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... deaths found that low nursing staff levels were a 'contributing factor' in 24% of the cases. ... Work under the direction of other health care professionals ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Health Careers

Health Careers You
  • Southwest Louisiana Area Health Education Center

  • Are you determined?
  • Do you like to help people?
  • Do you want a steady job close to home?
  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Do you want to have a steady income to provide
    for your family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions
A Health Career may be for
Health Career Overview
  • Our nation is suffering a serious shortage of
    critical aspects of the health care system.
    (Nurses, primary care physicians, others)
  • Shortages will only get worse with the
    approaching retirement of the baby boomers and we
    are living longer.
  • Shortages result in increased costs and poorer
    quality of care. (I.e., unnecessary deaths)
  • You can be a part of the solution!

ENDLESS Opportunities Near YOUR Home
The Nursing Shortage Nationwide
  • More than one million new and replacement nurses
    will be needed by 2012 (U.S. Bureau of Labor
    Statistics, 2002)
  • In 2000, 30 states had shortages of RNs by
    2020, 44 states are expected to have shortages of
    RNs (HRSA)

Impact of a Nursing Shortage
  • Multiple studies have shown that, in the hospital
  • Higher levels of nurse staffing and
  • Higher levels of nursing education
  • are associated with better patient outcomes (ie,
    fewer deaths)
  • Having more nurses in hospitals could save
    thousands of lives each year.
  • A JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of
    Healthcare Organizations) review of 1609 patient
    deaths found that low nursing staff levels were a
    contributing factor in 24 of the cases.

Impact of a Primary Care Physician Shortage
  • The greater the number of primary care physicians
    per capita
  • the higher the quality of care delivered
  • the less Medicare money is spent
  • These benefits are not seen on a population basis
    with increased numbers of specialist physicians.

Louisiana Peculiarities
  • We have large numbers of RNs and LPNs
  • We have disproportionately more LPNs than RNs
  • We have relatively few NPs and very few nurse
  • We graduate a large number of physicians per
  • There is still a serious shortage of physicians,
    especially primary care physicians

  • The next slide contains information concerning
  • Louisiana spends
  • the MOST money on healthcare and
  • has the WORST outcomes.

Medicare spending and qualityMore money does not
mean higher quality care
  • The next slide contains information concerning
  • Louisiana has more
  • general/family physicians than some, and still
    ranks LAST in the COUNTRY for QUALITY of care.

GPs and qualityThe more general/family
physicians, the better the health quality rank
A closer at a few health

Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Growth in Demand 1.8 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there is
    an expected growth of 21-35 through 2010,
    adding to the problem is that many nurses (both
    in practice and in educational settings) are
    nearing retirement.
  • Starting salaries 44,100 (LA Average)

Registered Nurse Duties
  • Provide patient care, Treatment and education.
  • Understand, administer and evaluate effects of
    wide range of medicines on patients.
  • Operate and interpret intricate life saving
  • Supervising other nursing staff
  • Record keeping
  • May specialize in any number of clinical fields
  • Individuals with masters or doctoral degrees may
    serve as nurse faculty members or go on to
    advanced practice nursing.

Where Do RNs Work
  • Public Health
  • Infection Control
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Emergency
  • Rehabilitation

Requirements for a RN
  • Training Required
  • Completion of an accredited 2- or 4-year college
    degree program
  • Pass the National Council Licensure
  • Licensure by the Louisiana Board of Nursing
    renewal required and continuing education course

Schools in SW LA for RN
  • Louisiana State University- Eunice
  • McNeese State University
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Growth and demand 1.2 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA - 620
  • United States Department of Labor, Bureau of
    Labor Statistics reports that there is an
    expected growth of 10-20 through 2010 in this
    area of nursing due to the aging population
    nursing schools are expected to graduate more
    LPNs than in the past to keep up with the demand.
  • Starting salaries 26,290 (LA average)

Licensed Practical Nurse Duties
  • Answer patient calls and provide direct patient
  • Give injections, take vital signs, perform basic
    diagnostic tests, observe patients, dress wounds
    and therapeutic treatment
  • Assist with rehabilitation
  • Work under the supervision of physicians and
    registered nurses other duties may include
    catheterization, collection of samples for
    testing, perform routine laboratory procedures,
    record food and fluid intake and output
  • Where state laws permit, administer medications
    and start intravenous fluids
  • May provide prevention and wellness instructions
    to patients and families
  • May specialize in specific areas of medicine.

Where do LPNs work?
  • General practice
  • Surgery/recovery
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Geriatrics
  • An LPN can get credit for 12 semester credit
    hours in a 2-year or 4-year nursing degree
    program after completing general coursework.

Requirements for a LPN
  • Training Required
  • Completion of an accredited program
  • Pass the National Council Licensure
  • Examination for licensed practical nurses
  • Licensure by the Louisiana Board of Practical
    Nurse Examiners renewal required and continuing
    education course work

Schools in SW LA for LPN
  • L.T.C. Acadian Campus - Crowley
  • L.T.C. Evangeline Campus - St. Martinville
  • L.T.C. Charles B. Coreil Campus - Ville Platte
  • L.T.C. Gulf Area Campus - Abbeville
  • L.T.C. Lafayette Campus - Lafayette
  • L.T.C. Morgan Smith Campus - Jennings
  • L.T.C. Oakdale Campus - Oakdale
  • L.T.C. Teche Area Campus - New Iberia
  • Lafayette General School of Health Sciences -
  • SOWELA Technical Community College - Lake

Certified Nurse Assistant/Aide (CNA)
  • Growth and demand 1.6 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA - 820
  • While projected numbers are not available, there
    is expected to be a growing demand especially in
    the nursing homes, rehabilitation and home health
    care sectors as the baby boomers age.
  • Starting salaries 14,320 (LA average)

CNA Duties
  • Work under the direction of other health care
  • Help patients groom and feed themselves
  • Participate in recreational and educational
  • Take blood pressure, temperature and pulse
  • Serve meals
  • May perform housekeeping duties such as changing
    patient beds
  • May provide basic first aid in an emergency
  • Often the principle caregivers for the elderly
    and may have long and sustained contact with
    patients and families.

Where do CNAs work?
  • Various specialty areas in hospitals
  • general care
  • geriatrics
  • rehabilitation
  • A CNA can receive three hours of semester credit
    in LPN programs after validating
  • clinical competencies.

Requirements for a CNA
  • Completion of an approved training course that
    includes the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act
    (OBRA 1987) Skill Standards as part of the
    competency-based curriculum
  • Demonstration of clinical skills
  • Written exam Registry through the Louisiana
    Department of Health and Hospitals for entry into
    the Louisiana Registry of Certified Nurse
    Assistants. To stay current, must work at least a
    24-hour shift over a two-year period

Schools in SW LA for CNA
  • L.T.C. Acadian Campus - Crowley
  • L.T.C. Charles B. Coreil Campus - Ville Platte
  • L.T.C. Evangeline Campus - St. Martinville
  • L.T.C. Gulf Area Campus - Abbeville
  • L.T.C. Morgan Smith Campus - Jennings
  • L.T.C. Oakdale Campus - Oakdale
  • L.T.C. T.H. Harris Campus - Opelousas
  • L.T.C. Teche Area Campus - New Iberia
  • Lafayette General School of Health Sciences -
  • SOWELA Technical Community College - Lake
  • (There are many other schools in LA-these are in
    our region)

Respiratory Therapist
  • Growth and demand 2.4 (LA)
  • Total annual average openings in LA 820
  • Starting salaries 31,790 (LA average)

Respiratory Therapist Duties
  • Deals with deficiencies and abnormalities of the
    lungs, heart and circulatory system
  • Procedures involve the prevention, diagnosis,
    treatment, control, and rehabilitation of
    breathing disorders such as asthma and emphysema,
    as well as in the emergency care of cardiac
    failure, cerebral thrombosis, hemorrhage,
    embolism, and shock.

Where do Respiratory Therapist work?
  • Work with trauma victims and the critically ill.
  • Patients include newborns, asthmatics, allergy
    sufferers, drowning victims, and cardiac
  • They must be quick to spot any change in a
    patients condition and must be ready to
    administer immediate lifesaving aid.

Requirements for Respiratory Therapist
  • Both two-year and four-year degree programs are
    available in respiratory care. Admittance into
    educational programs requires a high school
    diploma or the equivalent (GED).
  • Following successful completion of a national
    exam after graduation, one becomes a respiratory
    therapist certified by the National Board for
    Respiratory Care as a Registered Respiratory
    Therapist (RRT).

Schools in SW LA for Respiratory Therapist
  • Louisiana State University - Eunice

Physical Therapist
  • Growth and demand 2.7 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA 80
  • Starting salaries 64,970 (LA average)

Physical Therapist Duties
  • Physical therapists work to rehabilitate
    individuals who have been physically disabled by
    disease or accident, or who are born with a
    physical handicap.
  • PTs use a battery of scientific tools, including
    microwaves, ultrasound, cold, heat, electrical
    stimulation, exercise, infra-red and ultraviolet
    radiation, and mechanical devices to restore,
    maintain and improve the quality of life for the
    healthy as well as the handicapped.
  • Physical therapists also work to prevent further

Where do Physical Therapist work?
  • General, specialized or long-term care hospitals,
    rehabilitation or research centers, nursing
    homes, schools for handicapped children, health
    maintenance organizations, clinics, school
    systems, home health agencies, and in private

Requirements to be a Physical Therapist
  • Must obtain a masters degree in physical therapy
    after completion of a bachelors degree. The
    program provides clinical experience and
    education in the direct care of patients in a
    health care facility.
  • After finishing educational requirements,
    graduates must pass a state licensure

Radiologic Technologists
  • Growth and demand 1.5 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA 120
  • Starting salaries 32,590 (LA average)

Radiologic Technologists Duties
  • Radiologic Technologists, or radiographers, use
    X-ray machines and other equipment to create
    images of the internal structures of the body.
  • Assist the radiologist in the use of X-ray
    equipment and the fluoroscopic screen in the
    diagnostic imaging of such medical problems as
    broken bones, ulcers, tumors, and other

Where do Radiologic Technologists work?
  • Most work in hospitals, but there are also
    positions in clinics, private physician's
    offices, the government, industry, public health
    facilities, laboratories, and in radiographic
    equipment sales.
  • With further training and experience, registered
    technologists can become certified in radiation
    therapy technology, magnetic imaging, ultrasound
    or nuclear medicine technology.

Requirements Radiologic Technologists
  • Two-to four-year program in radiography. High
    school diploma or equivalent is needed to enter a
  • Hospitals, colleges, medical schools, and
    vocational/technical schools offer these
    programs. The four-year programs generally lead
    to a bachelors degree in radiologic technology.
  • Graduating from an accredited program and
    successfully passing a qualifying exam are the
    requirements for certification as a radiographer.
    Certification by the American Registry of
    Radiologic Technologists is a prerequisite for
    obtaining highly skilled and specialized

Schools in SW LA for Radiologic Technologists
  • McNeese State Unversity - Lake Charles
  • LSUE - Eunice

  • Growth and demand 1.9 (LA)
  • Number of jobs to be filled this year in LA 180
  • Starting salaries 66,150 (LA average)

Pharmacists Duties
  • Dispense prescription medications and provide a
    wide range of pharmaceutical care services
  • Counsel patients on proper use of medications
    drug monitoring disease management
  • Participate in multidisciplinary clinical care
    teams consult on drug utilization programs
    support health services research on outcomes of
    care provide drug information patient
    education formulary management

Where do Pharmacists work?
  • Retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, nursing
    home pharmacies government research
    laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers
    instructors administrators
  • Retail community pharmacists research drug
    manufacturing and sales specialties within
    hospital settings pharmaceutical writers and
    editors instruction

Requirements to be a Pharmacists
  • Only the Doctor of Pharmacy program (Pharm D) is
    accredited by the American Council of
    Pharmaceutical Education (ASPE) the Bachelor of
    Science Degree in Pharmacy is being phased out.
    The Pharm D program requires 4 years of
    professional course work after a 2 year
    pre-pharmacy program and an additional year of
    clinical studies.
  • Requirements Graduation from an accredited
    program, completion of a prescribed number of
    hours of internship training and passing a state
    board licensing examination.

Schools in LA for Pharmacists
  • University of Louisiana - Monroe
  • Xavier University Louisiana New Orleans

What can YOU do NOW?
  • Take extra Math and Science classes
  • Be involved in your Health Academy at your school
  • (if applicable)
  • Use a Medical Dictionary and learn terms
  • Learn as much anatomy as you can
  • A great visual is BodyWorlds3 to help learn
  • Look for scholarships and have a plan
  • Often times there are programs to help those
  • in the health field due to the severe shortage
  • Join HOSA
  • (Health Occupation Students of America)

How can SWLAHEC help?
  • Ahec of a Summer
  • MASH
  • Day with the Docs
  • AmeriCorps

SWLAHEC at 1-800-435-2432 or 1-337-989-0001
Ahec of a Summer
  • Available to High School students
  • 2-3 weeks during the summer
  • Rotate through different hospital/health
  • Earn high school credit
  • Shadow various health fields

M. A. S. H. Medical Applications of Science
for Health
  • Available to High School students
  • Take a biology lecture and lab
  • Attend McNeese or UL Lafayette
  • 11 day college course
  • Earn College credit
  • Experience College Life

Day with the Docs
  • Visit LSU Health Science Center School of
    Medicine in New Orleans
  • 1 day
  • Interact with medical students
  • See medical school firsthand

  • Opportunity to serve your community
  • Be exposed to the health field and diversity
  • Help others
  • Earn a living stipend
  • Earn an education award (scholarship)
  • Many new friends
  • Explore SW Louisiana
  • Receive great work experience
  • in the field of health

HOSAHealth Occupation Students of America
  • Network with other students with similar interest
  • Compete for medical test/procedure awards
  • Travel across the country for national conference
  • Help you in career decision making
  • Give you a learning edge for future courses
    related to your field of interest
  • Provide you with a clearer picture of your goal,
    and what will need to happen in order to achieve

Other Resources to find Health Information
  • Louisiana Health Careers Directory online at
  • This is a list of health careers and job
    descriptions and average salaries.
  • The Health Resource Services Administrations
    (HRSA) main website http//
  • Outbreak at
    Watersedge is a public health discovery game.
    It walks you through public health.
  • http//

    NEW Louisiana youth works
    is a website for high school students to help
    them decide on a career. There are links such
    as preparing for a job, careers whats right
    for me, looking to further your education,
    decisions decisions and more resources. This
    is a great website for all students not just
    those interested in health careers.

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