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Once upon a time,long ago in ancient Sparta, there was a poor, but happy family. Shortly after the newest member of ... assembly was electing five new. ephors. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lydia

  • Written by
  • Brent F.
  • David L.
  • Kelsey H.
  • Libby V.

  • Once upon a time,long ago in ancient Sparta,
    there was a poor, but happy family. Shortly
    after the newest member of the family was born,
    the mother died from giving birth. Though the
    father and his daughters were full of grief for
    their mother and wife, the father felt it best to

  • Across the river lived a rich widow named Helen
    with her daughter Alexandria. So Philip, the
    father, decided to ask Helen for her hand in
    marriage.Soon after the wedding, Philip turned
    sixty and joined the council of elders,because of
    that he wasnt home very much.

  • As soon as the father left Helen, the stepmother,
    made Philips two daughters, Persephone and Lydia
    do all the work around the house. Alexandria
    would lay around watching them, while eating
    cheese and olives. Persephone and Lydia had to
    share a small room upstairs.

  • They shared the same
  • bed, had barely enough
  • to eat, and the room was
  • dusty and full of
  • cobwebs. They wore
  • rags except when their
  • father was coming
  • home. While Lydia and
  • Persephone were being forced
  • around like servants, the
  • assembly was electing five new
  • ephors.

  • One day Philip, the father came home for a while
    and told them about the two celebrations for the
    newly picked ephors, everyone was invited. Soon
    the night of the first ball arrived, Lydia and
    Persephone were rushing around trying to get
    Alexandria and Helen prepared. Finally their
    carriage arrived.

  • Once Helen had left, Lydia decided to sneak off
    and watch the ball. At the ball she saw one of
    the newly picked ephors, Cleisthenes. She fell
    madly in love with him. Soon the ball was
    ending, Alexandria looked through the window, at
    the same time Lydia saw Alexandria looking at

  • Lydia fled from the ball, and reached her bed
    just as Helen and Alexandria walked through the
    door. The next day, Lydia found out that
    Alexandria had told Helen that she was at the
    ball. Helen scolded Lydia for going to watch the
    ball, she wouldnt let Lydia leave the house.

  • Again the night of the ball arrived, Helen and
    Alexandria were getting prepared for the ball
    with the help of Lydia and Persephone. Soon
    after they left, a ray of light shown through the
    window, and into the house.

  • Angels with harps were singing and they were
    followed by Aphrodite, a Greek goddess, (Lydias
    fairy godmother).She said, I know you love
    Cleisthenes, so Im going to help you win his

  • So, she gave Lydia a beautiful gown, a carriage,
    horses, coachmen, golden sandals, and a bath.
    Lydia thanked Aphrodite and rode to the ball.
    When she got there Cleisthenes saw her and fell
    madly in love.

  • They danced until dawn. Suddenly Lydia realized
    Helen and Alexandria would find out what she had
    done. She fled from the ball and got home and
    started her chores barely before Helen and
    Alexandria arrived. The next day when Lydia was
    working in the market at a fruit stand
    Cleisthenes saw her.

  • When Lydia finished her shift and was walking
    home, Cleisthenes decided to follow her. When
    Lydia got to her house, Cleisthenes was about to
    say hi when she accidentally slammed the door in
    his face. So, Cleisthenes came back the next
    day, knocked on the door and asked Helen if he
    could see her daughter or daughters. Helen said
    she only had one daughter and showed him

  • Cleisthenes asked if she had any other daughters.
    Helen said,
  • No! Right when Persephone walked past sweeping
    the floor. Cleisthenes asked Persephone if there
    were any more women in the house.

  • She said, Yes, my sister, Lydia is upstairs.
    Do you want me to get her?
  • Yes, please do, said Cleisthenes. They
    recognized each other at once, except Cleisthenes
    didnt know she was the lady he had danced with,
    he thought she was just the girl from the market.

  • Lydia said, Just a second, sir. Then she ran
    upstairs, hoping Aphrodite would be there with
    her ballroom dress. Aphrodite wasnt there, but
    her dress and sandals were. So, Lydia put them
    on and fixed up her hair. Then she ran
    downstairs. When Cleisthenes saw her, he
    remembered her from the ball.

  • Then he asked her to marry him. Lydia said,
    Yes! They held the wedding the next day at
    Cleistheness house. It was a magnificent
    wedding, even Helen and Alexandria found it in
    their hearts to be nice to Persephone and Lydia,
    and they forgave them.

  • Helen sold her house, and after Cleisthenes
    served his duty as an ephor. They all lived
    happily ever after in his mansion.

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