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Long Correction Element Upgrade


Run cabling, do connections & outlets for 480V ... Looking for FESS maintenance period for opportunity to hook up regular rack power ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Long Correction Element Upgrade

Long Correction Element Upgrade
  • Racks Equipment Installation
  • Kent Triplett
  • May 4, 2007

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TG-7 Test Racks VME Node BCP670 Camac SY 70
HRM VME Node BCP670 at TG-7
New Magnet Assembly at TG-7
Finish Preparing Racks
  • East Gallery Racks are in place, bolted together
  • Initial rack prep and wiring almost complete
  • Ransons Work
  • Install 120V strips
  • Run cabling, do connections outlets for 480V
  • Cut holes in top sides of racks for cabling entry
  • Install cable trays
  • Ground rack to rack, racks to building
  • Once electricians finish a location,
    installations begin
  • Racks at Period 13 (mid East Gallery) still w/o
  • Looking for FESS maintenance period for
    opportunity to hook up regular rack power
  • Will also need 480V power panel outage to connect
    neutrals for bulks

Period 16 Correctors for 17, 18, 19, 20 Camac 8A
Period 14 Correctors for 13, 14, 15, 16 Camac 7A
Period 11 Correctors for 9, 10, 11, 12 Camac 6A
Finish Preparing Racks
  • Most West Gallery Racks are in place, bolted
    together, except Period 24
  • Period 24 racks are ready for the work, work
    request submitted for 4 hour effort
  • Ransons folks are working on running electrical,
    and preparing racks in West Gallery now
  • Will require some outages to supply 120V and 480
    connections in this gallery

Period 21 Correctors for 21, 22, 23, 24 Camac
Period 24 racks these will be relocated
Period 24 racks all 4 racks will move here
for correctors 1, 2, 3,4 Camac 2A
Racks at Period 24 will be relocated drawing
compliments C. Drennan
Period 4 racks for correctors 5, 6, 7, 8
Camac 4A will need a new repeater here
MiniBooNE Correctors
Bulk below supplies DC breakers w/ 180VDC then on
to regulators
MiniBooNE Correctors
TG-9 Example SY Correctors
Immediate Issues
  • Late start on rack cabling plan parts orders
  • However, a plan has been devised,
  • Cable routing and lengths have been determined
  • Most parts have been ordered, some already
  • Get one set of cabling completed
  • Will take about 95 hours of total effort!
  • The worst part by far is the 37 pin D connectors!
  • Install in test racks

Initial Estimate To Complete Cabling _at_ 7 Locations
Controls Equipment Availability
  • Camac Crates Controllers
  • In Stock, ready to install
  • Will need to cable to repeaters for PIOX, PIOR,
    BTR, TCLK (P16 done already)
  • Will need to upgrade a repeater at BTW for the
    addition 4 hr downtime request
  • 473s The New Ramp Cards
  • 10 full production ready to go, should have 36 -
    40 within 4 5 weeks
  • Only 36 were requested, 4 spares exist, a few
    prototypes exist
  • Including our test rack, we need 42
  • Need to authorize Controls to produce at least 10
  • Just got a firmware driver upgrade, testing to
    be done more later
  • 218s Bulk Control Status
  • Ready to go
  • 377 Timing cards
  • Not specified, but we might want to include one
    at each crate. Available
  • 183 cards or other?
  • We might want a way to provide remote reset to
    HRM, VME, investigate further

Controls Equipment Availability
  • TCLK fanout (McClure Box)
  • One per location, will be available when we need
  • VME crates
  • We have them
  • Mike Kucera has all the cards that go in them
  • Mike Kucera will arrange for ethernet hookups
  • HRMs
  • 6ea 128 channel HRMs currently exist, some need
    madc board upgrade
  • Upgraded boards are in production (isolated
    signal grounding from chassis)
  • We are using 127 channels worth of the HRM at
    each location!
  • I reference I monitor I rms V monitor I
    error for each regulator
  • 3 bulk signals 4 RTD signals
  • Brand new for the accelerator complex, we need to
    give the test rack HRM some traffic. Will be
    easier to do this soon.
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