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Growing Demand and Size of Digital Pathology Market: Key Drivers and Trends


MarkNtel Advisors, in its latest report, forecasts a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 14% for the Global Digital Pathology Market throughout the forecast period (2022-27). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Growing Demand and Size of Digital Pathology Market: Key Drivers and Trends

Emerging Trends and Key Drivers Fuelling the
Digital Pathology Market Growth forecast 2027
MarkNtel Advisors, in its latest report,
forecasts a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of
approximately 14 for the Global Digital
Pathology Market throughout the forecast period
  • MarkNtel Advisors is a leading research,
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  • We specialize in niche industries and emerging
    geographies to support our clients in the
    formulation of strategies viz. Go to Market
    (GTM), Product Development, feasibility analysis,
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    benchmarking, market sizing forecasting, trend
    analysis etc. in around 15 industry verticals to
    enable our clients in identifying attractive
    investment opportunities and maximizing ROI
    through an early mover advantage

Global Digital Pathology Market Size, Share,
Analysis, Trends Future Forecast 2027
  • MarkNtel Advisors, in its latest report,
    forecasts a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of
    approximately 14 for the Global Digital
    Pathology Market throughout the forecast period
    (2022-27). The recently published study on the
    market is thoughtfully structured to provide
    clients with a comprehensive comprehension of the
    market and its most lucrative segments. This
    research report presents precise information in a
    statistical manner, encompassing recent market
    prospects and historical achievements. The report
    emphasizes consumption trends, geographical
    assessment, market division, and the competitive
  • If you haven't caught it, our reports are
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Examining Key Drivers and Trends in the Report
  • The Global Digital Pathology Market Study
    delivers an extensive examination of growth
    opportunities, driving factors, challenges, and
    hurdles in both emerging and developing regions.
    It presents a detailed exploration of the key
    elements influencing market expansion.
    Furthermore, the report scrutinizes recent trends
    and assesses their impact, both positive and
    negative, on market dynamics.
  • Moreover, the study offers an insightful
    appraisal of the current market frameworks and
    essential characteristics. The determination of
    market size takes into account factors like value
    distribution, pricing, and production.
    Additionally, the report provides an overview of
    applications based on consumption trends.
    Porter's five forces analysis is employed to
    forecast the industry's future performance,
    offering valuable insights into market dynamics
    and the competitive factors that mold the market

Market Dynamics
  • Key Driver Increasing Prevalence of Oncology
  • Oncology disorders are considered the most common
    premature mortality worldwide. The increasing
    number of cancer patients has infused the demand
    for digital pathology solutions since they help
    pathologists streamline diagnostic workflows in
    oncology disorders. According to GLOBOCAN, the
    Global Cancer Observatory, an estimated 28.4
    million new cancer cases are likely by 2040
    worldwide, i.e., a 47 increase from the
    estimated 19.3 million cases in 2020. Besides,
    the surging incidence of oncology disorders
    across regions like Australia, New Zealand, North
    America, Europe, etc., is another crucial aspect
    projected to drive the Global Digital Pathology
    Market over the forecast years.

Global Digital Pathology Market Segments, as per
the Research Report
  • By Component (Software, Service, Hardware
    Digital camera Scanner, Communication System,
    Storage System, Others)
  • By Application (Clinical Pathology,
    Teleconsultation, Molecular Diagnostics, Basic
    Applied Research, Drug Development, Others)
  • By Technology (Whole Slide Imaging, Image
    Analysis Software, Storage, Communication Data,
  • By Type (Genetic Pathology, Hematology and
    Clinical Pathology, Immunopathology, Chemical
    Pathology, Forensic Pathology, Microbiology)
  • By End User (Biotech Pharma Company, Hospitals,
    Diagnostic Centers, Others)
  • By Region (North America, South America, Europe,
    The Middle East Africa, Asia-Pacific)

Comprehensive Analysis of Market Competition
  • Analyzing the competition is crucial to identify
    major rivals in the global market. This
    assessment involves looking at various aspects
    like their revenue, market potential, global
    presence, production capabilities, market
    strategies, financial health, manufacturing
    facilities, strengths and weaknesses, and
    investments in research and development.
  • In this report, we focus on key market players,
    such as Nikon Instrument Inc., Omnyx llc,
    Pathcentral Inc., Pathxl, Pixcelldata Ltd.,
    Sunquest Information System, Ventana Medical
    Systems Inc., Visiopharm, Xifin, Others. We study
    their tactics for growth, partnerships, new
    product development, collaborations, mergers, and
    acquisitions to maintain their positions in the
    market. We also assess their business
    performance, product range, operational segments,
    and recent developments. Furthermore, we provide
    a feasibility analysis of the return on
    investment (ROI) and an estimated SWOT analysis.

Some of the Key Questions Answered in this Report
  • What are the growth projections for the years
  • Which market factors will aid in developing
    client and business strategies?
  • What are the critical market opportunities for
    each segment enlisted in the research report?
  • What are the primary growth tactics used by the
    major market players?

Why You Should Choose MarkNtel Advisors for Your
Market Research Needs
  • Valuable Insights for Informed Decisions Our
    reports offer valuable and current insights that
    can be easily turned into actions. Whether you're
    a company looking to launch a new venture or
    expand profitably, our reports will guide you
    towards success.
  • Numerous Benefits Our analysis of the Digital
    Pathology Market provides a wide range of
    advantages, including market research insights,
    comprehensive information, industry projections,
    and data trends.
  • In-Depth Analysis Our Digital Pathology Market
    report goes deep into various industries,
    expertly examining important market trends,
    consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.
    Stakeholders can expect a wealth of insights to
    shape their business strategies.

Our Solutions Offering Flexible and Scalable
Solutions across Verticals
  • Company Insights
  • Account profiles
  • Product intelligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Industry market landscape
  • Customer case studies
  • Prospect identification
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Industry Market Insights
  • Market size estimation
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Business plans
  • Industry market landscape
  • Growth strategy support
  • Market entry support
  • Consumer Insights
  • Product concept testing
  • Consumer behavior surveys
  • Brand health studies
  • Customer segmentation
  • Voice of customer surveys
  • Trade Insights
  • Distribution channel audits
  • Trade margin analysis
  • In-store visibility audits
  • Supplier audits
  • Product mix analysis

Our 360Approach Combining Various Techniques to
Deliver Holistic Solutions
  • Data Insights
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews
  • Consumer surveys
  • Mystery surveys
  • Expert interviews
  • Secondary Research
  • Desktop research
  • Syndicated research reports
  • Proprietary databases
  • Industry associations trade data
  • Primary Research
  • In-depth stakeholder interviews
  • Consumer surveys
  • Mystery surveys
  • Expert interviews

MarkNtel Advisors Target Geographies- Focus Areas
  • MarkNtel has strategically defined its target
    areas which are based on evaluation by its
    analysts after analyzing the growth potential of
    various regions. Few of those parameters include
  • Political, Economic, Social, Technological and
    Environmental Analysis
  • Credit Ratings provided by leading institutions
  • GDP projections by bodies such as the World Bank,
    IMF, OECD, etc.
  • Market Disruptions and the Next Big Things

Major Target Areas
Low Focus Geographies

For More Explore Here,
  • Ask Analyst for Customization and Browse full
    report with TOC List of Figure
  • Full Market Research Report - https//www.markntel
  • Request for a sample copy of this report

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