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The Future of Education, Educating Our Future. Global Challenges, Threats


The Future of Education, Educating Our Future' Global Challenges, Threats – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Future of Education, Educating Our Future. Global Challenges, Threats

The Future of Education, Educating Our
Future.Global Challenges, Threats
  • Fabrizio Cardinali
  • CEO, Giunti Labs
  • Chair, European Learning Industry Group
  • Board of Directors, IMS Global Learning
  • Global Advisor Open Knowledge Initiative MIT

Giunti LabsDigital Learning Content Management
Services Solutions
Giunti Group Innovating Educational Content.
Since Ever.
What a fairy tale night I passed in Sestri
Levante! The tavern was near the sea , hit by
the waves in the sky the clouds were like fire
and on the hills you found the most vivid colors.
Trees where like giant nests full of fruit , with
grapes brought by wine yards Hans Christian
Andersen Travellers notes
Towards a Digital Content Marketplace Economy
Innovating Your Virtual Learning Marchitecture
Mrs Vivianne Reading 2000-2005 PRODI
Commission Commissioner Culture Education
2006- today BARROSO Commission Commissioner
Media Information Society
The I2010 WorkProgramme Prague Start Up Forum Jan
2006 I as Open Infromation Space (INTEROPERABI
N) I as Wiser Investments (INNOVATION)
  • FP7 ELT RD IP Projects average 10 ML
  • Focussed Calls (e.g. eContent PLUS
  • (149 ML Euro, first call 26 ML , second call
  • ILLLP (Integrated Lifelong Learning Program
  • (14000 ML, 80 managed by Member States . YFI,
    year factor increase, of 4.7 )

A Generational Challenge
A Generational Opportunity
The World is Flat. Again.
From the Low Cost Battle....
....To the High Skills War
  • 8 0 of Population in Pakistan is under 30
  • 1 Billion workers from emerging New Economies
    (China and India amongst all) have joined the
    global labour market since 2000.
  • 70 of Indias intl trade is for providing
    Outsourcing Services to Western Economies
  • Ford Motor expects that the number of workers
    older than 50 will double in Europe by 2008
  • Daimler Chrysler expects over-45 workers to rise
    from 41 in 2002 to 68 in 2011
  • In US half of working age Americans expect to
    work into their 70s whether by financial
    necessity or by lifestyle choice (AARP Survey)
  • In Japan the number of people between 15 and 64
    is expected to decline by 740.000/year for next
  • In Finland employment rate between 60 and 64 has
    doubled since 1990 and 21 of Corporate Training
    Programs are attended by employees older than 50
  • In 2010 10 TOP Jobs will not have existed in
  • At Bumrungrand Hospital (Bangkok) walk in
    patients see a specialist in 17 minutes average
  • During 2005 Bumrungrand Hospital treated 400.000
    foreign patients
  • Bumrungrand Hospital is building a 18story
    outpatient center to bring capacity to 6000
    outpatients a day
  • More than 150.000 North Americans and Europeans
    seek medical treatmant overseas every year
  • During last 6 months at least 40 large US
    Corporations have signed on to overseas plans
    from United Group Programs (health Insurer in
  • Medical tourism to Asia could generate up to 4.4
    billion by 2012 (Source Newsweek)

What About Publishing?
  • In the US ,..
  • During 2005 more than 1.5 Billion paper books
    have been posted of which .
  • (Source AAP)
  • ..1 Billion returned in 2006, equal to 465
    Million US expenses
  • (Source Environmental Trends and Climate Impacts)
  • Annual Student expenditures on books can easily
    range from 700 to 1000 and mid and low
    income students cant afford the cost of
  • Used Textbooks comprise only 25-30 of all those
    in the market
  • Faculty Gudilines emerge seeking to prohibit
    faculty from assigning a textbook if they do not
    plan to use at least 50 percent of its content in
    the course.
  • Over the last three years, 34 states have
    proposed a total of more than 100 bills related
    to textbook costs

So What Should You Do?
Should You wait for Your Learning Sputnik? (but
be might not come from where you
Act First! (Innovate to Compete!)
The MEDA Project Building a MediTerraneum
Digital Marketplaces for VET Materials
  • Need for Innovative
  • Learning
  • Solutions
  • which are
  • Rapid
  • Informal
  • Personalised

Exploit New Media Models
The Web2 Revolution (s) Viral Distribution
Youtube Flickr Amazon eBook Social
Distribution FaceBook My Space Second
Life Linkedin
  • Traditional Content Distribution Channels
  • Differed
  • Real Time
  • Mass Distribution
  • (Broad Casting)

Market Gap for Content Personalization
The Personal Media Revolution (Ubiquitous
/Mobile / BB Internet)
  • Viral Distribution
  • (Viral Casting )
  • Social Distribution
  • (Social Casting)

Telephone/ Human talk
Towards Socratic Publishing? (Delivering Personal
Learning Materials Where Users Are, Where and
When Users need them )
Broadcasting One Message for Many People
(Individual Massification)
So What about Educational Publishing?
But...Be Creative! (Innovation might not be
  • Government RD Spending in New Economies has
    risen 3.5 annually since 2000
  • In 2020 in China, Science and Technology
    innovation will rise to 60 per cent in Economic
    Growth contribution .
  • By 2020 Chinas reliance on key foreign
    technology will decline to below 30 from more
    than 50 now
  • (Source China Daily on new RD spending Boost in
    New Economies )

Creativity could remain Europes (last)
competing edge...
Spot the Creative Thinker in Your
Workflow! From Innovation To Invention To
Experiment New Learning Formats
Electricity Killer Technology for Industrial
The Joy of Learning !
Personal Ambient Learning ( Personalized,
Contextualised, Localised, Rich Un Formal)
Broadband, Mobile Ubiquitous Internet
eLearning 2.0 (Grass Root Formats)
Personal Ambient Learning (Location, Skills
Context Aware) Killer Technology for Knowledge
UNSATISFIED USER Syndrome (OK for mandatory, ie
compliancy regulatory training Only)
eLearning 1.0 (Poor Media, Prescriptive WBT
Modified slide from Learning how to learn,
Joseph D. Novak, D. Bob Gowin
Open Your Repositories, Unleash Your Contents
..Empowering New Generation Marketectures for
Your Businesses
eLearning Platform BEFORE SOA
Digital Content Repositories Management
Social, Viral and Mobile Distribution
.and After
First Generation eLearning Lock In
Syndrome Limited Content ROI
Course Management Systems/Virtual Learning
Case Study Adding Mobile Location Based
Learning to your CMS/VLE
Mobile Login
Download Track Player
Mobile Content Authoring
IP Interface
Server SideExtension
Mobile Content Rendering
Location Based Learning
Mobile SCORM Sequencing
On Site Learning Content Caching
Other Optional MLearning SOA Services
Client SideExtesnion GLOVE
Personal Ambient Learning Scenario 1 Multi
Channel Art Education
Raw Assets Harvesting
Web Based
Mobile Location Based learning
Digital Boards
Personal Ambient Learning Scenario 2 Campus
Based Learning
Phase 1 Facility experts produce Mobile
Learning Pills and.
Phase 2 . GeoLocate Learning Pills into REAL
WORLD locations and .
Phase 3 .Extend content location within
Virtual Learning Worlds so that.
A new Campus Facility wants to provide an
induction course to new students and visitors
entering the real and VW premises introducing
and training on available facilities,
infrastructure and services.
Phase 4 .Real Users and Avatars start location
based communities
Personal Ambient Learning Scenario 3 Just in
Time Health Education
Phase 1 Medical experts produce Mobile Learning
Pills for Immediate Care of Newborn..
Phase 2 Emergency Health managers Publish
Learning Pills where needed, JIT.
Steps of Immediate Care Project
Millennium Village Mayange
Phase 3 New Mothers receive personalised JIT
Learning and
A World Telcom Infrastructure provider.. wants
to provide an innovative means for Just in Time
Training (Instant Training) for health management
to development countries using the main means of
massive comunication the cell phone. And using
the set up also to collect field based udpated
Phase 4 .Feedback Demographic info whilst
highly motivated..
....Summarising... Innovating Virtual Learning
for the Global Knowledge Society
eLearning 2.0 Informal Grass Root Content Self
eLearning 3.0 Personal New Generation Blended
Mobile, Ubiquitous, Open Services
eLearning 1.0 Formal
traditional Contents
traditional Models
traditional Pedagogy
Learning Content Production, Management
VERY LOW Average Satisfaction per User ASPU
  • 1996-2000
  • Uni Columbia formed Fathom teamed with XanEdu.
  • Uni of Penn Wharton School teamed with Caliber, a
    spin-off from Sylvan Learning.
  • Uni Cornell spun off eCornell with 12 million
    internal investment
  • UNext created Cardean University with Columbia,
    London School of Economics, Carnegie Mellon,
    Stanford, and Chicago Universities.
  • Temple University formed Virtual Temple
  • Pensare teamed up with Duke University.
  • Click2Learn teamed with NYU Online.
  • North Carolina, Harvard, and USC went to
    University Access for help in getting online.
  • Harcourt Higher Education was launched as a
    college in 2000 and confidently predicted
    50,000 to 100,000 enrollments within five
  • Uk Government was investing several Millions
    for the UK Answer through UkeU, UFI, NHSu,

Formal Learning
Informal Learning
  • 2000-2004
  • Pensare is gone.
  • Fathom needed 30 million in internal financing
    Faculty became restive, closed in early 2003
  • Cardean laid off over half work force
  • Temple University closed virtual Temple.
  • NYU folded NYUOnline back into the campus.
  • Harcourt gone after enrolling 32 students in
  • eCornell open BUT with reduced expectations.
  • Britains Open U. closes US branch -20 M later.
  • Caliber goes bankrupt- acquired by
  • University Access -gt Quisic withdraws from H.Ed.
  • Uk Government closes down UkeU and NHSU

Web 2.0 Viral Social Content Distribution
Performance Talent Management
New Generation Virtual Learning
Marketctures (Offering Blended formal, Informal,
Virtual, Mobile, Ubiquitous Learning
Personal Knowledge Management
1 Generation eLearning Unsatisfied User Issue
Skills Competency management
Formal Informal Learning Content
Portfolio Indentity Management
Mobile Location Based Content Distribution
Personal Development Plans
Labor Recruitement Management
But Are You Ready?(Innovating Learning in
Internet Times)
  • 93000 PM Oral Distrbution
    (100K years AC)
  • 115200 PM Book Publishing Distribution
  • 115949 PM Mass Media Analog Distribution
    (1830 roto print, since 1920 film,radio,tv)
  • 115958 PM Digital Personal Distrbution
  • 000000 PM The next big thing
  • Ubiquitous, Mobile and Broadband Personal
    Ambient Content Distribution

Innovating Educational Publishing Rose Monastry,
Oslo Norway, 1491
From a show called Øystein Meg (Øystein I)
produced by Norwegian Broadcasting television
channel ( more)
The G.I.S. (Gutenberg Innovation Syndrome) 1490
Dear Gutenberg, Wonderful but.what else can
we do with it apart printing the Bible?!! A
Gutenberg friend after the first disclosure of
its quantum leap publishing invention
Facing the Gutenberg Innovation Syndrome Again
and again and again.
1490 Dear Gutenberg, Wonderful but .what
else can we do with it apart printing the
Bible? 1895 Dear Marconi, good thing your
invention managed to transmit letters over the
airbut whats the use of that???.
1980 Why should people use mobile phones if we
have a phone box at every corner?!? 1990
Why on earth should we use emails if we can fax
all on papers?!? 2000 Why should
students use SMS messaging if
they can talk to each other by phone?!!!!? 2
005 Why should students want learning
materials on their IPHONE if they dont even read
their school books?!?
All Media Have Been New ...Innovate to Compete!
Meet at Exhibition Table
  • Fabrizio Cardinali
  • CEO, Giunti Labs
  • Chair, European Learning Industry Group
  • Board of Directors, IMS Global Learning
  • Global Advisor Open Knowledge Initiative MIT