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A Walk Through Job Board Posting With SC


This keeps your job related email in one place and out of your ... choose to keep it active or deactivate add, remove, and thoroughly edit resumes as needed. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Walk Through Job Board Posting With SC

A Walk Through Job Board Posting With SCC
Before Posting
  • You may choose to create a unique email address
    specifically for job mail. This keeps your job
    related email in one place and out of your
    primary email box. You can get additional email
    accounts from your current service provider or
    online for free through hotmail.com
    http//login.live.com/login.srf?id2 or yahoo.com
  • Create an ASCII text document This can be done
    by open your resume file, under "File", select
    "Save As".    On the corresponding screen you
    should have the option to "Save files as
    type..."  From the list presented, choose "Text" 
    or "Rich Text Format".  The file extension will
    be .txt or rtf.

Job Board Listings
  • Within your profile, beneath resources, you will
    find job board sites listed by Industry, State
    and also Diversity job boards.
  • Once you have selected your specified industry
    you will be able to choose from a link list of
    job boards sites, which will redirect you to each
    job board.
  • Also, please be sure to update and replace your
    existing résumé with the résumé specifically
    designed for you by Stewart, Cooper Coon on
    sites which you may have previously posted your
    résumé prior to you campaign.

Steps to Posting your Résumé
  • Most sites offer a step by step posting process
    (see examples)
  • Which you can easily follow by selecting sign up
    now, then fill out the appropriate fields to
  • In some cases beginning with creating a username
    and password (please be sure to write this down
    and keep it in a safe place)
  • Then entering name, addresses, e-mail address,
    phone number, confidentiality information, etc.
  • Each site will take you through different
    screens where you will answer multiple
    questions, such as industry type, occupational
    area, desired compensation, highest degree
    earned, date you are available to start a new
    position, etc

Attaching Your Résumé
  • Cut and Paste Résumé
  • Open your resume in your word processor then
    press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl A to highlight
    your entire resume
  • Then press Ctrl C
  • Switch back to the Add a Resume form
  • Click in the Resume field and use the shortcut
    Ctrl V to paste your resume
  • Scroll through and make certain that all the text
    was transferred.
  • Upload Your Resume This feature allows you to
    upload a Word document or plain-text document
    directly to the sites resume format.
  • If you have a pre-existing resume in another
    program, you can save time by uploading by
    clicking on the Browse" (see sample).
  • Build Your Resume This feature allows you to
    follow a step-by-step guide, some sites require
    you follow these steps, my suggestions is that
    you use your resume to cut and paste the
    requested information into each field

Specialized Job Search Agents
  • Specialized Job Search Agents can be set up,
    within the job boards which will send job matches
    via email based on your search criteria, when
    applicable. You can easily do so once you have
    posted your résumé, by filling in the appropriate
    information requested specifically by each job
  • Most Specialized job search agents identify the
    following optional fields
  • Keywords Creating an ACSII text document can
    help identify keywords, (instructions to do so
    are located in your job search briefcase), you
    can also use a job title
  • A keyword search will scan entire job postings
    for any matching terms
  • Location Select all relocations areas that you
    may be interested in
  • Industry/Job Category specify the industries
    you are interested in
  • Time Frame Specify how recent you want your
    results to be 
  • Salary Range Specify the income level desired
  • Once youve created a specialized job search
    agent the site will email you their latest job
    openings, based on your criteria, daily or weekly
    whichever you prefer

After Posting
  • After you have entered a your information,
    uploaded, cut and pasted, or built your résumé
    you may choose to keep it active or deactivate
    add, remove, and thoroughly edit resumes as
  • Managing your résumé properly will allow you to
    be on top of all the occurrences pertaining to
    your job search as well as, view how many
    employers are seeing your resume.
  • One of the most important aspects of posting your
    résumé is making certain that your visibility is
    at the highest level on the job boards. In order
    to maintain a highly visible résumé, you must
    perform an update or refresh of your résumé on
    a regular basis. Our suggestion is that you run
    an update of your résumé weekly. As thousands of
    résumés are posted to the Internet each week,
    your goal will be to keep your résumé on the fast
    track of each site, increasing your chances of
    being seen by potential employers. Several of
    the sites have a refresh feature built into the
    site which, when selected, will automatically
    refresh your résumé on the job board. Other sites
    require you to update the résumé in order to
    accomplish the same task. This requires you to
    access your resume, then modify the text. One
    simple text change is all that is needed to
    signal the crawler that this is a new résumé.
    Our suggestion is a simple change such as
    removing or inserting your middle initial.
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