Top 5 nutrition habits to adopt before you go for an IVF treatment By best IVF center in Gurgaon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 5 nutrition habits to adopt before you go for an IVF treatment By best IVF center in Gurgaon


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Title: Top 5 nutrition habits to adopt before you go for an IVF treatment By best IVF center in Gurgaon

Top 5 nutrition habits to adopt before you go for
an IVF treatment? By best IVF center in Gurgaon
  • Did you know your nutritional habits can affect
    your IVF treatment? Yes, you heard it right. Even
    though there are no nutritional habits that prove
    to be the best for maximizing your chances to
    conceive, science shows a higher success rate of
    IVF treatment among women who are physically fit.
    Further, being overweight or under-weight can
    cause severe complications in process of the IVF
    cycle and reduce the success rate. There are
    multiple options to stay fit. Focusing on
    nutritional habits comes across as the first step
    toward the goal of staying fit.
  • Note you must get hold of the best IVF center in
    Gurgaon which will have a team of doctors who can
    guide you with your nutritional habits too.
  • Lets enfold 5 nutrition habits to adopt before
    you go for an IVF treatment

  • Reduce your caffeine intake
  • Are you a coffee lover? Or do you find yourself
    addicted to soft drinks and energy drinks? You
    might need to stop here. If you are about to
    start your IVF journey, you will need to reduce
    your caffeine intake. If you consume more than
    200 mg of caffeine regularly or on a daily basis,
    you might end up harming the baby. Further, a
    higher level of caffeine can put you at risk of
  • Note If you are clueless about your caffeine
    intake, you must consult your doctor while
    visiting a center for IVF.
  • Start consuming a healthy balanced diet
  • A balanced diet? What a hassle it would be to
    keep so many things in mind. No. All you need to
    do is include a sufficient level of
    macronutrients every day in your diet along with
    the calories you consume. The macros in your diet
    will include carbs, fats, protein, etc, whose
    proportions may vary according to your capacity.
  • Further, you can aim at including 25 of the
    protein in your diet. The rest 75 of the diet
    can be a large number of fruits, vegetables, and
    whole grains. Choosing fresh fruits, vegetables
    and whole grains for your diet can always put you
    under advantage.
  • While it may seem a bit complicated at first, you
    will get hold of it once you start keeping a
    track of your eating habits. You can also visit
    the IVF center in Gurgaon to get a professional
    opinion on the same.

  • Switch liquid calories with water
  • You can start switching liquid calories with
    water by cutting soda, fruit juice, sweetened
    drinks, etc., which contain high sugar and
    calories. These drinks provide near to zero
    nutrition to the body but carry a lot of
    calories. Therefore, why not switch such drinks
    with water which can actually hydrate you without
    putting you under the umbrella of calories?
  • Sit while you eat and chew well
  • We more often than not ignore the significance of
    sitting while eating and chewing the food well.
    We eat slowly and chew the food well when we are
    aware of the food we are eating and the quantity
    of the food. Similarly, chewing the food properly
    makes us realize the real appetite. It helps us
    avoid overeating too.
  • Quit junk
  • A majority of us spend time snacking on oily or
    fried food. While you are on your way to starting
    your IVF journey, quit junk to stay fit and
    healthy to support your baby physically.

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