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Best dentist in Patna, Bihar - Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur (1)


Welcome to Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur's clinic. Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur stands out as one of the premier dentists in Patna, renowned for her expertise in orthodontics. With a dedicated orthodontic clinic, she offers top-notch dental care, specializing in aligning teeth and correcting bites for a confident smile. Patients commend her gentle approach and thorough understanding of individual needs, making each visit comfortable and effective. Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur's commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements ensures cutting-edge treatments and optimal results. Whether it's braces, aligners, or other orthodontic solutions, patients trust Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur for exceptional dental care and transformative outcomes in Patna. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best dentist in Patna, Bihar - Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur (1)

Best dentist in Patna, Bihar
Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur
  • When it comes to dental care in Patna, Bihar, Dr.
    Sukhpreet Kaur is a name you can trust. With a
    commitment to providing exceptional service and
    care, Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur and her team offer a
    wide range of dental services using the latest
    technology and state-of- the-art facilities. From
    routine check-ups to complex dental procedures,
    every patient receives personalized and
    professional care.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Dr. Sukhpreet Kaurs clinic is equipped with
    modern dental technology, ensuring precise
    diagnostics and
  • effective treatments.

The clinic features Comfortable Patient Rooms
Designed to make patients feel at ease during
their visit. Welcoming Reception Area Friendly
staff and a pleasant environment to greet
you. Advanced Sterilization Systems Ensuring the
highest standards of hygiene and safety. Digital
Records Streamlined and efficient management of
patient information for better care
coordination. Comprehensive Dental Services
Orthodontics Braces Clip Solutions for
misaligned teeth, including traditional metal
braces, clear braces, and lingual
braces. Customized treatment plans to suit each
patients needs and lifestyle. Dental
Implants Permanent solutions for missing
teeth. High-quality implants that restore
functionality and appearance.
Root Canal Effective treatment for infected or
damaged teeth. Relieves pain and saves the
natural tooth from extraction. Filling Restorati
on of teeth affected by cavities or decay.
Durable materials used for natural-looking and
long- lasting results. Dentures Custom-made
dentures to replace missing teeth. Options
include full dentures, partial dentures, and
implant-supported dentures. Dental
Polishing Professional cleaning to remove plaque
and stains. Promotes oral hygiene and a brighter
smile. Clear Aligners Invisible aligners for
straightening teeth without the need for metal
braces. Comfortable and removable, making them a
convenient choice.
Dental Jaw Deformity Treatment for abnormalities
in jaw structure. Corrective procedures to
improve function and appearance. Post Core
(Build Up) Restorative procedure to strengthen a
tooth after a root canal. Provides support for
crowns and other dental restorations. Dental
Restoration Comprehensive restoration services
for damaged or decayed teeth. Includes fillings,
crowns, bridges, and veneers. Dental
Extractions Safe removal of teeth that are
beyond repair. Includes both simple and surgical
extractions. Surgical Extractions Removal of
impacted teeth or those requiring surgical
Performed with precision to minimize discomfort
and recovery time. Capping Bridges Restoration
s to cover damaged teeth or bridge gaps between
teeth. Custom-made for a perfect fit and natural
appearance. Veneers Thin shells applied to the
front surface of teeth. Used to improve the
appearance of discolored, chipped, or misshapen
teeth. Scaling Polishing Deep cleaning to
remove tartar and plaque build-up. Essential for
maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Sleep Apnea
Snoring Treatment options for sleep apnea and
related conditions. Custom-fitted oral appliances
to improve sleep quality.
Irregular, Crowded Proclined Teeth Comprehensiv
e orthodontic treatments to correct teeth
alignment. Personalized plans to address specific
dental issues. Clear/Metal/Lingual
Braces Various types of braces to suit different
needs and preferences. Expert care to ensure
effective and efficient treatment outcomes.
Why Choose Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur? Expert Care Dr.
Sukhpreet Kaur is highly skilled and experienced
in all aspects of dentistry. Patient-Centric
Approach Focus on personalized care tailored to
each patients needs. Modern Technology
Utilization of the latest dental technology for
optimal results. Comfort and Convenience
Emphasis on creating a comfortable and
stress-free experience. Contact Information For
top-quality dental care in Patna, look no further
than Dr. Sukhpreet Kaurs clinic. Schedule your
appointment today and take the first step towards
a healthier, more beautiful smile. Address
Orthovita Hospital, Bailey Rd, next to drug
point, Adarsh Vihar Colony, Rukanpura, Patna,
Bihar 800014 Phone 7678170084 Emaildrsukhpreetka Website https//
m/ Experience the best in dental care with Dr.
Sukhpreet Kaur where your smile is our priority!
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