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Types and benefits of fire suppression system


A fire suppression system is a system that is built to combat fires. Learn more about types and benefits of fire suppression system. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Types and benefits of fire suppression system

Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression
  • A fire suppression system is a system that is
    built to combat fires. Most of the time, a fire
    suppression system has parts that can find fires
    in their early stages.

  • Usually, a fire suppression system puts out the
    fire by absorbing the heat and running out of
  • A fire suppression system could be used to limit
    the amount of damage and loss caused by a fire.

Types Of Fire Suppression System
  • Sprinklers are the most common way to put out a
    fire. But there are some systems for putting out
    fires that don't use water. With these systems,
    firefighters can put out fires where water would
    do more harm than good. Here are some of the
    different types of fire suppression systems you
    can use.

  • Pre-Engineered System
  • This kind of suppression system is used to keep
    the environment safe. These systems are used to
    protect places like electrical panels and engine
    compartments. Pre-Engineered Systems can also be
    used to put out fires in electrical panels, EDM
    machines, and CNC machines.
  • Clean Agent Suppression System
  • Clean agent suppression systems put out fires by
    using chemicals that are safe for the
    environment. The process for cleaning up the
    chemical is easy, safe, and doesn't take much

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System
  • In most commercial kitchens, this type of fire
    suppression system is used. When needed, the
    system puts a water-based chemical mix on top of
    the fire. Most kitchen fire suppression systems
    are either operated by hand or by heat and don't
    need to be wired to work.
  • Total Flooding System
  • With the suppression system, the space is filled
    with a network of pipes and channels. The total
    flooding system is the best way to put out any
    kind of fire.

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Why Do You Need A Fire Suppression System?
  • Protection
  • If a fire breaks out, a suppression system can
    keep you completely safe without hurting
    important documents or electrical or electronic
  • Safety
  • Most of the parts used in fire suppression
    systems are safe for people, good for the
    environment, and don't rust. After they are used,
    the parts don't give off any gas either.

  • Simple Cleanups
  • The fire suppression agents in these systems
    don't make a lot of mess, which makes it a lot
    easier to clean up.
  • Cut down on downtime
  • If you have a fire suppression system, you won't
    need much time to get back to business after a
    fire because there won't be any water damage to
    clean up.

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