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Engineering Education
  • Purdue University
  • Big Ten Graduate School Exposition
  • West Lafayette, Indiana
  • September 28, 2009

Student FAQs
  • Why Should I Go to Graduate School?
  • How Can I Pay for Graduate School?
  • How Do I Apply for Graduate School?
  • How Do I Apply for a GEM Fellowship?
  • Where Can I Go to Graduate School?
  • Tips For Securing Fellowships?

Our mission …
  • ENHANCE the value of the nations human capital
    by increasing the participation of
    underrepresented groups (African Americans,
    American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the
    masters and doctoral levels in engineering and

Advanced degree benefits
  • Passion
  • Community Impact
  • Increased compensation
  • Higher starting salary
  • Greater ability to earn independently
  • Enhanced career flexibility
  • Competitive advantage
  • Greater choice of work
  • Greater mobility
  • Fortified self-confidence
  • Demonstrated ability to perform rigorous tasks

Identifies you as a LEADER
  • A seat at the table
  • Solutions to some of the nations most pressing
    problems lie in science and engineering
  • Healthcare (AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's)
  • Sustainable environment
  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Strengthening civil infrastructure

Why Graduate School? (continued)
  • How much more will I make?
  • BS Salary? 50,000 - 70,000
  • Ph.D. Salary? 90,000
  • Source
  • What will these advanced degrees do for my
  • Will I have more flexibility?
  • What type of jobs or research will I do?

Earning Potential
Partners developing the pool

How Can I Pay for Graduate School?
Financial Aid Assistance is Available
  • Institutional Aid
  • Fellowships
  • Teaching (TA)
  • Research Assistantships (RA)
  • Grants
  • External Sources
  • Federal State Aid
  • (FAFSA)
  • Loans
  • Employers
  • Other sponsors Organizations
  • (GEM), Philanthropic
  • Foundations, Private Individuals
  • or Special Clubs

What is a Fellowship?
  • Fellowships/traineeships, grants and scholarships
    are outright awards made to graduate students
    with no service obligation. They usually provide
    a monthly stipend for living expenses, tuition
    and required fees.

General Characteristics of Fellowships
  • Full-Time Enrollment
  • 1-6 Year Duration
  • No Outside Employment
  • Summer Internship Requirement
  • Citizenship Requirement
  • Research-Specific/Discipline-Specific
  • Merit-Based

Institutionally Awarded Fellowships
  • Fellowships offered through departments and/or
  • Contact Director of Graduate Programs
  • University-Wide Fellowships
  • Diversity Graduate Assistance Grants

Nationally Competitive Fellowships
  • Awarded directly from granting agencies/foundation
    s to graduate students
  • Graduate students may choose to use their
    fellowships at any university to which they have
    been admitted.
  • The National GEM Consortium
  • National Science Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Jacob K. Javits

Searching for Nationally Competitive Fellowships
  • Petersons Grants for Graduate and Postdoctoral
  • Web Resources Graduate School Financing
    Graduate Education Web Site
  • Databases
  • Agency/Foundation Web Links

Financial aid resources
  • National Consortium
    offering the largest of fellowships/internships
    for underrepresented students for Masters and PhD
    degrees in engineering and science
  • a database with course
    catalogues and institutional mission statements
  • a comprehensive online
    resource of current graduate school information
    and listings
  • a thorough website, including
    specific campus information and standardized test
  • http// Search for and participate
    in Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU
    Program) and gain valuable experience
  • http// The Financial Aid Web
  • Graduate Office at your university
  • Graduate Office at universities of interest to
  • Department you plan to pursue your degree

Financial aid resources
  • The U.S. Public Health Service (PHS)
  • http//
  • http//
  • Marshall Fellowships
  • http//
  • EPA Marshall Fellowships
  • http//
  • Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans
  • http//
  • Rhodes Scholarship Trust
  • http//
  • Department of the State Fulbright Fellowships
  • http//
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
  • http//
  • Morris K. Udall Foundation
  • http//
  • Teach for America
  • http//
  • USDA Public Service Leaders Scholarship Program
  • http//
  • Dept of Homeland Security Graduate Fellowships
  • http//

Financial aid resources National Science
Foundation (NSF)
  • S-STEM
  • http//
  • Math and Physical Science in Public Science
  • http//
  • Navy Civilian Service Fellowships
  • http//
  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Program
  • http//
  • East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes for US
    Graduate Students
  • http//
  • Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//
  • Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants
  • http//

How Do I Apply for Graduate School?
Graduate admissions process
  • Graduate school application
  • University department forms, questionnaires
  • Transcripts, letters of reference, statement of
  • Apply for admission at GEM member universities
    before January 1st for additional funding
  • Take Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Submit ALL documents at once

Graduate admissions process (continued)
  • Recommendation letters
  • Ask for STRONG letters from faculty
  • They should endorse your current
    academic/research performance and future
  • If they dont know your goals (industry,
    professorate, academic administration) they cant
    support them in writing
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for letters to be written
  • Statement of purpose
  • Have faculty/advisor/mentor review before

Graduate Admissions Process (continued)
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Two parts General and discipline exams
  • Includes a writing section http//
  • Computer-based exams offered continuously
  • Resources include search services, online
    practice exams, and campus workshops/seminars
  • Submit GRE scores with admission packet
  • Review Petersons Guide for scores (previous
    class) submitted at various universities and
  • GRE required for funding at some universities

How Do I Apply for a GEM Fellowship?
How to Remember GEM?
  • G Graduate School
  • E Employment
  • M Money

GEM delivers Graduate School
90 GEM member universities, including
MIT Cornell Columbia UTEP G
eorgia Tech U of Illinois Johns Hopkins U of
Michigan Northwestern Penn State U of
Washington Purdue RIT Yale U of Puerto Rico
U of Arizona UC Berkeley UC Davis UC
Irvine UCLA UC San Diego FAMU U of S
Florida Drexel Stanford Texas AM Rice U of New
Mexico U of Notre Dame Tuskegee
GEM delivers Employment
  • Internship Expectations
  • Internships begin summer before Fall enrollment
    at member university except
  • Juniors complete three internships with employer
  • MS Engineering Fellows are expected to complete
    two internships with employer sponsor
  • PhD Engineering and PhD Science Fellows are
    expected to intern at least once with employer
  • All interns are evaluated as potential full-time
    employees and
  • Employers pay internship salary and travel.

GEM delivers Money/Funding
  • The GEM Fellowship is an EMPLOYER sponsored
    program, where students receive
  • Waived tuition and fees
  • Paid summer internship (s) at 40 employer
  • MS Engineering Fellowship Program
  • Minimum 10,000 stipend over 3 semesters/4
  • Full tuition and fees at GEM member university
  • PhD Science/Engineering Fellowship Program
  • Minimum 14,000 academic year stipend for year
    one from GEM
  • University support year 2-5
  • Full tuition and fees at GEM member university

GEM Applicant delivers…
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Minimum 2.8 GPA for MS Engineering Fellowship
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA for PhD Engineering and Science
  • Submit three (one from faculty) letters of
  • Detailed resume
  • Include statement of purpose
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • GRE scores (GEM GRE Code 1305)
  • Be member of underrepresented minority group
    (African American, Hispanic American, and
    American Indian)
  • Be a U.S. citizen

GEM Applicant delivering an A-GAME
  • Freshman-Juniors
  • Undergraduate research
  • Internships and/or co-ops in relevant industries,
    labs (employer list on web site)
  • Juniors and Seniors apply _at_
  • by November 15th deadline.
  • Apply to targeted graduate programs at member
    universities (university list on web site) by
    their deadline (latest February 1)
  • Leverage relationships with GEM Employers in
    January to request their consideration of

On Time or Out of Time ???
  • Starting July 1 Apply online _at_
  • Indicate up to four preferred employers on GEM
  • Apply for admission to member universities
  • Take GRE
  • October 1 Early consideration
  • November 15 Submit complete GEM application and
    graduate school application
  • December
  • GEM Selection Committee matches employer intern
    preferences with eligible applicants
  • February Announcement of GEM Fellows

On Time or Out of Time ??? (continued)
  • February GEM Acceptance Forms Due
  • May Forward transcript school selection to GEM
    May/June Internship begins
  • August/September Fall semester begins
  • Meet campus GEM Representative
  • Meet other GEM Fellows!

Tips for Securing Fellowships
  • Start Early
  • Application deadlines range from early November
    to early February
  • Research your options
  • Pay attention to restrictions
  • Some programs limit the number of credit hours
    you can complete before application
  • Follow directions to the letter
  • The Name Thing
  • The name on your SS card, graduate school
    admissions application, and fellowship
    application should be identical
  • Supporting documents matter
  • Keep trying

Graduate School Game Plan
  • Summer Write a draft statement of purpose (why
    you want to be admitted to the program to which
    you are applying). Start browsing through
    directories of graduate programs and college
  • September Meet with current faculty members to
    discuss your statement and possible programs. Ask
    for letters of recommendation. Sign up for
    required standardized tests.
  • October Take standardized tests. Request
    application materials from programs in which you
    are interested. The PETERSONS GUIDE (available
    in Career Services, Campus Library and online) is
    a good source of information and addresses of
    graduate school programs.
  • November Order transcripts. Ask if the
    Registrars Office can send a transcript with
    your fall term grades in time to meet the
    deadlines of programs to which you are applying.
  • December Complete application forms (do a draft
    on a photocopy of the forms first). Give your
    recommenders the forms to fill out or the
    addresses to which they should send their letters
    and copies of your statement of purpose or your
    response to specific questions asked by the
  • January Mail applications. Even if deadlines are
    later, it is good to get the applications in
    early. If you are applying for need based
    financial aid programs, you must also file an
    application for Financial Aid. You must have
    Financial Aid transcripts sent to the institution
    to which you are applying.
  • February Contact programs about the possibility
    of visiting. Make trips if possible. (Be sure to
    brush up on your Interviewing Skills.)
  • April When applying for need based financial aid
    programs, you may have to file a copy of your
    federal income tax return

Contact Information
  • Dr. Cordelia M. Brown
  • Purdue University
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, EE
  • 465 Northwestern Ave.
  • West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
  • (765) 494-1743
  • The National GEM Consortium
  • 1800 K. Street, NW, Suite 900
  • Washington, DC 20006
  • 202 457-8672 (Office)
  • 202 207-3518 (Fax)