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Maximising Your Photo Opportunities during Finland Northern Lights Holidays


For more information about booking your photography trip to the Northern Lights or for advice on getting that perfect shot, please get in touch with the Baltic Travel Company at any time or browse our Auroura viewing holidays online. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Maximising Your Photo Opportunities during Finland Northern Lights Holidays

Maximising Your Photo Opportunities During
Finland Northern Lights Holidays
Taking a trip to the Finnish winter wonderland is
undoubtedly one of the best places to snap an
image of the Aurora Borealis in all its glory,
far away from light pollution, and on a day with
little cloud cover to obscure your view of the
iridescent lights dancing across the dark
skies. Outside of the summer midnight sun
season, Finnish Lapland is simply the perfect
location for photographers of every calibre to
create once-in-a-lifetime shots and capture one
of the most beautiful and magical scenes on
earth, offset by the crisp, white snow Finland is
known for. Lets talk about travelling to see
the Northern Lights during the winter months,
tips on getting the chance of that ideal snap,
and how to plan ahead to ensure you have a simply
wonderful time while getting an up-close glimpse
of the Auroral activity.
Picking the Ideal Location for Aurora Viewing
Our first piece of advice is to think about
location if youre keen on seeing the Northern
Lights in their full splendour, its essential
you get as far away from light pollution as
possible. You could spend two or three days of a
short break on your Aurora hunt, and picking
accommodation like a wilderness hotel or a
specifically designed Aurora bubble incorporated
into one of the heated glass igloos is
ideal. Another option is to select a Finland
Northern Lights package that includes Auroura
hunting with experienced guides, who will suggest
the right days to venture out and recommend the
optimal time when the skies are dark. Your guide
will ensure you have the perfect conditions to
capture this famous natural phenomenon.
Northern Finland is blanketed by snow throughout
the winter, often from as early as September and
the best places to embrace that ambience are in
the countryside, in locations within the Arctic
Circle that are removed from the major
cities. Finnish Lapland offers from the Baltic
Travel Company include excursions to ensure you
dont miss out on a Northern Lights adventure and
have the benefit of enjoying the exciting winter
activities on your travels. Wed recommend a
guided snowmobile tour to see the Northern Lights
out in the wilderness before returning to your
log cabin or hotel to warm up by the fire.
Finding the Perfect Conditions for Aurora Displays
While the Aurora Borealis is one of the most
photographed sites in the world, it isnt visible
year-round. Its best to visit Lapland during the
winter months and to head as far north as
possible, where the lights are significantly
brighter and easier to see. Its also worth
noting that you need clear skies for the best
view, and even during December, there is the
potential that some evenings will be cloudy,
concealing the lights. The accommodation
included in our Lapland Northern Lights holidays
typically offers an inclusive service where staff
will provide accurate, up-to-date weather
forecasts every day and issue Aurora alerts so
visitors know when they have the best photo
This service ensures you dont need to stay up
late every evening and can relax during your
Auroura search safe in the knowledge that the
local experts will let you know when the forecast
is clear. The ideal time to see the lights is two
hours on either side of midnight, and although
you can see the lights throughout the night, the
dancing lights tend to strengthen throughout the
evening. Another great option is to install an
Aurora app or simply keep an eye on the night
sky. If you can see the stars twinkling, there is
a fantastic chance youll be seeing the Northern
Lights very soon!
Organising Your Photography Kit to Capture the
Northern Lights in Finland
A lot may depend on your photography style, but
most photographers like to be prepared and to
ensure they spend plenty of time composing that
perfect capture. Thinking about composition and
using a dramatic foreground to offset the lights
works well. You might, for example, compose your
image with the still waters of Lake Inari in the
foreground, choose to depict a row of log cabins
to add structure or use the soaring forest
treeline to add interest. The north of Finland
is well within the Arctic Circle, so if youre
really lucky and patient, you might even be able
to capture some of the incredible Arctic animals
during your trip. Just as its easier to see the
Northern Lights as far away from light pollution
as possible, the frozen lakes and quiet
snowscapes are excellent places to spot rare
A wide-angle lens is advisable if youre hoping
to capture awe-inspiring landscapes, and bringing
a stable tripod is a good idea with a
high-resolution lens that can pick up the subtle
ambience of the fox fires glowing in the forest
and ensure your celestial capture is sharp and
crisp. Remember that the best places and times
to photograph the Northern Lights are in rural
locations and during the night, so its important
youre familiar with your camera and settings and
can assemble your kit quickly in the
dark. Batteries can drain quicker in very cold
weather, so make sure to charge your camera
batteries and bring a spare with you alongside
having a decent amount of capacity on your memory
card or extra cards.
Selecting Accommodation for a Northern Lights
Photography Holiday
We offer a number of short break packages and
longer holidays to Finnish Lapland and can
organise every detail for you, from recommending
an Arctic treehouse hotel, a luxury set of log
cabins with your own private sauna, or a
wilderness hotel among the snow. Packages
include airport transfers, and we can cater to
any requirements, whether your bucket list
consists of a log fire and five-star cuisine, or
youd prefer a camping experience to learn more
about the culture of the Indigenous Sami people.
Many visitors to Finnish Lapland also incorporate
some fun winter activities into their trip, with
a huge range of things to see and do. Favourites
include ice-fishing, cross-country skiing,
visiting the Ranua Wildlife Park to experience a
reindeer safari, or hiring a snowmobile for a
guided tour. For more information about booking
your photography trip to the Northern Lights or
for advice on getting that perfect shot, please
get in touch with the Baltic Travel Company at
any time or browse our Auroura viewing holidays
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