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Global Organization Design is a mastertool


that multiplies the benefits of all your leadership efforts ... Ecumenical spirit, high level of professional respect and ethical behaviour. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Global Organization Design is a mastertool

An integrated approach to designing managing
  • An overview of the approach Global Organization
  • The Global Organization Design Society, and
  • The world conference in Buenos Aires, October
    26-29, 2009
  • Global Organization Design is a master-tool
  • that multiplies the benefits of all your
    leadership efforts

Resolve continuing crises in the management
theory jungle by working together toward an
integrated approach to designing and managing
Global Organization Design The Promise
Global Organization Design Foundations
  • Based on the psychological sciences…
    and on a
    deep understanding of the complexity of work and
  • The product of 15-year collaboration between a
    large business owner and a brilliant
    multi-disciplinary clinician known world-wide
    as The Glacier Project.
  • Validated by continuing research over 60 years
    documented in Ken
    Craddocks 1100 page comprehensive annotated
  • The only management approach worthy to entertain
    a dialogue on its epistemology, that is, based on
    a well developed philosophy, science, and
    engineering templates making sound methods
    available to the practitioners and general
  • .

Global Organization Design Organizations who used
Global Organization Design The approach is based
  • A deep understanding of trust-inducing
    organisation design for competitive advantage
  • Together with…
  • A deep understanding of the trust-inducing
    managerial practices required to effectively
    deploy the designed organization

Global Organization Design The approach is based
on.. (continued)
  • A deep understanding of trust-inducing
    organisation design for competitive advantage eg
  • Minimum levels of organization, reflecting
    different levels of work complexity
  • Functional specialization to better enable
    customer-facing activity
  • Role design for cross-organizational alignment
  • Clearly defined processes of work
  • Effective systems e.g. planning, performance
    management, felt fair remuneration, talent
  • A deep understanding of the trust-inducing
    managerial practices required to effectively
    deploy the designed organization e.g
  • Assignment and assurance of minimum legitimate
    managerial authorities and accountabilities
  • The development and use of personally-earned
  • Team building and team work
  • Task assignment and assuring performance
  • Two-way, manager-employee engagement

Global Organization Design Key concepts
  • Managerial accountability
  • Levels of work complexity
  • Levels of human capability and maturation using
    the progression curves
  • Effective managerial leadership practices
  • Effective cross-functional relationships
  • Felt-fair-pay concepts of compensation

Global Organization Design Research base
  • Ken Craddocks Fifth Edition of his 1100-page
    Comprehensive Annotated Requisite
    andthisOrganization Bibliography
    documents 60 years of related research and places
    RO in the management literature
  • Free download from the GO Society web page
  • http//

Global Organization Design The power of
implementing RO first
  • While many approaches are conceived and
    implemented as a single silver bullet
    framework, requisite organization, if implemented
    first, greatly increases the effectiveness of
    many other approaches
  • Implementing any new strategy e.g. Balanced
  • Enterprise IT systems
  • Operations-based approaches including Quality,
    Lean Six Sigma, Socio-Technical Systems, etc.
  • Customer service.
  • Talent pool assessment and development

The Global Organization Design Society Its
Founding and Purpose
  • Was founded in Canada in 2004 as a not-for-profit
    corporation to establish and operate a worldwide
    association of business users, consultants, and
    academics interested in science-based management
    to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • The society fulfills its purpose by
  • Promoting among existing users increased
    awareness, understanding and skilled knowledge in
    applying concepts of Levels of Work Complexity,
    Levels of Human Capability, Accountability, and
    other concepts included in Requisite Organization
    and/or Stratified Systems Theory.
  • Promoting among potential users of the methods,
    appreciation of the variety of uses and benefits
    of science-based management, and access to

The Global Organization Design Society Major
  • Supports the learning and development of current
    and future practitioners by
  • Maintaining a resource-rich website with related
    articles, monographs, books, and videos
  • Holding world conferences
  • Sponsoring regional public training workshops
  • Publishing the journal, Organization Design and
    books on implementation

The Global Organization Design Society Spanish
and Portuguese services
  • Building RO awareness, experience, and resources
  • World-wide
  • in the Spanish Portuguese speaking worlds
    through web-based video and written materials
  • In the Mercosur region through face-to-face
    meeting and networking
  • Buenos Aires metropolitan area
  • Yes, a conference, but more than a conference
  • Preconference events
  • Conference
  • Post conference events and processes

The Global Organization Design Society Leadership
  • GO Board members from
  • Australia Barry Deane
  • Canada Don Fowke, Jerry Gray, Ken Shepard,
    George Webber
  • United Kingdom Jack Fallow, Judy Hobrough
  • Argentina Harald Solaas
  • GO Editorial Board includes
  • Jerry Gray, Ph.D., Former Dean Asper School of
    Business, U of Manitoba
  • Owen Jacobs, Ph.D. Former Director of the US Army
    Research Institute
  • Ken Shepard, Ph.D.
  • Larry G. Tapp, LLD, Former Dean the Richard Ivey
    School of Business at University of Western
  • Ken Craddock, M. A., Society Bibliographer and
    Research Coordinator
  • Peter Tuddenham, On-Line Learning Consultant.

The Global Organization Design Society Achievement
s to date
  • Five years of video archives that document the
    experience of CEOs and leading practitioners in
    this work…and running.
  • Two world conferences
  • A world-class web site with free resources
  • Videos of past conferences and interviews
  • Books
  • Articles
  • A comprehensive, annotated bibliography
    documenting 60 years of research on the paradigm
  • A major book on implementation
  • A new journal, Organization Design

The Global Organization Design Society Associates
say about the GO Society
  • Doing this work is difficult and a bit lonely.
    We find competent, informed senior practitioners
    in the society willing to share their experience.
  • We use the GO Society for our own professional
  • We use the GO Society as our research and
    development lab, collaborating there with others
    on key problems in the field, and benefiting from
    what we learn together.
  • We use our society networks to link with others
    with the specific industry and functional
    specialized experience to help us help our

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th You
are invited!
  • Organization Design
  • International Experience in Designing and
    Managing for Innovation and Entrepreneurial
  • October 26th to 29th, 2009
  • Hptel Panamericano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Conference features
  • Limited to no more than 150
  • Participants mode V or in positions at IV and
  • Ecumenical spirit, high level of professional
    respect and ethical behaviour.
  • Format varied plenary, workshops, concurrent
    sessions, presentations, panels, open space.
  • Non-commercial
  • Consultants are not marketing their services and
    respect clients invited by their peers.
  • No products are sold,
  • Books are gifted
  • Generous contribution all sign permission forms
    that their image, words, and materials made be
    used by the society for educational purposes
  • Entire conference is video taped and posted on
    the web.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Conference objectives
  • Biennial convening of worlds senior
    practitioners to share practice, plan, and
    promote the field
  • To provide face-to-face work on future GO Journal
    special issues.
  • To provide opportunity to highlight RO practice
    in a new region of the world in Spanish
  • To record CEO, general manager experience and
    senior practitioners on video for educational
    uses on the web
  • To build a collaborative network of RO
    practitioners in the Buenos Aires metropolitan
    region that can continue to develop the field
    over coming years.
  • To celebrate our people accomplishments plan
    next steps.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Conference format
  • Saturday GO Society Board Meeting at ITBA
    Buenos Aires Technological Institute
  • Sunday Legacy Day by invitation at ITBA
  • Monday
  • 830 am to 400 pm Three concurrent
    pre-conference workshops
  • 4 pm to 6 pm Social time
  • 6 pm to 915 pm Conference Opening
  • Tuesday Executive Day Presentations by
    general managers about implementation of Global
    Organization Design
  • Wednesday Keynote, Three sets of concurrent
    sessions sharing practice, and an open space
    working plenary
  • Thursday Keynote, one set of concurrent
    sessions, plenary on implications for society,
    next steps, and a closing lunch

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Executive Day - Tuesday
  • Morning
  • Working with governance / boards- Carlos Leone
  • The Owners Role Arturo Acevedo
  • Sir Roderick Carnegie by video.
  • Leigh Clifford Rio Tinto by video.
  • The Acindar Story Transformation of a family
    owned steel company.
  • Arturo Acevedo, Former Owner Carlos Leone, CEO,
    Norberto Diaz
  • John Hofmeister former CEO Shell Americas
    report on using requisite organization to
    restructure Shell from 140
  • Raul Timerman CONARCO
  • Afternoon
  • Grupo Assa Invited.
  • Requisite Organization in small and medium sized
    organizations a panel of CEOs.
  • The US Armys Transformation of its civilian
    organization major use of requisite
    organization together with Lean Six Sigma Steve
  • The Novus International Story
  • Nancy Lee, Moderator
  • Thad Simons President
  • Giovanni Gasperoni, Executive VP for ???
  • Luis Azevedo, World Area Director for Latin
    America South
  • Sabrena Hamilton, Sr. VP Human Resources
  • A leaders transformation personal reflections.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Conference - content
  • Monday Concurrent pre-conference workshops
  • Effective Managerial Leadership Practices Nancy
    Lee, Sandi Cardillo, Terry Seigel
  • Multiple perspectives on individual assessment
    and on-going coaching
  • Software to support effective RO implementation.
  • Option An Integrated Approach to Organization
    Design aligning Jaquess and Galbraiths
    approaches to organizational design
  • Option Appreciating and using the Time-span of
  • Monday Evening Conference opening including
    video review of GO highlights, gathering,
    celebration launch of new journal in Spanish and
  • 4 pm to 6 pm Social time
  • 6 pm to 915 pm Conference Opening
  • Tuesday Presentations by general managers on
    their experiences in applying these concepts
  • Wednesday Thursday Senior practitioners
    sharing practice in concurrent sessions on
    following themes next page

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Conference concurrent session themes
Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Benefits to CEOs General Managers
  • General managers at VP level and above
    immediately grasp the scope and power of the
  • The comprehensive integrated concepts are easy to
    learn and to apply without relying on detailed
    and expensive staff work.
  • The approach not only aids top team alignment,
    and design of strategy, but most powerfully
    supports strategy implementation.
  • Full use of the concepts results in the
    right strategy, right structure, right
    roles, right staffing, right management
    practices, and right compensation.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Benefits to HR professionals companies
  • Provides best foundation / tools to become a
    strategic partner
  • Professional development beyond the typical
    patchwork of transactional systems traditional
    within the HR silo.
  • An integrated model that can be tailored at the
    general management level to support new
  • Global Organization Design concepts based on
    requisite organization provide understanding and
    tools for designing and managing organizations
    earning you a place at the senior management
  • Context and understanding so you can redesign and
    lift the HR function to a whole new level of
  • Redesign HR services for greater effectiveness.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Benefits to management consultants
  • Most professional development in management is
    taught at manager and director levels, and is
    divided into functional specialties.
  • This approach provides a high level integrated
    approach to designing and managing organizations
    useful to general managers at vice-presidential
    level and above.
  • Now consultants have the context and can
    understand the situation faced by general
    managers and can adapt their approaches and
    align their RO tools to match the higher level
    accountabilities of their clients.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Benefits to Co-sponsoring Professional
  • Many professional associations for those
    specialists who work to improve organizational
    effectiveness are good at teaching functional
    skills, project management and sometimes
    inter-personal skills for individual contributors
    and consultants working at the operational level.
  • Global Organization design can support
    association professional development programs by
    providing advanced development in organization
    design and effective management practices to
    better support the innovative and integrative
    work of general managers.
  • Global Organization Design provides these key
    understandings, concepts and tools to help any
    professional who supports general managers to
    tailor their functional approach to improve the
    organization in a more wholistic and aligned way.

Buenos Aires Conference October 26th -29th
Post conference processes events
  • Conference participants are registered for
    post-conference announcements, networking and
    collaborative projects
  • Conference videos posted on web and announced by
  • DVD production and distribution
  • On-going email notification of new materials on
    the web site
  • Continuing case write-up and translation program
  • On-going GO Society-sponsored professional
  • GO web-site based professional development.
  • Learning groups in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San
    Paulo, and Santiago
  • Professional development workshops in Buenos

Next steps Consistent with your interests and
energy, we hope that you will
  • Visit the GO Society web site and create an
  • Read the FAQ as a way to get a good overview of
    the field and our work.
  • Review the free materials and view and download
    materials of interest
  • Pay particular attention to the video archive of
    past conferences.
  • Assess whether the coming conference would be a
    valuable professional development opportunity for
    you or your colleagues.
  • Register for the conference at http//
  • Register your team. Attending together can be a
    powerful senior team building event. One company
    that has used these methods for several years is
    registering its CEO and ten senior managers as a
    team building experience to support their
    accelerated global growth.

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