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Bren 101 for MESM Students


... before the end of 3rd week (and you'll never have to hassle one of these forms) ... Retroactive changes are huge hassle for us and you and you run the risk that ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Bren 101 for MESM Students

Bren 101 for MESM StudentsPart 2
  • Laura Haston
  • Assistant Dean

Information Sources
  • Bren
  • Academic Programs section of web
  • Services gt Academic and Student Affairs
  • Graduate Division
  • http//
  • Graduate student handbook
  • Registrar
  • http//

Summary of MESMDegree Requirements
  • 81 units minimum
  • Core courses (32.5 units)
  • 401ABC (12 units) group project
  • An approved set of electives that develop
    strength in one of Brens specialization area
  • 36.5 units minimum

Unit Load
  • Grads are supposed to enroll in a min of 12 units
  • - No real consequence if at least 8 units though
  • Bren students 13.5/qtr on ave to meet 81 unit
  • Generally, not recommended that you enroll in
    more than 16 units
  • Your graduate education also includes activities
    that dont result in units
  • Ignore the myth that seems to be floating about
    Bren that you should load up early!
  • Especially, do not load up in winter of 1st year
  • - You have important and time consuming career
    development work to do (i.e. summer internship)

Unit Load Fall 08
  • 200 Orientation Case Study Course (0.5)
  • 203 Earth System Science (4 units)
  • 201 Ecology of Managed Ecosystems (4 units)
  • 210 Business and the Environment (4 units)
  • 251 Introduction to Policy Analysis (2 units)
  • Total 14.5
  • Plus no-credit career workshop for 1st years
  • - Some sessions are required others optional but
    highly recommended
  • Plus no-credit stats workshop, if needed
    (probably most)
  • Meets for a total of approximately 12 hours
  • Plus elective?
  • Most likely NO!

Core Courses
  • Fall (09)
  • Previous slide
  • Win (09)
  • ESM 202 Env. Biogeochemistry (4 units)
  • ESM 204 Economics of Env. Mgmt (4 units) 251
    is prereq
  • ESM 206A Data Analysis/Stats (2 unit)
  • ESM 241 Environmental Politics and Policy (2
  • Many will also want to take ESM 437 Writing
    for Environmental Professionals (2 units), a
    LINKS class to 241
  • Total 12-14 units
  • Spring (09)
  • ESM 206B Data Analysis/Stats (2 units)
  • ESM 207 Environmental Law and Policy (4 units)
  • ESM 401A Group Project (4 units)
  • Total 10 units
  • Under most circumstances, students are encouraged
    to and expected to complete the core courses in
    their first year

Core Course Deferrals

  • Deferral of a core course means you dont take it
    until your 2nd year
  • The following are NOT deferrable
  • ESM 251
  • ESM 206AB
  • ESM 401A
  • Deferral(s) are only recommended if your load
    will be too heavy because you need to take
    electives for your specialization that are only
    offered biennially
  • Policy document on deferrals and waivers on Bren
    web site at services/academic and student affairs
  • Special Note if you are going to pursue the
    eco-entrepreneurship focus then you likely will
    have to defer ESM 201 or ESM 203 this quarter
    more on this in a bit

Core CourseDeferrals cont.

  • Potential risks of deferring
  • Must make sure that that you wont lack
    prerequisites for important elective classes for
  • e.g. defer 204 (econ) -gt cant take 245 (cost
  • See prerequisite guide at academics/class
  • If you defer a core class and you dont pass the
    class, you wont graduate you will have to come
    back and re-take the class (no exceptions)
  • Class scheduling has to be done under the
    assumption that all 1st years have completed core
  • If you defer, the core course may be offered at
    the same time as an elective you want to take
    next year

Core Course Waivers

  • Waiver of a core course means that you dont have
    to take it
  • You must make up units with another class(es)
  • Not a lot of waivers approved BUT definitely
    pursue if appropriate
  • You already have a SUBSTANTIAL portion of the
    knowledge skills
  • Some courses have waiver policy/procedures posted
    on web (academics/courses)
  • Your responsibility to contact professor and make
    arrangements for evaluation
  • If instructor approves, have him/her sign
  • Special circumstance since 207 is taught be a
    visitor, submit a Bren School Petition to Laura


  • Bren School Petition
  • To address issues governed by Bren School
  • On the web at Services/ASA/Forms
  • Free!
  • Graduate Division Petition
  • To address issues governed by University

  • Review info about registration for new graduate
    students on the Registrars web site
  • New Graduate student for the Fall Quarter
  • Review info on registration and enrollment on the
    registrars website
  • Enrollment in an Academic Quarter
  • Review info on Bren website under academic
    programs/class schedule
  • How to Register for Classes and Make
    Adjustments to Your Schedule
  • PLEASE review info sources and try to find
    answers to your registration questions first and
    then iff you still need help, please contact
    scheduling_at_bren for assistance

FAQs Related to Registration
  • Schedule changes without penalty by the end of
    1st week of quarter
  • Any changes to schedule after 1st week is 3 per
  • Can drop a class using GOLD up until the last day
    of classes
  • Any additions to schedule during the 2nd and 3rd
    weeks require an approval code
  • Classes with discussion sections or labs
  • If no code listed for lecture, enrolling in
    section or lab will also automatically enroll you
    in lecture

FAQs Relatedto Registration, cont.
  • Approval Codes
  • Required to register if
  • Course is restricted
  • Course enrollment is at max
  • Email scheduling_at_bren to obtain code for a Bren
  • Enter when you register on GOLD
  • You may need an approval code to enroll in a
    class offered by another department
  • Ask instructor of course who you should obtain a
    code from
  • We can only give codes out for Bren classes

FAQs Related toRegistration cont.
  • What to do if GOLD says a Bren course is full
  • If a course
  • Email scheduling_at_bren
  • Staff will try to increase enrollment max and
    move room to new location, if necessary, so you
    will be able to enroll
  • If a section (i.e. one of a few discussions/labs
    for a course)
  • Must enroll in another section we have to
    balance sizes
  • Only exception is if other classes that you are
    taking overlap with all other sections
  • In above case, email scheduling_at_bren and explain
    problem (bearing in mind that staff can verify
    your schedule) and they will give you an
    enrollment code so you can enroll in the full
  • PS Sorry, not liking time not a valid reason

FAQs Related toRegistration, cont.
  • You CAN NOT add a class using GOLD after the 3rd
  • Must submit a Registrars Schedule Adjustment
  • Copies in the student mail room
  • Get instructors signature if possible (if not
    Ill sign for them)
  • The only other signature you need is mine
    (graduate advisor)
  • Put in my mailbox in Deans suite or mail room
    and Ill sign and return to your mailbox
  • Once signed, you turn it into the registrar
  • Enrollment counts are frozen after 3rd week so it
    hurts us if you dont register by then
  • PLEASE get your schedule settled before the end
    of 3rd week (and youll never have to hassle one
    of these forms)

FAQs Related toRegistration, cont.
  • Variable Unit Courses
  • Courses that do not have a set number of units,
    which is the same every time the course is
  • Be careful to only register in the number of
    units listed on the Bren schedule of classes!
  • For example, ESM 299 Advanced Topics in
    Environmental Science is set up as a variable
    unit class (2-4 units) to accommodate a variety
    of topics and formats
  • T his quarter, the specific offering of 299
    (Advanced Topics River Restoration) is offered
    for 2 units only
  • When GOLD queries you, only enter 2 units even
    though it would let you enter more
  • Note non-variable units classes can not be

FAQs Related toRegistration cont.
  • ESM 595 Group Studies (Seminar Classes)
  • Single letter courses are open to MESM and PhD
    (i.e. 595F)
  • Double letter courses are only open to PhD (i.e.
  • MESMs cant take without instructor approval
  • Specialized research focus generally not
    appropriate for MESMs
  • Only S/U Grading Option
  • ESM 596 Independent Research
  • Requires completion of Bren School 596 Form and
    instructor approval
  • Submit petition to Student Affairs office prior
    to registration
  • Must enter instructor code when you register
  • List of codes on web at academics/class schedule
  • Maximum of 4 units of ESM 596 can count toward
    unit total

Registration Problems
  • Guestimate 20 of students have a registration
    problem that they are not aware of including
    wrong classes, wrong units, wrong grading option
  • Check your schedule on GOLD before then end of
    the third week!
  • Check your schedule on GOLD before the last day
    of classes!!
  • Retroactive changes are huge hassle for us and
    you and you run the risk that GRAD DIV wont
    approve it
  • Caution faculty are not registration experts
    check with staff about anything out of ordinary

The Top 2 Student Questions(yep they relate to
  • Why wont GOLD let me register for ESM XXX class?
  • The answer depends on when you try during the
  • Before week 1
  • Probably the class if full
  • email scheduling_at_bren to see if enrollment can be
  • Between week 1-3
  • Answer You must have an approval code
  • Email scheduling
  • After week 3
  • You cant do it using GOLD! you need to submit
    an SAF
  • Please try to remember these facts help reduce
    the number of times that the SA Staff has to
    answer these same questions over and over and over

Schedule of Classes
  • Always use the schedule of classes (SOC) on the
    Bren web site under academic program/class
    schedule for Bren classes
  • Never use the Universitys printed schedule of
    classes for info about Bren classes
  • It is done so many months in advance it is almost
    always not up-to-date (at least for Bren)
  • Bren follows the Registrars Academic Calendar
    (i.e. classes start when the registrars calendar
    says they start) unless noted otherwise in the
    Bren SOC

Course Information
  • Bren Course Descriptions
  • On the Bren web site under academic
  • Course Descriptions for other Departments on
  • Explore departments websites and/or the
    University Catalog
  • Undergrad course work
  • Lower division cant count toward graduate degree
  • Up to 8 units of upper division can count with
    approval by specialization leader
  • Bren Curriculum Plan for 2008-09
  • On the Bren web site under academic
    programs/class schedule
  • Not necessarily the final word--what is there is
    pretty firm unless something extraordinary occurs
    but there may be some additions

  • Only a few instructors still submit orders for
    books through bookstore
  • Most just recommend you purchase the books for
    the class on line
  • As scheduling_at_bren receives book info from
    faculty this info is added to the book list for
    the quarter file on the web (under
    academics/class schedule)
  • Bren has a commitment to students to place two
    copies of each required core course text in the
    periodical room
  • Bren does not buy copies of books for electives
    classes but will put donated copies or copies
    provided by the publisher in the periodical room

Syllabi CourseMaterials
  • Most instructors have syllabi and course
    materials posted on the Bren web (under
    academics/courses/specific course number)
  • Last years syllabus usually stays on web until
    new one loaded be careful that you are looking
    at current syllabus
  • University is in the process of switching to a
    course management system called Moodle, however
  • Our goal is to have all Bren courses on Moodle by
    winter 2009, not on the Bren website
  • Some faculty will start this fall with Moodle and
    will give you relevant instructions


  • UCSB uses standard A-F grading scale with /-
  • Core Courses
  • University rule (that Bren must comply with) that
    you must earn at least a B in all core course
  • Elective Courses
  • Only C or better counts toward degree
  • S/U or P/NP
  • S/U for graduate classes S B or better
  • Not much point in taking a grade class for S/U if
    it is offered for a grade
  • you have to get at least a B to pass and if you
    get a B- you wont earn credit
  • P/NP for undergraduate classes P C or better
  • If GPA lt 3.0, Grad Div places you on probation
  • If performance does not improve you can be

Grades, cont.

  • Must take all courses that will count toward 81
    unit min requirement for a grade unless only
    offered as S/U or P/NP
  • Let me repeat that in another way (since this
    question is verging on being a FAQ)if a course
    is only offered S/U or P/NP then you have no
    choice but to take it that way, so it WILL count
    toward unit requirement
  • Undergrad course work
  • Lower division (lt 100) cant count toward
    graduate degree requirements
  • Up to 8 units of upper division (gt 100) can count
    with approval by specialization leader

Grades, cont.

  • Incomplete (I)
  • Must file form before last day of classes
  • Must have good reason
  • Grade submitted when work completed and replaces
  • No Grade (NG) or No Record (NR)
  • May have on transcript temporarily if instructor
    does not submit grades before reporting deadline
  • No need to worry goes away once grades are
    submitted and we make sure they are
  • Will receive if I submitted by instructor but
    no paperwork submitted
  • Permanently turns into F U or NP if not
    rectified by the end of following quarter

Academic Conduct

  • The University has standards for academic conduct
    and Bren expects students to uphold and adhere to
    these standards fully
  • Guidance document on academic integrity on the
    Bren web at services/ASA
  • We are required to report known instances of
    inappropriate academic conduct and there can be
    dire consequences
  • It is YOUR responsibility to have 100 academic
    integrity it is not the instructors
    responsibility to make sure you do by setting up
    deterrents and obstacles to limit or prevent

Acts of Academic Dishonesty

  • Cheating
  • Obvious, right?
  • What about working together when not allowed? Not
    following rules governing group work (i.e.can
    only work in pairs)? Asking your 2nd year MESM
    roommate about a question on the take home exam?
  • 2) Collusion
  • Helps others engage in academic dishonesty or
    willingly allows it to occur
  • There is no distinction between those who cheat
    and plagiarize and those who willingly allow it
    to occur
  • 3) Plagiarism
  • Make sure you thoroughly understand what this
  • Increasing incidents suggest that many students
    are unclear
  • Carefully review guidance document and the
    writing tip referenced in the document

Class Scheduling

  • Winter schedule posted spring coming soon
  • If you see a mistake or problem, email
  • Have to overlap some classes try to choose those
    that are less likely to be of interest to the
    same students we spend A LOT of time trying to
    create optimal scheduling
  • Generally no classes on Fridays except classes
    with special schedules, labs, field trips,
  • We welcome odd schedules if they allow good
  • Weekends are fair game if this is the only way we
    can bring you a good educational opportunity
  • Some classes dont begin until mid-quarter (e.g.
    ESM 251 this quarter
  • Some classes taught in intensive format (e.g.
    every day for week)
  • Be warned ESM 207 in spring will be intensive
    (probably two 4-day periods) and will include

Special Circumstances

  • 3-year program
  • For those that have circumstances that make it
    hard to be in school full-time
  • Just take a lighter load (i.e. 8-10/quarter)
  • We can advise you what would be best to take now
    and what to take larger
  • Start group project in 2nd year not 1st
  • Fee/tuition etc the same price no matter how many
    units you take so if you take longer it will cost

Special Circumstances, cont

  • Early Graduation
  • Policy document at Services/ASA
  • Not recommended or encouraged
  • Workload too heavy and too little time to fully
    participate in the non-course part of your
  • Possible if all requirements are satisfied at the
    end of winter quarter of 2nd year
  • However, students must complete an adequate
    program of study (POS) for their specialization
  • Often not be possible within 5 quarters since
    some classes are offered biennially in spring
  • POS must be academically sound and will not be
    approved solely to enable and accommodate early

  • MESM students must develop depth in one of six
    specialization areas
  • CMRM Coastal Marine Resource Management (Lenihan
  • CP Conservation Planning (Davis Kendall)
  • CEM Corporate Environmental Management (Geyer
  • PEE Political Economy of the Environment
    (Anderson Young)
  • PPR Pollution Prevention Remediation (Trish
  • WRM Water Resources Mgmt (Dunne Tague)
  • Faculty specialization leaders for 1st years
    noted in bold
  • Not sure what do specialize in?
  • You need to figure this out soon!
  • Attend specialization info meetings noted on
    orientation schedule

Eco-Entrepreneurship(EE) Focus
  • Students may add to any of the specializations a
    focus on eco-entrepreneurship
  • Attend info meeting next Tuesday (9/22), 430 pm,
    BH 1424
  • EE Advisor Gary Libecap
  • For students who are interested in learning how
    to develop business plans to launch new
    technologies, products or practices that address
    important environmental or natural resources
  • A joint initiative between Bren and the
    Technology Management Program in the School of
  • Unless you are CEM, you may have to take a few
    more units than the 81 minimum required for the
    MESM to have both an acceptable POS for your
    specialization and satisfy the EE requirement
  • EE electives serve as acceptable CEM electives

EE cont.
  • EE Focus requires completion of 4 classes (12
    units) AND development of a Business Plan AND
    participation in the TMP Business Plan
  • ESM 274 Competitive Advantage Strategies for
    Environmental Innovation (4 units)
  • ENGR 291A Entrepreneurial Marketing (2 units)
  • ESM 291B New Venture Finance (2 units)
  • ENGR 285B New Venture Creation Entrepreneurship
    (4 units)
  • OR
  • ENGR 285D Business Planning for New Technology
    Ventures (4 units)
  • The EE curriculum matches the requirements to
    earn a certificate in Graduate Program in
    Management Practice (GPMP) with two exceptions
  • If you want to earn the certificate, you must
    also take
  • ENGR 285A Art of CEO Business Skills for
    Future Leaders (4 units)
  • ENGR 285E Managing Innovation (4 units)

EE, cont.
  • Must take this fall
  • ENGR 285B New Venture Creation (4 units)
  • M/W 8-950 pm HFH 1104
  • OR
  • ENGR 285D Developing New Products for Market
    Success (4 units)
  • M 530-820 Phelp 3523
  • This will give you a heavy load, probably too
  • If so, defer ESM 201 or ESM 203

Program of Study (POS)
  • An individual curriculum plan for developing
    depth in your area of specialization
  • Complete a Class of 2010 POS Form
  • On the web at services/ASA
  • Must be approved by the specialization leader
  • Must be submitted to Grad Advisor in winter
    quarter the end of the 4th week of classes
  • Can be modified with approval (multiple times ?)
  • May include classes in other departments
  • Can you double specialize?
  • Yes, if you POS is approved by both
    specialization leaders and builds adequate depth
    in both areas
  • Not the norm and not necessarily better than just

Creating Your POS
  • Guided by the specialization description
  • On the web academics/MESM
  • An advisement and guidance document
  • Does not dictate the POS precisely
  • Students in the same specialization will
    different POSs depending upon their unique
    background, interests, and goals
  • Sample programs of study on web
  • Your POS form will not will not be a precise list
    of classes but a sensible set of possibilities
  • Detailed explanation and instructions on the web
    at Services/ASA
  • How to Prepare Your Program of Study
  • Will schedule help session in early winter if a
    number of you want it (as communicated to

Group Projects
  • All students are required to complete a group
  • As part of this, you enroll in ESM 401ABC
    starting Spr 09 (4,4,4 units)
  • ESM 401A includes formal class meetings

Group Projects
  • Primary contacts
  • Amy Burgard, Staff, Academic Programs Coordinator
  • Christina Tague, Faculty, Chair of the Group
    Project Committee Instructor for ESM 401A
  • Group project pre-kickoff
  • Nov 3 1230-145 BH 1414
  • Focus will be on student preparation of group
    project proposals, which needs to start in fall
  • Project proposals due late Jan (exact date TBA)
  • Optional you dont have to prepare a proposal

Why Propose or Not?
  • You want to work on a project in specific area
  • You have a research question that you want to
    work on and that fits the criteria for a Bren
    Group Project
  • You want to interact with someone or some
  • You want the experience of writing a proposal
  • You want to have greater control over your GP
  • -Student proposers of accepted project are
    guaranteed spot on project (up to two per
  • Project selection is a competitive process (just
    like the real-word) whereby a committee of
    faculty and students select best
  • If you prepare and submit a proposal, your
    project may not be picked
  • However, student initiated proposals are valued
    and they have a bit of an edge

Group ProjectInfo Sources
  • On the web at research/group projects
  • Last years info on submitting a suggestion
  • This years to be posted soon
  • Last years project proposals
  • Library of final group project reports and policy
  • Group project guidelines (on web at services/ASA)
  • Updated version for your class provided when you
    start your project

Group Project Selection
  • Group project selection committee formed in fall,
    which includes 3-4 students
  • Proposal evaluation/selection in winter qtr
  • Group assignments end of winter quarter
  • Students given 100 points to allocate to projects
    (no more than 80 points per project)
  • Optimization routine determines optimal grouping
    of students based on revealed preferences based
    on point allocation
  • Group project kickoff meeting first week of
    spring qtr
  • Focus is everything you need to know in order to
    get your project done and done well

Group Project Timeline
  • Prepare project proposal and work plan spring
    quarter and hold a proposal defense meeting with
    advisors and stakeholders
  • Group project defense in mid-winter
  • Critical evaluation of the project much like a
    thesis or dissertation defense.
  • Revise final report to address questions and
    criticisms communicated during defense
  • Might be beneficial to attend a few this year to
    gain understanding of what to expect and whats
    expected of you
  • Final report, policy brief, and draft
    presentation due at the end of winter quarter
  • Grades assigned winter quarter (therefore groups
    MUST be done)
  • Group project public presentations usually 1st
    week of spring quarter (oral and poster)

MESM Advisors
  • MESM students dont have an advisor
  • MESM not like an academic research degree in
    which your work with a particular faculty member
    who guides your education
  • MESM students have
  • Group project advisor
  • Specialization leader (SL)
  • Must approve program of study
  • Another faculty member(s) from whom you seek
    advise if you wish
  • Can help you craft your initial POS but only SL
    can approve
  • It is expected that you will manage your
    education well and develop relationships with
    faculty and seek their academic and career
    development advise
  • Be proactive take initiative!

  • Talks by visitors or Bren faculty/students
  • Research colloquia
  • Faculty hosted
  • Generally high level talks about research in
    particular areas of ES M
  • Bren School Colloquia
  • Arranged by colloquium committee
  • Generally of broad interest and geared toward a
    diverse audience
  • Zurich Financial Corporation Distinguished
  • Posted on the Bren events calendar and announced
    via bren-alerts (or all_at_bren if it is only open
    to Bren folks)

Writing Center
  • What do employers want more than anything?
  • Employees that have strong communication skills
  • If you want a good job after Bren and you want to
    advance more quickly into bigger and better
    positions, invest time now to improve your
    writing skills
  • Most incoming Bren students have adequate skills,
    at best, and many have less than adequate
  • It is very impt to us that you develop your
    skills if they are not already very strong and we
    have are investing resources to give you
    opportunities to do this
  • Writing assessment meant to provide you helpful
    info about your current writing skills

Writing Center, cont.
  • Tutoring available at the Bren Writing Center
  • Goal is to strengthen your skills while helping
    you with specific writing assignments for classes
    or other purposes
  • Goal is not to help you get your assignment done
    but to help you develop stronger skills in the
    context of your assignment (which will probably
    help you get it done)
  • Not an editing service
  • Writing Center staff also send out writing tips
    over email and hold non-credit workshops
  • Website contains useful writing resources
  • Winter quarter 2-unit class, ESM 437, linked to
    ESM 241
  • Based on your writing assessment, you may be
    strongly advised to take this
  • We are considering offering a more advance
    writing classes in the future
  • Writing Center Staff
  • Monica Bulger (Education, PhD student), Lara
    Polansky (2nd year MESM), Kate Kokosinski (2nd
    year MESM), Amy Burgard (Bren Staff)

  • Faculty Deans
  • Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Dean
  • John Melack, Associate Dean
  • Ernst term ends in mid-Dec, and he will leave the
    Bren School and return to Gemany
  • Going away reception Friday 12/5 on the Deckers
  • John will become Acting Dean
  • Recruitment for new Dean in progress
  • A Chancellors Search Committee
  • While Bren has input and Tom Dunne is the chair
    of the search committee, it is a campus-wide
    (and ultimately Chancellor) decision
  • Will likely be visits and recruitment talks this
    year and may be new Dean in place next academic
  • Administrative Staff

Ladder Track Faculty
  • UC (and especially UCSB) operates under a strong
    system of shared governance between faculty and
  • Faculty are primarily responsible for
    governance/decision-making in regards to academic
  • Sabbaticals/Leaves
  • Kotchen Kendall, 2008-09
  • Kolstad, 2008-11
  • On leave from Bren to serve as Chair of the
    Economics Department but he will teach ESM 204
    this year
  • Young, ½-time throughout year, 2008-09
  • Dozier 1/2-2/3 time throughout year, 2008-10

Ladder Track Faculty
  • Calibrate your expectations of faculty
  • This a research University so faculty must invest
    a fair amount of their time in this regard
  • This is partly what makes UCSB/Bren a premier
    institution and a degree from here so valuable
  • Faculty Recruitment 2008-09
  • Corporate Environmental Management
  • Empirical Social Science
  • Energy and Resource Productivity
  • Ecotoxicology?

Whos Who Other Faculty and Researchers
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Main affiliation elsewhere but involved in
    teaching and research at UCSB
  • Affiliated Faculty
  • Ladder track faculty in other UCSB dept with 0
    appt in Bren because they interact in some way(s)
  • Visiting Faculty Lecturers
  • Professional and Visiting Researchers

Faculty Committeesof Interest
  • MESM Program
  • Chair Holden Primary Staff Support Haston
    Student Rep TBD
  • Group Projects
  • Chair Tague Primary Staff Support Burgard
    Melack liaison to external clients Student
    Reps TBD
  • Colloquium
  • Chair von Weizsäcker Staff Support Danetra
    Student Rep Milena Viljoen
  • PhD Program
  • Chair Keller Primary Staff Support Prieto
    Student Rep TBA
  • Recruitment, Admissions Support (RAS)
  • Chair Frew Staff Support Grad Advisor (TBD)
  • Computing Resources Liaisons to Administration
  • Christina Tague David Panitz (2nd year MESM)
  • Corlei will discuss election of student reps as
    well as some other student leadership
    opportunities at the Big Picture Session on Oct 1

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