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The Marshall Plan


The Marshall Plan was created by American State of Secretary, George Marshall in ... were well aware that, there was more to Marshall Aid than pure benevolence. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan
  • Faith Suzuki
  • MWH B4
  • Cold War Project
  • Due 18th of May 2004

Other Cold War Events Occurring Simultaneously
  • 1945 1947 The Iron Curtain
  • March 1947 Truman Doctrine
  • Sept. 1947 Cominform Established
  • 1947- 1952 Marshall Plan
  • 1948 1949 Division of Germany
    Berlin Situation
  • 1949 1953 Korean War

What Happened?
  • The Marshall Plan was created by American State
    of Secretary, George Marshall in the summer of
    1947 as an economic extension of the Truman
    Doctrine. (Lowe) Since World War II had left
    every European country ravaged, Marshall produced
    the Marshall Plan to aid countries both
    economically financially. By the end of summer,
    sixteen nations had plans or had started to use
    Marshall Aid, resulting in over 13 billion
    dollars granted (80) and lent (20) to Western
    Europe. Though it served to help Western Europe
    recover, it was also offered to those under
    Soviet occupation who never accepted any Marshall
    Aid. Marshalls efforts not only guaranteed
    markets for American exports helped make a
    significant recover but also prevented communism
    from gaining control of thriving nations.

Aspects of the Cold War
  • The introduction of the Marshall Plan developed
    all three aspects of the Cold War but here we
    will see how it illustrated the Great Power
    strategic considerations. Though the Marshall
    Plan was not a plan for America and the American
    dollar to dominate the world, the Russians were
    well aware that, there was more to Marshall Aid
    than pure benevolence. (Lowe) The US understood
    that by helping Europe recover, they too could
    gain from this. In turn, Europe's purchase of
    U.S. goods and machinery brings many Marshall
    Plan dollars back into the American economy,
    fuelling a post-war boom. (Hashimoto) It also
    prevented communism from gaining control of
    Western Europe. Soon after, Stalin set up a
    similar system (Cominform Comecon) within the
    communist party, giving him a stronger grip on
    the European communist parties.

Key People
  • George Marshall
  • Founder of the Marshall Plan
  • Stalin
  • Head of the USSR leader of the
  • Various Leaders
  • i.e. Austria, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Italy
    France etc. who used the Marshall Plan for
    the recovery of agriculture industry

  • George Marshall (December 31, 1880-October 16,
  • A diplomat, he served as Secretary of State from
    1947 1949 and was responsible for writing the
    Marshall Plan. During his military years, he
    distinguished himself in an array of things. He
    also managed to build and direct the largest army
    in history.

Political Cartoon
  • This political cartoon portrays the big
    question of whether the man pictured, Stalin, can
    block the Marshall Plan/ European Recovery Plan
    from interrupting his own plans for Europe.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (Quiz)
  • Who was the man who formed the Marshall Plan and
    what sort of man was he?
  • What was the USSR reaction to the Marshall Plan?
  • How much of the Marshall Plan were loans and how
    much were grants?
  • Though it was not mentioned, what was the
    Marshall Plan also called?