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NTFS award


Perhaps unusual multi-faceted but included. Geographies of children' reflection' using their own experience; ... axis of muddle to clarity ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: NTFS award

NTFS award
  • Michael Bradford
  • Geography, SED

NTFS criteria
  • New in 2006 - 10,000 award (no project)
  • Influence on students
  • Influence on colleagues
  • Influence nationally (internationally) teaching
    and learning discipline
  • Personal development
  • Evidenced

My application
  • Perhaps unusual multi-faceted but included
  • Geographies of children reflection using
    their own experience
  • assessment use of portfolio idea but
    amended team project with choice of in-depth
    topic. University Medal
  • 2. Pedagogic research set of volunteers
    -2003-2006 just graduated focused on their
    learning - met once or twice a semester

Pedagogic research
  • Selected parts
  • Methodology
  • On entry compared to desired outcomes
  • Learning through ah-hah moments
  • Lessons learned from this

some methodological comments
  • by giving them a sheet to complete, and then ask
    questions about it, meant that they had time to
    reflect - not a normal interview - varied who
    went first
  • seeing them in groups (preferably 3-4) meant that
    similarities and variations could be discussed
  • probing from answers from previous groups
  • feedback on process from them gt ownership
    (reasonable retention)

Key general aims of degree learning outcomes
  • Independent learners - growing
    confidence self-efficacy
  • Critical thinkers/critical readers
    able to develop, articulate and justify their own

On entry in 03 some findings
  • so critical reading and critical thinking?
  • out of various types of learning - a number did
    not like to read
  • most not used to reading around a topic
  • - major challenge and for some, seen as major
    progress during first semester
  • - for others least progress
  • the art of the precis - not present
  • many do not see ideas as contested

On entry 03 continued
  • ability to study independently set back by
    Curriculum 2000
  • not confident about setting own work
  • used to very long contact hours (university
    contact hours reduced to very little)
  • time management poor (many saw that they needed
    to improve this, on reflection in Feb 04)
  • so long way to go as critical thinking,
    independent learners

Third year LGP discussion
  • I divided learning into more gradual learning and
    what I called
  • Ah-hah moments
  • As one student later wrote an ah-hah moment
  • is the process of learning and finally
    working something out individually in your own

Ah-hah moments classified
  • From group in Nov 05 classified 4 types
  • synthesis (37)
  • revelation/inspiration (27)
  • realising the relevance of past work (5)
  • confidence boosts (7)
  • none 7
  • with overlaps
  • and with effects on self-confidence

Ah-hah moments synthesis
  • revising for key issues it all clicked
  • my course units seemed to fit together linking
  • seeing all my primary data together once
    collected into place
  • writing literature review (draft) clarified
    where I was going (for dissertation)
  • mainly in geology when all the basics came
    together to form a strongly interacting system
    (Geog- Geol)

Synthesis Bigger picture
  • starting to see the wider context of literature
    in relation to big movements
  • When taking a step back from diss, and
    questioning the actual meaning/point of
    involvement not just the fundamentals of how it
  • thinking about wider factors such as political
    economy, structure and agency, not just basic
    push pull (re migration to USA) all same

  • while reading the chapters of Gregorys The
    Colonial Present. This book enlightened my
    thoughts and put into place the ideas and
    knowledge of the subject that I already had.

Ah-hah realising the relevance about past L
and T.
  • Why we interviewed a member of staff in yr1
    semester 2
  • and why we did research designs and
    methodologies in such detail
  • (all when applied to her dissertation)
  • key issues the relevance
  • after two years of grinding out
    palaeontology, I realise how relevant all this
    was (Geog-Geol)

Ah-hah moments Confidence
  • - when I received my 2nd year results
  • - when I discovered something in my research
    that ties in with theory (also revelation)
  • overall the ah-hah moments I have had have
    been to increase my confidence in my work at
    times when I have been struggling

Ah-hah affecting confidence
  • Whilst reading for the literature review, I
    found as I gathered more knowledge I could
    critically interpret articles in a mature form. I
    could make links and leaps and offer suggestions
    on peoples work with greater confidence.

  • Ah-hah (synthesis) about
  • order, seeing relationships, complexity
  • about seeing higher level of abstraction - the
    bigger picture
  • Ah-hah (revelation) realisation/insight
  • so a step change in learning on
  • axis of muddle to clarity
  • this boosts confidence and motivates further
    gradual and step change learning

  • Confidence (self-efficacy) very important in
    attitude and performance
  • Can affect and effect this by feedback
  • Ah-hah by direct inspiration

lessons cont.
  • By setting up activities and contexts where can
  • and bigger picture can be seen
  • Eg tasks and active learning
  • Synthesising examples in lectures
  • And revision/review sessions
  • Across units general paper
  • Re-emphasises the importance of students
    realising and articulating their own processes of
    learning (pdps)

Reflections on these two aspects
  • Exciting to put together a new unit (like being
  • Got to know some students very well as a PVC
    not so easy to do felt in touch
  • Have spoken at conferences about this research
    and received a lot of feedback (as much if not
    more than substantive research papers)
  • As NTFS holder an enjoyable award event - a new
    stimulating network and set of events
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