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The SOA as strategic performance management


Chris Mitchell, Corporate Research, Fife Council. Annual Statistics Stakeholders ... in every (English) local authority area by 2012' Hazel Blears 15 Sept 2008 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The SOA as strategic performance management

The SOA as strategic performance management a
local authority view
  • Chris Mitchell, Corporate Research, Fife Council
  • Annual Statistics Stakeholders Conference

What I want to cover
  • The Fife approach to the SOA
  • Lessons from Scottish experience
  • Thoughts on next steps

SOAs the basics
  • Purpose and scope the joint commitment and
    mutual accountability of the Council (yr 1), SG
    and CP Partners (yr 2) to delivery of agreed
  • governance and future development
  • Local contextual fit with National Outcomes
  • National and Local Outcomes and Commitments
    including national and local indicators, sources,
    baselines and targets
  • Required actions by local partners to meet
    performance targets
  • Required actions by SG the Asks
  • High level, comprehensive, complex, evolutionary
    and radical

The Fife Partnership SOA approach
  • Fife Partnerships not Fife Councils SOA
  • Three year perspective
  • Fifes Community Planning strategic management
  • Scenario planning and winds of change our
    contextual analysis tell-tale indicators
  • Milestones - Community Planning strategic
    performance indicators
  • The 2007 Community Plans
  • levers of change Educational Achievement
    Tackling Worklessness Energy and resources
    Keeping Fife connected
  • Goals and themes
  • Annual State of Fife Reporting

Fifes Community Plan and the National
Performance FrameworkGoals for Fife Inclusive,
Sustainable, Best Value
  • Fife CP Themes
  • Stronger and more flexible economy
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Educated and skilled
  • Sustaining environment
  • Safer communities
  • SG Strategic Priorities
  • Wealthier and Fairer
  • Healthier
  • Smarter
  • Greener
  • Safer and stronger

SOA sourced in Fife local public services
corporate management systems
  • Partners corporate plans and performance reports
  • Fife Council Plan Big 8 priorities and
    Performance Scorecard Indicators
  • NHS Fifes Local Delivery Plan and HEAT targets
  • Fife Constabularys Policing Plan
  • Services and Strategic Partnerships strategies
  • Joint Health Improvement Plan
  • And in existing Statutory Reporting systems
  • SPIs
  • Statistical returns to SG

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KnowFife Dataset progress against Community Plan
KnowFife Dataset Interactive maps looking across
Lessons from Scottish experience so far
(Improvement Service review of 2008 SOAs Sarah
  • 2008 was a learning experience from a forced
  • Convergence some 20 Local Outcomes and 32
    indicators recur in all SOAs. What we can all
    count? Need strong data.
  • Divergence outcomes range form 6 to 68, n30
    indicators range from 44 to 319, n130. Whose
  • Mix of SMART and direction of travel targets. OK?
  • Varied interpretation of National Outcomes e.g.
    alcohol, inequality
  • Too detailed all parties want activity
  • CP partners see other SG priorities as must
    include HEAT
  • Big variations in integrated area profiles or
    context for each outcome former more strategic?
  • Too much use of output rather than outcome

Some thoughts on next steps
  • The elephant in the corner a Fife SOA ask -
    a bonfire of the statistical returns or review to
    keep and apply best practice?
  • Light touch
  • Stop kicking the ball into the directors box
    start running with it towards the goal
  • Build local government capacity for evidence
    based practice

Building evidence capacity
  • Scotstat potential weve got it so use it
  • s/t Knowledge Exchange pilot on building stats
    capacity (Napier/St Andrews Univ. with four
  • Secondments between governments?
  • Scottish Knowledge Skills development programme?
  • Capitalise on Improvement Service research and
    knowledge resource
  • More engagement with research councils, Scottish
    Funding Council and academic centres
  • Promoting and Developing Scottish Neighbourhood
    Statistics single national platform?
  • Building local tools KnowFife Dataset
  • Inputs and outcomes expenditure analysis
  • Participatory Budgeting in every (English) local
    authority area by 2012 Hazel Blears 15 Sept 2008
  • Can we enhance the tools we have?

Not everything that can be counted counts, and
not everything that counts can be counted
  • Beyond statistical indicators what other
  • Qualitative sources?
  • Stakeholder and political engagement, BVA lessons
  • Resourcing Scrutiny
  • Strategic self or directed evaluation
  • Whole system action research counting or
  • Balance new outcome evidence focus with best of
    inputs, processes and outputs (Martin, Down,
    Grace and Nutley etc research for ESRC Public
    Services Programme)
  • ScotStat ,ScotResearch, or ScotKnowledge?

Attitudinal evidence of performance
  • Significant feature of SOA and National
    Indicators (NI)
  • NI 28 Rate neighbourhood a good place to live
  • NI 31 public perceptions of the crime rate
  • NI 41 attitudes to Scotlands reputation
  • N1 43 and 44 quality of public services and
    health care
  • English National Indicators
  • Overall/general satisfaction with local area plus
  • Satisfaction of over 65s with home and
  • Cautions
  • National surveys not for l.a. levels l.a.s lack
    survey capacity must rationalise and boost
    national samples support core questions and
    build l.a. survey capacity.
  • New English Place Surveys statutory duty of
    each l.a. for Audit Commission is this the
    route for Scotland?
  • Satisfaction performance minus expectations
    must contextualise (age, ethnicity, culture, SEG,
    local history, council tax level) Possible
    ceiling on overall levels even if expectations
    met, (Oliver James, Exeter Univ. research for
    ESRC Public Services Programme)

Whats relevant to the SOA?
  • Just measures of what we as Local Government can
  • measures of what we want Scottish government to
    change and they of us thats the Concordat.
  • Our UK, European and Global contexts
  • UK Comprehensive Spending Review the Red Book
  • UK and European Legislative context e.g. carbon
  • Price of oil, FTSE and Dow Jones
  • Interest and inflation rates
  • Banking liquidity!
  • What else..?
  • Agile and flexible planning not an end state.
  • Quality of Life not just services

  • And finally..
  • Culture shifts are necessary at the centre and
    local level but will we be able to keep our
    hands off?!
  • Jim Stephen, Head of Children and Families
    Services, Scottish Government, at launch seminar
    for SOA, Feb. 2007
  • Can we in community planning partnerships be more
    switched on?
  • Thats democracy Jimbut not as we might like
    it Central and Local government will and
    probably should agree to differ.

Evolving Strategic Performance Management
  • Corporate Planning and Bains
  • Regional Reports of 70s
  • Strategic Performance Indicators (SPIs)
  • Key needs data poverty Indices of Deprivation
    (SIMD) better tools and wider applications
  • Community Planning
  • Single Outcome Agreements
  • Constitutional balancing act central v local