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Sin and Morality


Examine two images of sin used in Scripture ... metanoia. Sin and Forgiveness. Mark 2:1-12. Activity (p. 89) Read Gospel passages ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sin and Morality

Sin and Morality
  • Chapter 5
  • Created by Michael Cheney

  • A man of honor regrets a discreditable act even
    when it has worked and he has not been caught.
  • H. L. Mencken

Learning Outcomes
  • Students will
  • Examine two images of sin used in Scripture
  • Appreciate that forgiveness of sin is a primary
    message of Jesus
  • Differentiate types of sin with the intent to
    overcome sin in their lives
  • Understand that they too are involved in social

Sin and Gods Love
  • Complete Before we begin…
  • Form small groups
  • Compare lists and make a case for one rating over
  • Each group will report their comparisons

The Pervasive Mystery of Sin
  • Read Case Study
  • What examples of sin does the man offer?
  • What image does he use to illustrate how sin
    begins and spreads?
  • According to ancient wisdom, what is the root of
  • What minimizes the effects of sin on our world
    and inside of us?

Reflection (p. 82)
  • If you were invited to address a group of young
    people about sin, what would you say?
  • What examples would you give?
  • What would be the primary message that you would
    want to communicate about sin?

Symbols of Sin Activity
  • Instructions
  • On a clean sheet of paper devise a symbolic image
    of sin.
  • Leave paper on your desk
  • Walk around the room, taking note of images that
    people use to visualize sin
  • Dont criticize artistic abilities
  • Which image appeared most frequently?
  • Were any images particularly appropriate?
  • Did any images reflect contemporary concerns in
    their community or in our culture?
  • Were any images unusual or unexpected?
  • Are there questions about why any of the images
    were chosen

Sin and Gods Love
  • Sin our failures at loving God, others, and
  • Adam and Eve story
  • The history and legacy of sin that precedes us
    has an effect on us and our society today
  • Effects of sin
  • Distorts our attitudes
  • Disorders our priorities
  • Misdirects our will
  • Causes fear of death vulnerability

How does sin operate in our lives?
  • Two Biblical Images of Sin

Hardness of heart Distorted attitudes
Case study (p. 85)
Biblical Images and Their Opposites
  • Pair up with another
  • Think about attitudes that would be the opposite
    of the Biblical images
  • Missing the mark
  • Hardness of heart

Handout 51 The Mystery of Sin Contemporary
Group Talk
  • In our society there is a tendency for people to
    blame circumstances rather than to take
    responsibility for their behavior.
  • What kind of problems are caused by our not
    taking responsibility for our behavior?
  • Use examples to support your answer.

Sin Our Personal Responsibility
  • Sin is helpful only when it helps us change, to
    move toward conversion

Sin and Forgiveness
  • Mark 21-12
  • Activity (p. 89)
  • Read Gospel passages
  • Describe Jesus attitude toward sin or sinners
  • How can Jesus message of forgiveness be applied

Jesus reveals Gods nature
  • Resurrection appearance in Johns Gospel

Shalom Peace be with you
We receive Gods forgiveness when we admit our
  • What does the story of Adam and Eve indicate
    about a Christian understanding of sin?
  • How does the story of Jesus respond to and
    complete the story of Adam and Eve?
  • Name two Biblical images used for sin.