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Internet Recharter Workshop Fall 2008 Winter 2009


... Unit Changes and Insurance. Key Points for ... Table of Contents: Council Commissioner Letter ... Complete new youth and adult applications, and insurance form ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Internet Recharter Workshop Fall 2008 Winter 2009

InternetRecharter WorkshopFall 2008 Winter
Sam Houston Area Council
  • 2008-2009 IR Key Points, pages 2 - 20
  • Internet Rechartering, pages 21 - 81

Key Points for 2008-09
  • Last years Lessons Learned, new year changes
  • Internet Rechartering is strongly recommended
  • But manual Rechartering is available
  • Updating Leader Training Records
  • Minimum Recharter Requirements
  • Cub Scout Leadership
  • Adult Applications
  • Quality Unit Changes and Insurance

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Internet Rechartering
  • We will use internet rechartering this year.
  • We used it very successfully last year.
  • About 77 of traditional units used it,
    generally positive reviews
  • You may use Unit Management Software such as
    Troopmaster or Packmaster, but we do not advocate
  • You dont have to be a computer guru.
  • We CANNOT accept floppy disk recharters.

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Internet Rechartering
  • Attend SHAC rechartering training.
  • Go on-line and do the tutorial.
  • Get your unique unit access code from the label
    on your roster in your charter renewal packet.
  • To complete Internet rechartering
  • Go on-line.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Save your work, stop, and start again, if
  • (Note Software prevents most defective
  • When you finish, print the new Recharter Form,
    get signatures, calculate fees per step 7 of the
    unit recharter instructions, complete the
    Accident Insurance Information form, and turn it
    in at your designated district recharter turn-in

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Centennial Quality Unit Award 2008/2009
  • Centennial Quality Unit Award is separate from,
    but in many cases concurrent with, rechartering
  • Your unit can be more efficient by working on
    2008 CQA completion and 2009 CQA commitment as it
    works on recharter.
  • We recommend use of SHACs online CQA forms.
  • Print Quality Unit Award application in IR
    Stage also can print out CQA form.

  • You are a new user every year, every unit
  • The draft printout says DRAFT in a watermark
    across the page there are no signature lines
    you cannot hand it in!
  • Use Promote to move unexpired members from unit
    to unit
  • You wont have to reenter the member information
    in Internet Rechartering
  • But you MUST submit a completed application
    because you are adding a new member to you unit

Reminders for 2008 -2009
Lessons Learned, 1
  • You must have five paid (primary) youth to
    recharter your unit. If you have less, contact
    your District Executive.
  • Multiples in the same unit
  • No committee chairs/members as den leaders/
  • Institution head ONLY as chartered organization
    representative/committee chairman/member.
    Chartered organization representative as
    committee chairman/member
  • Tiger adult partner may serve in any other
  • Multiples in several units
  • Only selected in Step 4, Update Fees
  • Know where the fee is being paid
  • When rechartering several units from one partner,
    do not submit any until all are ready

2008 2009 Key Points
Lessons Learned, 2
  • Transfer vs. Drop/Add
  • Do not transfer if recharter month is the same
  • Transfer only if current registration extends
    beyond new units recharter date (i.e. Feb/Dec)
  • Cannot earn Scout ranks/MB before registration
  • Every youth must have a parent, address, gender,
    parent relationship
  • But be careful you cant change parent/youth
    relationships once entered

2008 2009 Key Points
Lessons Learned, 3
  • Incorrect SSNs or TDLs can now be corrected if
    necessary. Do NOT put false SSNs into ScoutNET,
    they do run a check on the numbers.
  • Check box (?) to charge fees to unit account
  • Unit Leader signature has been moved to the same
    page as the Executive Officer and Council
    Representative signatures

2008 2009 Key Points
Lessons Learned, 4
  • Background appearance changes, data doesnt
  • Ability to print out
  • Quality Unit Award Application
  • Annual Charter Agreement
  • Charter Renewal Application

2008 2009 Key Points
Lessons Learned, 5
  • Turn in the entire printout from Internet
  • The new member pages at the front before the
    signature page replace the overflow pages in
    manual recharter
  • The extra pages after the roster are needed by
    Registration to process your recharter
  • Submit original applications for new members do
    not alter a photocopy of an old application to
    register a new member
  • Recharters are not entered into BSA system until
    the first day of the month after charter
    expiration new charters and membership cards
    will not be available until after expiration
    regardless of date turned in

2008-2009 Key Points
Training Records
  • All leaders should receive Fast Start training,
    New Leader Essentials, and leader specific
  • Trained leader requirements remain the same.
  • Because BSA has removed Trained Status from the
    recharter printout, we have removed the Training
    Record Update form from the recharter packet.
    Field Service will working with Training to
    develop a new approach for updating training

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Minimum Recharter Requirements
  • In order to recharter, either on the Internet or
    by traditional methods, a unit must have
  • a chartering organization
  • the minimum number of adult leaders
  • the minimum number of youth, and
  • an active Scouting program
  • Three signatures are required on the recharter
  • institutional head
  • unit leader
  • council representative (commissioner where
    available DD/DE countersign)

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Minimum Recharter Requirements
If the minimum requirements are not being
met fix the problem immediately OR dont
recharter the unit!
2008 - 2009 Key Points
Cub Scout Leadership
  • A Tiger den leader is strongly encouraged, if
    Tiger Cubs are registered.
  • A Cub den leader is strongly encouraged, if Wolf
    and/or Bear Cub Scouts are registered.
  • A Webelos den leader is strongly encouraged, if
    Webelos are registered.
  • If you do not have all of the above, your charter
    will be reviewed to see if that is appropriate
  • Tiger Partners are still required for each Tiger
  • One den leader (Tiger, Cub or Webelos) is
    required for every pack.

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Recharter Audit Flags
  • Any unit with less than five primary youth
  • Any unit with more than 100 youth
  • Any pack with only one den leader, or does not
    have enough den leadership for the Cubs enrolled
    in the pack
  • Any unit that grows or declines more than 50
    from year to year

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Adult Applications
  • Use only the new adult applications
  • Application must be filled out completely
  • New application includes a separate page which
    must be signed explicitly authorizing a criminal
    background check
  • Both pieces Local Council Copy of the
    application and CBC Authorization must be
  • Complete new application for any members dropped
    for not responding to CBC letter

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Insurance Money and Turn-in
  • Dont forget the insurance money! The IR program
    does not figure that in.
  • Turn in your ON TIME charter to a commissioner!
  • Your district 1st date
  • Your district 2nd date
  • Your district 3rd date

2008 - 2009 Key Points
Why Defective? Top 5 Reasons
  • Not enough money.
  • Missing required signature(s).
  • No application on file for youth or adult
    submitted in recharter file.
  • Missing required adult position.
  • Incompletely filled out application.
  • All easy problems to avoid!

2008 - 2009 Key Points
2008-9 Key Points
2008-2009 Key Points
Internet Rechartering
  • The Big Picture
  • Topics we will cover
  • Recharter What? Why? Who? When?
  • Recharter Packet - Whats in It?
  • Unit Roster - Getting the Update
  • Recharter Printout - Updating
  • Calculating Money Due
  • Turn-in Procedures
  • Avoiding and Solving Problems

What Is a Recharter? Why Do Recharters?
  • It is the annual BSA registration process.
  • Units receive printouts showing current
    membership in BSAs database. These should not be
    used for Internet Rechartering.
  • Units update ScoutNET membership rosters, along
    with annual dues and fees, through this Internet
    Rechartering Process.
  • The charter is renewed with the chartered
  • Accident insurance is renewed.

Who Does the Recharter?
  • Unit committee has primary responsibility
  • membership chairman
  • committee chairman
  • treasurer
  • Others play a support role
  • commissioner staff
  • executive officer
  • chartered organization representative
  • unit leader

When Do We Do This?
  • Tonight recharter workshop
  • This month - recharter committee meeting
  • Two months ahead - update unit roster, collect
  • One month ahead - update recharter printout and
    obtain signatures
  • Early in recharter month, no later 15th - turn in
    recharter packet to commissioner staff
  • Preferred District due date at Roundtable

The Recharter
  • Its really quite simple...
  • Receive a unit packet with step-by-step
  • Update the membership roster,
  • Collect money and signatures, and
  • Turn in everything.
  • Take one step at a time!

Recharter Packet
  • Table of Contents
  • Council Commissioner Letter
  • Recharter Printout (not used for Internet
  • Rechartering Your Scouting Unit (resources to
    help you recharter and checklist)
  • Your Pack / Troop / Crew (
  • Extra Youth and Adult Applications
  • Overflow Pages (these are not used for Internet
  • Fee Schedule
  • Insurance Papers
  • Unit Budget Plan
  • Membership Inventory
  • Uniform Inspection
  • Telephone Reference
  • Risk Management Checklist
  • Criminal Background Check

Unit Recharter Instructions
  • 7 Fee Worksheet
  • 10Turn-in Checklist

Internet Compared To Manual Recharter
  • Basic preparation is the same
  • New youth and adult applications are still
  • Overflow sheets are not needed for Internet
  • Three signatures on the recharter are still
  • The same membership and Boys Life fees are paid.
  • The insurance forms and insurance fee are the
    same. Use the SHAC blue calculation sheet.

Internet Rechartering
Suggested Calendar
Internet Rechartering
  • On-line tutorial (Do it first!)
  • Easy to use
  • Internet insures you have correct positions to
  • Calculates membership and Boys Life fees (but
    not insurance fee, which is separate and
    different for each BSA council)
  • Fewer errors because units personnel who are
    familiar with its member are entering changes
  • Saves time for both unit and council so that you
    get your new charter back sooner

Internet Rechartering
The Process
  • Unit receives access code on recharter roster
  • Need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser
  • Go to the council Web site and select Internet
    Recharter for information, training materials,
    and links to Internet Recharter
  • Take the Internet Recharter tutorial
  • Perform and complete the Internet recharter
  • Obtain the required three signatures on Internet
    recharter printout
  • Institutional head
  • Unit leader
  • Council representative (commissioner where
    available DD/DE countersign)
  • Complete new youth and adult applications, and
    insurance form
  • Turn in recharter at roundtable - dont forget
    check for recharter signatures, correct
    membership and insurance fees, and Boys Life

Internet Rechartering
  • Use the tutorial as many times as you wish.
  • Note the background is different from the real

Internet Rechartering
  • The tutorial will allow you to walk through the
    system as if you are actually rechartering a
  • It is available at any step of the process.
  • Each screen requests that you perform a specific
  • You can jump past a screen by clicking on the
    tabs at the top and selecting the specific
    process you want to review.

Internet Rechartering
First Time Log On
  • Log on to the Unit Charter Renewal System at
  • Each new recharter year, you are a new user
    choose First Time User the first time you log

Internet Rechartering
First Time / Returning User
  • Enter unique access code provided by SHAC
  • Select unit type (drop down menu)
  • Enter unit number (4 digits, including leading

Internet Rechartering
  • Use only this years access code!

First Time Log On Information
  • The first time you log on, you will complete the
    requested information, including setting a
  • Once this profile has been created, you will use
    the unit access code and your password to log in.

Internet Rechartering
Forgot Your Password?
  • Click Forgot password? on the log-in page.

Internet Rechartering
Forgot Your Password?
  • At the Password Reset page, enter the following
  • Access Code (original access code provided by the
  • E-mail (e-mail address provided during
  • Click Reset.

Internet Rechartering
Confidentiality Statement
  • Everyone must agree to a confidentiality

Internet Rechartering
Online Help from ScoutNET
  • If you need online help, click Help

Internet Rechartering
ScoutNET Help
which brings you to a ScoutNET help page.
  • Help is available at any time.
  • It works just like Windows help
  • Anything that is underlined is a link to
    additional information.
  • You can navigate using a table of contents,
    index, or search.

Internet Rechartering
Internet Rechartering
Unit Roster Upload
  • You can upload your data from one of two sources
  • Most units will use ScoutNET data (i.e., council
  • Unit Management Software, such as Troopmaster or
    ScoutSoft, can provide a upload file.

Internet Rechartering
Charter Organization
  • Update chartered organization information as
    needed. Insure all units at same institution use
    exact same words. Correct on paper.

Internet Rechartering
Determine Who Is Returning
  • Decide who is returning and who is not.
  • Those returning should have checks by their names.

Internet Rechartering
Membership Confirmation
  • A list confirming your selections is presented.

Internet Rechartering
Promote (1)
  • Click on center button to promote

Internet Rechartering
Promote (2)
  • Click on one unit at a time
  • Your unit will always be there

Internet Rechartering
Promote (3)
  • All adults and youth in unit are shown
  • Click on them to promote them

Internet Rechartering
Promote (4)
  • This is how the report looks. You still MUST
    have a new youth or adult application

Internet Rechartering
Adding New Youth and Adults
  • Dont forget to turn in application forms, and
    training records.

Internet Rechartering
Enter Name and Position
  • Enter full name, primary position, and other
    positions, as appropriate.
  • Check box for a transfer from another unit.
    Drop/add at recharter time is not a transfer.

Internet Rechartering
Recharter Details Multiple Positions
Multiple Positions in One Unit
Address, Phone, and Other Data
  • Dont forget SSN and DOB must be supplied

Internet Rechartering
Youth Example
  • Enter name, address, and additional information.
  • Check box for a transfer from another unit.

Internet Rechartering
Youth Example
  • Enter address, phone, e-mail, DOB, etc.

Internet Rechartering
Parent/Guardian Member of Unit
  • You must select if the parent or guardian is or
    is not a current member of the unit.

Internet Rechartering
Parent/Guardian Relationship to Youth
  • If the parent is a member of the unit, you must
    select the proper relationship and individual.
  • Once the individual is selected, the parents
    record will automatically be completed.

Internet Rechartering
  • Be careful! This cant be changed

Parent/Guardian Is Not a Member
  • If the parent or guardian is not a member of the
    unit, the following information should be

Internet Rechartering
  • Be careful! This cant be changed

Additional Information
  • Again, additional information should be filled in.

Internet Rechartering
Membership Roster Verification
  • Update information on any returning adults or
    youth, or remove individuals from roster.

Internet Rechartering
Adult Required Positions
  • This insures that all required positions are

Internet Rechartering
Verification Process
  • Each individual is checked to ensure that he or
    she meets the requirements for registration.
  • Warnings and errors may appear.
  • Errors must be corrected. Warnings should be

Internet Rechartering
Final Recharter Roster with Fees
  • A final recharter roster with fees will allow you
    to go back and make adjustments, such as adding
    Boys Life subscriptions and identifying
    multiple registrations.

Internet Rechartering
Recharter Details Multiple Registrations
  • Multiple Registrations
  • Multiple registrations are used when an adult or
    youth is registered in more than one unit.
  • A multiple registrant only pays fees to the
    primary unit.
  • Click on Update Fee and enter the unit where
    the member is primarily registered.

Recharter Ready for Printing
  • Print a Roster Review. Double check all data.

Internet Rechartering
Submit to Council
  • When everything is in order, the information is
    ready to be submitted to the council.
  • Double check before you select this option. (Read
    the instructions provided below.)
  • Click Submit to Council to print the signature
    copy and obtain the required signatures. (Turn in
    the entire printout!)

Internet Rechartering
Obtain Signatures and Turn-in at District
  • You are not quite done!
  • Signatures 1 and 3 must be obtained before
  • Turn in the entire signed copy with application
    forms, fees, insurance at your district turn-in

Internet Rechartering
Recharter Details
  • Completing
  • the
  • Recharter Process

Calculating Fees Due
  • IR will figure
  • Adult and youth BSA registration fees
  • Adult and youth Boys Life subscriptions
  • Transfer fees
  • Charter fee
  • You must add
  • Insurance fees

Accident Insurance Fees
  • A fee of 1 is charged for each primary youth,
    registered adult leader, and adult partner.
  • Membership numbers are filled in on the Accident
    Insurance Information form and submitted with the
  • There is no need for separate checks insurance
    fees may be combined with registration fees.
  • Do not write insurance fees on the recharter

  • The unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc.)
    must sign
  • Recharter on the first page.
  • All youth applications.
  • The institutional head must sign
  • Recharter on the first page.
  • All adult applications.
  • NOTE Write in ExecutiveOfficer date of birth,
    if person is new
  • The commissioner should sign the recharter before
    or at turn-in. (DD/DE will countersign after

Centennial Quality Unit Award
  • Centennial Quality Unit Award is separate from,
    but in many cases concurrent with, rechartering
  • Your unit can be more efficient by working on
    2008 CQA completion and 2009 CQA commitment as it
    works on recharter.
  • We recommend use of SHACs online CQA forms.
  • Print Quality Unit Award application in IR
    Stage also can print out CQA form.

Putting It All Together
  • Is everyone listed with current information?
  • Is the money correct?
  • Are all required adult positions filled?
  • Are all required signatures obtained?
  • Are copies of registration forms attached?
  • Is training record update form completed?

When Is It Due?
  • Recommended turn-in is early in the month in
    which the units recharter is due (preferrably at
  • BSA due date is on or before the 15th of the
    month in which the charter expires.
  • Unit recharter is late if the recharter is not
    received at the council service center by the end
    of business (430 p.m.) on the last working day
    of the month in which the unit recharters. (If
    expiration date is not a working day, recharter
    is due before expiration date.)

Turn-in Procedures
  • Confirm the due date and location with your
    districts commissioner staff.
  • Use the instruction sheet to be sure all
    paperwork is complete before the turn-in
  • Bring all paperwork, two blank checks and the
    Turn-in Checklist (Instructions item10).

Its Turned InNow What?
  • Paperwork is logged in and reviewed by council
    registration staff.
  • If the packet is complete, our goal is to have
    the new membership listing and charter available
    in 30-60 days after expiration date.
  • Recharter processing is completed no earlier than
    the first working day after the old charter
    expires regardless of date submitted.
  • If the paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate, a
    defective notice is issued.

Defective Notice
  • Issued by council registration staff when packet
    is reviewed -- usually a week or more after turn
  • Lists each item missing or wrong.
  • Must be corrected within 30 days after charter
    expiration date not the defective notice date
    or the recharter will be LATE. (This is why we
    encourage that charters be turned in early in the
    month, such as at Roundtable!)
  • Be On-time and Error Free!

Why Defective? Top 5 Reasons
  • Not enough money.
  • Missing required signature(s).
  • No application on file for youth or adult
    submitted in recharter file.
  • Missing required adult position.
  • Incompletely filled out application
  • All easy problems to avoid!

In Summary
  • Get your access code from your recharter
  • Follow the tutorial. Go back to the tutorial if
    you have any problems.
  • Allow a week for your latest applications to be
  • Enter unit data at your convenience. Save and
    return when you wish.
  • Not earlier than two weeks before, make a final
    update and print the roster. Applications are
    still required. Overflow sheets are not.
  • Get signatures on the printed recharter.
  • Make any additional corrections on the printed
    roster or by application and overflow sheets.
  • Collect fees and insurance (use SHACs blue
  • Turn in at the district recharter with blue form
    and fees.
  • Remember, Murphys Law is still in force. If you
    wait until the last day, the Internet will go
    down or your computer will break. Dont wait!

Internet Rechartering
The Bottom Line
  • Its really quite simple
  • just take one step at a time!
  • Thank You !