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Healthy Hair: Choose Chemical-Free Organic Shampoo


Discover the Benefits of Teal and Terra Organic Argan Shampoo. Say goodbye to chemical shampoos. Nourish your hair naturally for a healthy, shiny, and vibrant look. Shop our 100% sulfate and paraben-free products now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Healthy Hair: Choose Chemical-Free Organic Shampoo

Healthy Hair Choose Chemical-Free Organic
Shampoo Why should you change the products you
have grown to become so comfortable with over
the years? Probably all your life you have used
popular shampoo brands which are available at
your local retailer. But as you wash your hair
with a foamy shampoo with a lovely fragrance,
wondering why should anyone choose to use
slightly higher priced organic shampoo brands,
your hair becomes more fragile and unhealthy. The
fragrance, froth and promise of silky, shiny
hair is all a facade behind shampoos containing a
lot of chemicals. These chemicals range from
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which is the most
common chemical in shampoos to alcohol and
siloxanes. These chemicals add charm to the
popular shampoo brands, catching the attention
of the common people. But in the long run, they
damage your hair, making it unhealthy, with a
dry scalp, itchiness and no long lasting
benefits. While using shampoo, a lot of it comes
in contact with your skin. These harmful
chemicals affect your skin quality as well..
This harms your scalp quality as well. Using
popular shampoo brands with large quantities of
chemicals in them will eventually lead to an
itchy and dry scalp. Chemical shampoos do not
nourish your hair from its roots and make it
Natural hair care products may not provide as
much froth or fragrance, but they thoroughly
nourish your hair from the roots. There are
immense benefits of organic shampoo. The
ingredients are organic and herbal, without
chemicals and enriches your scalp and hair
texture, making your hair grow with a natural
shiny and bouncy look. Organic shampoo in India
is one of the fastest growing industries
providing no chemical shampoos. Teal and
Terra is an organic beauty products brand in
India which sells professional skin and hair
care products online. From organic dandruff
shampoo to organic shampoo for hair loss, Teal
and Terra is the best place to begin your switch
to an organic shampoo with their remarkable
series of natural hair care products. What are
the benefits of organic hair care products?
  • Hair care products with chemicals drain your hair
    out of the nutrients which are required to keep
    your hair naturally healthy.
  • Chemical shampoos need to be used more
    frequently they make your hair feel dull after
    a few days of usage.
  • Organic, no chemical shampoo nourishes your
    scalp, makes your hair healthy, silky and shiny.
  • Organic shampoo treats hair loss, dandruff, dry
    hair, itchy scalp and promotes hair growth.
  • 100 Organic shampoo brands use natural
    ingredients like onion oil, argan oil, aloe
    vera, coconut oil and other herbal elements.
  • Natural ingredients in the shampoo treat your
    hair and scalp from within and prevents the hair
    problems from recurring.
  • This enriches your hair from within,making your
    hair naturally healthy.
  • Benefits of organic shampoo are countless and
    using that as a selling point, there are many
    organic shampoo brands and organic shampoos in
    India. But there are few

100 organic hair care products. If you are
looking to buy 100 pure organic hair care
products, Teal and Terra have a range of them.
From their hair cleanser with onion oil and
argan oil to their hair conditioners, Teal and
Terras products are natural hair care
Contains Sulfate, Paraben, Artificial colours and
100 Natural, Paraben and Sulfate free, no
Artificial colours and fragrances. Since they
are made of natural ingredients,they are not
tested on animals.
Harms your skin (and environment)
Organic shampoo is gentle on skin, and does not
harm the environment when it drains out. Hair
Cleansers on Teal and Terra are directly applied
on hair and scalp, leading to less contact with
skin and minimum wastage of the product.
Your hair colour will fade away faster.
Harsh chemicals present in chemical shampoos lead
to your colour fading away quickly.
If you have coloured hair, organic shampoo will
help retain the strength of your colour better.
Organic,herbal products retain the colour.
Damages hair, making it dull
Organic shampoo makes your hair grow with all
natural benefits and nutrients. Since it is rich
in nutrients, it enriches your hair thoroughly.
The natural elements control dandruff and hair
loss. It also nourishes the scalp and stimulates
hair growth. Itchy scalp and scalp infections are
also best treated with an herbal shampoo.
Teal and Terra Products are the end of your
search of 100 organic products in India
  • Back when chemical products were not widespread,
    using organic products like coconut extract,
    Amla, Brahmi, lemon zest and many such natural
    products was the norm when it came to hair care.
    People used to have longer, thicker hair with no
    problems of hair fall, dandruff or itchy scalp.
    They applied these products directly to their
    scalp. This would nourish and stimulate their
    scalp. These organic elements gives your hair a
    lustrous, shiny and silky texture. With all
    these benefits of organic shampoo at your
    fingertips, we hope you make the switch to
    natural hair care products, with no chemicals.
    Teal and Terra has a range of hair cleansers.
  • Our onion oil hair cleanser contains Red Onion
    Oil, ShankhPushpi, Nagarmotha, Bhringraj,
    Brahmi, Amla, Aloe Vera Gel, Hibiscus Oil, Neem
    Extract, Shikakai, Methi, Licorice, Burdock
    Root, Glycerine, Coconut Corn Based
  • Teal and Terras hair cleaner with Argan oil
    contains rich, organic ingredients like
  • Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Hibiscus Oil, Neem
    Extract, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Coconut Corn
    Based Surfactants.
  • They are 100 Sulphate and Paraben free and
  • These can be applied daily on hair and scalp.
  • They are available in 200 ML bottles.
  • These organic hair care products can be used by
    men, women and children.
  • Apart from these hair cleansers, if you are
    looking for more organic hair care products,
    Teal and Terra also offer 100 organic hair
    conditioner and hair oil.

If you are looking to buy 100 organic hair
products online in India, you can visit Teal and
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