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Paxon School for Advanced Studies PreIB


We want you to know what to expect in ... You are in Pre-IB courses in order to successfully complete the Diploma ... IB Music (Must audition with the teacher) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Paxon School for Advanced Studies PreIB

Paxon School for Advanced Studies Pre-IB
  • Sophomores
  • Managing your Final Pre-IB Year
  • and
  • Your Transition into the IB Diploma Program!

Why are you here?
  • We want you to know what to expect in 10th grade
    and the IB Program without overwhelming you with
    too much information!
  • You are in Pre-IB courses in order to
    successfully complete the Diploma Programme and
    earn your IB Diploma.
  • Your Pre-IB teachers will train you to meet the
    challenges of the International Baccalaureate

IB Learner Profile
  • IB learners strive to be
  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open Minded
  • Risk Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

Name Calling...
  • Paxons Pre-IB consists of Freshman and Sophomore
  • Juniors and Seniors are part of the IB Diploma
    Program (DP).
  • Juniors are called Anticipated Candidates
    Seniors are called Diploma Candidates.
  • Juniors and Seniors officially complete the
    Diploma curriculum.

AP vs. IB
  • AP classes and exams are not the same as IB
  • Taking AP exams does not gain you IB credit,
    although it can get you college credit.
  • The grade you make on the AP exam at the end of
    the school year determines whether you get
    college credit in that classnot your grade in
    the class.
  • Many Junior and Senior IB courses also prepare
    you to take an AP exam.

IB Needs to be the Priority
  • Academics will occupy a great deal of time
    outside the classroom.
  • Students who wish to participate in sports and
    after school activities will be able to, but they
    MUST develop time management skills and
  • In many cases, working during the school year has
    presented difficulties for students.

IB Matrix
IB Matrix Core
  • The three central areas you will work on in 11th
    and 12th grade are
  • Extended Essay (EE)
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  • 150 Creative, Active, Service hours (CAS)
  • Although you can only complete EE and TOK in your
    11th and 12th grade, you may begin CAS hours in
    the summer AFTER your sophomore year!

Sophomore Service vs. CAS
  • You are responsible for completing 25 service
    hours for Florida Bright Futures hours by the end
    of your SOPHOMORE year.
  • FL Bright Futures requires 75 service hours your
    50 CAS Service hours count toward the 75.
  • 75 - 50 25
  • Therefore, you must complete the remaining 25
    service hours by the end of your Sophomore year
    for Bright Futures!
  • If you are uncertain about whether something
    would count for community service, see Ms.
    Johnson BEFORE starting the activity.

IB Matrix Curriculum
  • You are preparing yourself now to successfully
    pass these 6 IB subjects
  • Group 1 English
  • Group 2 Foreign Language
  • Group 3 History
  • Group 4 Experimental Sciences
  • Group 5 Mathematics
  • Group 6 An additional IB subject of your

WHAT ON EARTH... Is a Sixth (6th) Subject?
  • Standard Level Options (Assessments may only be
    taken SL, regardless of whether youre a Junior
    or Senior).
  • IB Psychology (no pre-requisite)
  • IB Geography (no pre-requisite)
  • Additional IB Science (must double-up in science
    sophomore yearmore info later in presentation)
  • Standard or Higher Level Options Students can
    choose whether to take at SL or HL)
  • IB Theater (No pre-requisites if receive teacher
  • IB Visual Arts (Must have taken Draw/Paint I
  • IB Music (Must audition with the teacher)
  • IB Computer Science (Must have taken Visual
    Basic I II or have teacher approval)

Preparing for 6th Subject
  • Visual Arts HL, Computer Science HL, Theater SL
    HL, and Music SL HL must be taken over TWO
  • If you want to take Biology or Chemistry SL as a
    You will take another IB Experimental Science as
    a Senior for your Group 4 diploma requirement.

10th Grade Pre-IB Courses
  • To prepare you for those 6 IB subject groups, you
    will take
  • Group 1 Pre-IB English II
  • Group 2 Pre-IB Foreign Language II
  • Group 3 AP European History
  • Group 4 Pre-IB Physics
  • Group 5 Algebra II (Pre-Calculus if you
    successfully doubled-up or took Algebra II this
  • Group 6 or Elective 6th Subject pre-requisite (
    for IB Art, IB Music, and IB Computer Science
    Pre-IB Chemistry if you want to take an IB
    Science as your 6th subject in Junior year)
  • Earth Space Science previous sophomore
  • One additional elective (may be used to fulfill
    Florida graduation requirements PE, performing
    art credit, American Government/Economics).

Double-the-Pleasure When and Why to double-up in
Science You must have at least a B average in
Pre-IB Biology in order to double-up.
  • If you would like to take an IB Science as your
    6th Subject, you need to take BOTH Pre-IB Physics
    and Pre-IB Chemistry in your Sophomore year.
  • If you want to take a different IB 6th subject
    but also want to take AP Chemistry or Biology in
    your Junior year, you may choose this option.
    NOTE In this case, you will be enrolled in AP
    scienceNOT IB and you will NOT receive IB
    diploma credit.
  • If you double-up in science, you MUST take an IB
    science your Senior year in addition to the IB or
    AP science in your Junior year.
  • You may need to meet certain math pre-requisites
    to double-up in science. See Ms. Johnson to find
    out if you qualify.

  • Planning Ahead
  • For College and Scholarships...

PSAT Great practice and Great Scholarship!
  • Paxon administers the PSAT in October.
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will take it
    (Registration and exam take place at Paxon).
  • The results from Junior year are used to
    determine National Merit Scholars and other
    scholarships. Taking the PSAT in 9th and 10th
    grade helps you improve your 11th grade scores.
  • Each year, you will receive personalized
    information on your performance that will help
    you recognize your strengths as well as where you
    can improve.

WHAT ON EARTH... are college credits?
  • Students who earn high enough scores on their AP
    and/or IB tests may earn college credit for those
  • This means the student will not have to take this
    course in college and may receive credit for
    having taken it.
  • Colleges will vary in terms of what score is
    required and how many credits they will accept.
  • In many cases, the credits earned in high school
    will allow students to skip the entry level
    courses in college and move on to more advanced
    coursework that they want to take.
  • Since colleges differ in what credits they
    accept, we try to give you as many opportunities
    to take an AP test while doing your IB subjects.
  • As a result, you may earn your IB diploma and do
    well in an IB subjectyet score even better on
    the AP test. If the college you attend only
    accepts very high IB or AP scores, you may have
    increased your chances as receiving credit in
    that class!

Waived FL Diploma Requirements by participating
in IB
  • If the student does not successfully complete
    all four years of the IB Program, the following
    requirements must be fulfilled in order to
    receive the Florida High School Diploma.
  • One performing arts credit fulfilled by Chorus,
    Band, Drama, TV Production, Speech, Debate,
    Draw/Paint, or Sculpture.
  • American Government/Economics.
  • HOPE (health/gym course)

Bright Futures 100
  • Paths to the 100 Florida Academic Scholars
  • Earn the IB Diploma.
  • Complete and pass all of your IB courses,
    complete the 75 service hours, and earn a 1270 on
    the SAT or 28 on the ACT.
  • Earn a Florida Diploma, have a 3.5 cumulative
    GPA, complete the 75 service hours, and earn a
    1270 on the SAT or 28 on the ACT.

Whats the Difference… Between Weighted and
Unweighted Courses?
  • Honors, Pre-IB, and IB/AP courses are weighted.
  • In Duval County, each weighted class is given an
    additional point when the GPA is calculated.
  • Unweighted courses Weighted courses
  • A 4.0 A 5.0
  • B 3.0 B 4.0
  • C 2.0 C 3.0
  • D 1.0 D 2.0
  • Colleges and Bright Futures use their own
    weighting systems to calculate GPAs. Generally
    only academic courses are counted, and honors
    classes are given a .5 weighting and IB/AP
    courses are given a full point weight.

Sophomore Priorities
  • GRADES!!! Your semester core grades--including
    Foreign Language and AP electives--are typically
    the MOST important factor to colleges (often more
    important than the difficulty level of your
    senior year).
  • Do NOT blow off electives--their grades determine
    your GPA and class ranking.
  • Finish your 25 Florida Bright Future service
  • Stay involved/get involved colleges want
    students who are committed to school and
    community activities over a length of time.
  • Begin collecting information about collegesMs.
    Johnson will help sophomores begin thinking about
    how to narrow down choices.
  • Begin thinking about what 6th subject you may
    want to take.
  • SAT prep!!

  • Teacher tutoring
  • Iota Beta tutoring to supplement tutoring youre
    already receiving from teacher.
  • Student-formed study groups may meet Monday,
    Tuesday, and Thursday after school in Guidance
    until 600!!!
  • All your teachers have safety netsask your
    teacher about theirs!

Contact Information
  • Mary Breitenbach IB Coordinator
  • breitenbam _at_
  • Kelly Johnson IB Counselor
  • johnsonk3 _at_
  • 693-7583 ext. 110