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POSHCOIN - The Payment Token For Poshmarket


Poshcoin is an indigenous cryptocurrency and a well-known and reliable e-commerce trading tool that aids both novice and seasoned traders discover lucrative chances in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The automatic algorithm of Poshcoin’s token and its e-commerce platform can search through countless data sets each second, selecting the greatest trades for you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: POSHCOIN - The Payment Token For Poshmarket

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What's Poshcoin
Road Map Tokenomics
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Eco System
Carve A Niche For Yourself In The Cannabis
Industry With PoshCoin
PoshCoin provides unique, simple, yet utilitarian
services in the purchase and trade of cannabis
for users across the globe.
Token Distributtion
What's Poshcoin Whitepaper
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Road Map
Eco System

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What is Poshcoin?
PoshCoin is a native cryptocurrency token that is
also a well-known and dependable e-commerce
trading platform that helps both new and
experienced traders find profitable opportunities
in the turbulent cryptocurrency market. The
PoshCoin cryptocurrency and the indigenous
marketplace it comes with provide the users with
the best and safest options possible to engage in
the trade of cannabis. PoshCoin has enabled all
of this to be accessible on a single platform. A
system that is extremely fast, with many trading
tools, is complex yet easy to use, efficient
using time-saving alternatives, and has a quick
adoption rate for crypto enthusiasts to shift to
this modern cannabis-based cryptocurrency
effortlessly. The platform has everything you
need. In addition, PoshCoin serves to be a safe
pathway for users to buy and trade cannabis and
cannabis-related products in a legally approved
manner. Users do not have to worry about the
legal implications of buying cannabis anymore
because PoshCoin enables them to procure the
plant legally for both medical and recreational
purposes. Name Type Symbol Total
Issue PSCN BEP-20 PSCN 1,000,000,000
White Paper
Download our Whitepaper
We have specifically created the most thorough
whitepaper r
PoshCoin and the affiliate eCommerce platform for
you. All the information about our product is
available in our whitepaper, which you may
Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper
Road Map Tokenomics
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Eco System
We have several engaging events lined up for you.
Our events are growth-promoting and highly
Eco System
PoshCoin is not a standalone cryptocurrency,
rather we have created an ecosystem that is
all-inclusive and serves multiple purposes.
Posh Market
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Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper Road Map
Tokenomics Eco System
buy them using PoshCoin within the marketplace
The marketplace has been designed carefully with
all the legal and legislative requirements,
therefore it is completely safe for users to buy
and trade cannabis using PoshMarket.
Token Structure Token Allocation
An extensive analysis of PoshCoin's token
structure and distribution, along with all the
pertinent details that any crypto trader needs to
be aware of.
Token Information
Sale Raised Soft-caps
46,000 BCC 90,000 BCC
Buy Tokens
Funds Allocation
Token Distribution
4 Collabrations
4 Research
5 Founders
7 Marketings
8 Product Development
8 Airdrop
10 Staking
12 Rewards
12 Reserve
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Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper Road Map
Tokenomics Eco System
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Road Map
Here is a comprehensive understanding of the
development process of PoshCoin - from inception
to launch.
September 16th, 2022 Launch of PoshMarkets
The launch of the marketplace for PoshCoin,
marking the beginning of the exciting journey of
September 16th, 2022
Launch of PoshExchange
The exchange plat form will be launched so that
the users will be first equipped to trade their
cryptocurrencies once it is launched.
Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper
Road Map Tokenomics
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Eco System
September 16th, 2022 Launch of Presale
One-of-a-kind soft launch, but for the digital
currency. PoshCoin's presale will begin with a
prior registered limited number of people.
September 16th, 2022 Launch of Public sale
The full-fledged sale of the new cryptocurrency
will begin. The sale will be on a large scale and
open to all.
September 16th, 2022 Launch of PoshNFT
The launch of PoshNFT. This will help the users
leverage the cryptocurrency and invest in
rewarding and in-demand NFTs.

r Road Map Tokenomics Eco System Join Now
Play2Eain roshGames will go on sale. Yet another diversified investment option for users.
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Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper
September 16th, 2022
Launch of PoshWallet
Make way for seamless, quick, and thorough
transactions of your cryptocurrencies with
PoshWallet -a secure and encrypted crypto wallet.
Featured In
PoshCoin's expertise and proficiency have been
the talk of the town and here are some of the top
crypto journals and magazines that have featured
us in the latest editions.
Our Community
PoshCoin has always strived to reach out to a
community of crypto enthusiasts and experts. And
we have been extremely successful at building a
strong crypto community on all major
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Home What's Poshcoin Whitepaper Road Map
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Eco System
90000 90000 90000
Telegram followers Twitter followers Discord followers
Reddit followers
90000 90000 Instagram followers Facebook
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Tokenomics Eco System
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