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Growing Demand and Size of Probiotic Supplements Market: Key Drivers and Trends


The Global Probiotic Supplements market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.64% during the forecast period, 2022-27. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Growing Demand and Size of Probiotic Supplements Market: Key Drivers and Trends

Probiotic Supplements Market In-Depth Analysis,
Growth, Trends and Outlook 2022-2027
The Global Probiotic Supplements market is
projected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.64
during the forecast period, 2022-27.
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Global Probiotic Supplements Market Size, Share,
Analysis, Trends Future Forecast 2027
  • MarkNtel Advisors' meticulous research report
    offers a comprehensive compilation of data,
    providing a deep dive into the factors shaping
    the dynamics of the Global Probiotic Supplements
    Market. The analysis encompasses a thorough
    examination of the industry, considering crucial
    parameters such as drivers, restraints,
    opportunities, challenges, key trends, and recent
  • The data is meticulously sourced from a study of
    the industry during historical years (2017-20)
    and the base year (2021), serving as the
    foundation for estimations during the forecast
    period (2022-27). The analysts present reliable,
    unbiased, and accurate information in the report,
    with the goal of enlightening investors about
    industry fluctuations and offering insights into
    future expectations.

Global Probiotic Supplements Market Size, Share,
Analysis, Trends Future Forecast 2027
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Market Dynamics Overview
  • The comprehensive report on the Probiotic
    Supplements Market offers an in-depth analysis,
    covering various facets that contribute to the
    expansion of the industry. It includes detailed
    insights into diverse segments and the regional
    landscape, furnishing data on the industry's
    observed and anticipated fluctuations in demand,
    sales, revenue, and other pertinent parameters.
  • Beyond highlighting ongoing trends, developments,
    revenue generation strategies, business
    visibility, and profit yields, the report is
    designed to empower stakeholders with informative
    sections that aid in making well-informed
    decisions for the future.

Key Drivers Rising Awareness About Probiotic
Supplements Among Consumers
The growing awareness among consumers about the
benefits of probiotics such as improved gut
health immune system, etc., are some of the key
factors driving the growth of the Global
Probiotic Supplement market. Probiotic
supplements are increasingly being consumed as a
preventive measure for avoiding health-related
issues. For a long time, the focus of the
consumers for health benefits boosting immunity
has been vitamins- minerals-based supplements,
which have seen a shift in past years, i.e.,
2017-2020. Moreover, one of the major reasons for
the increase in the demand for probiotic
supplements was the global pandemic in 2020.
During the pandemic, the demand for probiotics
promulgated drastically, as consumers became
increasingly aware of the food habits
supplements that help boost immunity. Furthermore
, the awareness has also risen among the fitness
community, which has long been dependent on
health supplements to improve physical attributes
endurance. Therefore, sportspersons have been
shifting towards probiotic supplements as they
have been seen as a means to enhance immunity.
Nevertheless, with the growing population as well
as the increase in the demand for probiotics
supplements, the manufacturing companies are
expanding their operations through the
Strategic Insights Profiling Industry Leaders in
the Global Probiotic Supplements Market
  • Recognizing that stakeholders can secure a
    strategic advantage and competitive edge within
    the industry through a deep understanding of
    companies' strategies, developments, and
    financial performances, the Global Probiotic
    Supplements Market report places significant
    emphasis on leaders profiling section. This
    section provides comprehensive company profiles
    for each player.
  • By conducting thorough research on evolving
    strategies, sustainability practices, and
    shifting market dynamics, investors can make
    well-informed decisions and establish targeted
    goals. Our analysts have diligently profiled each
    company, presenting information that influences
    industry expansion across various parameters
  • Investment trends
  • Company overview
  • Origin and business strategy
  • Expansion of product/service portfolios
  • Geographical presence

Comprehensive Analysis of Market Competition
  • This section delves into the key strategies
    employed by players to maintain dominance,
    enhance profitability, and expand their
    operations. It encompasses elements such as
    ongoing trends, recent developments, performance
    indicators, and a comprehensive analysis of
    products/services offered, along with a thorough
    Risk and SWOT Analysis. The Probiotic Supplements
    Market report highlights prominent companies,
    including Kerry Group, DuPont de Nemours, Inc. ,
    BioGaia, Probi AB, Bayer Group, Novartis, Vitakem
    Nutraceuticals Inc., ProbioFerm, Probium, DSM,
    Dr. Joseph Mercola, Chr. Hansen Holding A/S,
    Yakult Honsha, Archer Daniel Midland Company,
    I-Health, Inc., The Procter Gamble Company,
    among others.

The Luxury Perfume Market exhibits a high degree
of fragmentation, categorizing into distinct
segments as follows
  • By Form (Tablets Capsules, Gummies, Powder,
  • By End User (Infant, Kids, Adults)
  • By Distribution Channel (Pharmacies, Health
    Beauty Speciality Stores, Supermarkets
    Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online Stores,
    Via E-commerce Players, Supplier Selling Via Own
  • By Diseases (Digestive Health, Lactose
    Intolerance, Constipation, Others (Ulcerative
    Colitis, Colic, etc.), Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    (IBS), Oral Disease, Immunity-based Disease,
    Others (Cardiovascular Diseases, Respiratory
    Infections, Obesity, etc.))
  • By Region (North America, South America, Europe,
    The Middle East Africa, Asia Pacific)

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Solutions across Verticals
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  • Supplier audits
  • Product mix analysis

Our 360Approach Combining Various Techniques to
Deliver Holistic Solutions
  • Data Insights
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews
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  • Mystery surveys
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  • Secondary Research
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  • Proprietary databases
  • Industry associations trade data
  • Primary Research
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  • Mystery surveys
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MarkNtel Advisors Target Geographies- Focus Areas
  • MarkNtel has strategically defined its target
    areas which are based on evaluation by its
    analysts after analysing the growth potential of
    various regions. Few of those parameters include
  • Political, Economic, Social, Technological and
    Environmental Analysis
  • Credit Ratings provided by leading institutions
  • GDP projections by bodies such as the World Bank,
    IMF, OECD, etc.
  • Market Disruptions and the Next Big Things

Major Target Areas
Low Focus Geographies

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