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Synod Mandate


Revitalized Catholic culture and identity Catechetics, Liturgy, Stewardship ... Liturgy. Stewardship. Communications. Social Justice. 13. Role of a Pastoral Priority ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Synod Mandate

Synod Mandate
  • Preparing for Mission

  • When you think about the Synod process what do
    you feel?

  • When you think about the Synod process what is
    the greatest challenge for your parish?

  • Intro to synod mandate
  • The Mission of the church
  • Three pastoral Priorities
  • The change in Paradigm
  • Structuring for Mission
  • The role of the Parish Implementation Team
  • Role of the Parish Pastoral Council
  • The Way forward

Synod Implementation Team fulfilling the
Mission of the Church
New Evangelisation
Moral and Spiritual Values
Catholic Culture/ Identity
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Synod 2009 Three Pastoral priorities Synod
Implementation Parish Implementation Teams
The Mission of the Archdiocese
  • We are the People of God in Trinidad and Tobago,
    building the Civilization of Love -
    reconciliation with God, neighbour, creation and
    self - through The New Evangelization
    Revitalizing Catholic Culture and
  • Identity
  • Regenerating the Moral and Spiritual
  • Values of our Society

Three Pastoral Priorities
  • The New Evangelization
  • Revitalizing Catholic Culture and Identity
  • Regenerating the Moral and Spiritual Values of
    our Society

The Three Fold mission of the Church/ The Three
Pastoral Priorities
  • The New Evangelization (Prophet/Teaching)
  • Revitalized Catholic culture and identity
  • A Deep Moral Renewal
  • (King/ Governance)

The Three Fold mission of the Church/ The Three
Pastoral Priorities
  • The New Evangelization Evangelisation, Family
    Life, Youth, Catholic Education,
  • Revitalized Catholic culture and identity
    Catechetics, Liturgy, Stewardship
  • A Deep Moral Renewal Social Justice,

Family Life
Social Justice
Role of a Pastoral Priority
  • To act as a lens focusing the pastoral activity
    of the Church.
  • To act as a coordinating hub holding the Church
    together in unity around its pastoral mission.
  • To act as a point of evaluation to assess the
    impact of the pastoral ministry of the Church.

A New Way of Being Church
  • From
  • Each parish decided its direction
  • Each group did what it thought best
  • Each Parish Priest set the direction by personal
  • Turf protection within and between parishes
  • To 
  • The Archdiocese has a direction
  • All groups work in collaboration to achieve the
  • The Mission sets the direction.
  • Collaboration is the new way to be Church

Parish Implementation Team
  • Be it resolved that every parish and ecclesial
    community appoint a Synod Implementation Team
    (Synod Implimentation2
  • Parish Implementation Team
  • Each Parish should appoint two people to lead
    each of the Three Pastoral Priorities.
  • Other Criterion
  • The Team should comprise 6 to 9 persons.
  • Each gender is to be represented by at least a
    third of the team.
  • It must include one young adult.
  • Where possible it should include someone with
    Project Management skills or understanding and
    similarly someone with public relations and
    communications skills.

Parish Implementation Team
  • Parishes with multiple communities
  • One parish team with members from each community
  • A full team in main community supported by mini
    teams (3 people, 1 per priority) in each of the
    other communities.
  • In the later case there will need to be a meeting
    of the coordinators of all of the teams to ensure
    a parish approach develops.

  • Parish Implementation team
  • Directs the ministry
  • Pastoral Coordination
  • Focus on efficiency in achieving goal
  • Coordinates the individual parts into a whole
  • Focuses on monthly planning
  • Reports to Parish Pastoral Council
  • Parish Pastoral Council
  • Leads the parish
  • Leadership
  • Focuses on direction and vision
  • Focuses on the whole and ensures adequate
    recourses to the parts.
  • Focuses on Annual to three year planning.

  • Parish Implementation team
  • Finds the most efficient ways to coordinate minist
  • Breaks mandate down into projects and manages the
  • to accomplish mission.
  • Reports to Parish Pastoral Council
  • Parish Pastoral Council
  • Sets direction
  • ensures the parish is moving in the right
  • Ensures people are trained for the task
  • Evaluates the journey and ensures resources are
    allocated to ministries which need them. 
  • To find the best ways to organize the parish for
  • Reports to the Parish Priest
  • Finds the right people to take leadership

Four Themes
  • The Vocation to be Catholic The Vocation of
    Baptism and Confirmation the call to
    Discipleship. Easter 2009 to December 7, 2009
  • New Evangelisation Christian Family Become What
    You Are. December 8 2009, to December 7, 2010
  • Catholic Culture and Identity My Church, my
    Parish, My Family. December 8, 2010 to December
    7, 2011
  • Moral and Spiritual Values Trinidad and Tobago,
    a Community of families. December 8, 2011 to
    December 7, 2012

The Parish Work Plan 2009 around the theme The
Vocation To Be Catholic
  • The purpose of this year is to prepare the
    parish, its people, groups, ministries,
    administration, and structure to align with,
    embrace and live the mission of the Archdiocese.
  • This requires two specific sets of actions
  • Facilitate all Catholics to rediscover the
    vocation to be Catholic so that the practice of
    the faith and parish involvement will lead to a
    deeper discipleship and commitment to church.
  • To realign the structures of the parish to
    implement the threefold mission of the Synod.

Work Plan for the Parish
  • Setup Parish Implementation Team
  • Parish Ministry Restructuring to reflect 3
  • Stewardship Appeal.
  • Parish Groups meet, study and discuss DVD
    Presentations on 3 Pastoral Priorities.
  • Study and discuss Archbishop's Articles March 15,
    22, 29 in Families, Schools, Parish Groups,
    Ministries, and Confirmation Classes.
  • Conduct reconciliation service.
  • Reflection Retreats on the Theme.
  • Use programs such as Alpha, Catholicism 201 to
    compliment theme.
  • Prepare Pastoral Plan for offering on Dec 8th
  • Initiate Youth Creativity Competition
  • Conduct Parish Family Census (The parish
    welcomes, nurtures and forms and all catholic
    families living in the parish).
  • Leadership training for Parish Leaders

Group Discussion by Parish
  • What are the next steps for successful
    implementation of the Synod in your parish?
  • What resources are necessary for successful synod
    implementation in your parish?
  • Who do you need to communicate with if the Synod
    implementation is going to be successful?

Next Steps
  • Call all people in ministry to a meeting
  • Use this presentation to help them to understand.
  • Create the three clusters, one around each
    pastoral priority.
  • Watch the DVDs exploring the three priorities.
  • Begin working on the Work Plan for the Parish.