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Homestay Vs Hotel? Which Is Better? | Luxury Homestays In Uttarakhand


Through this ppt we are going to show you some very important points about Homestay Vs Hotel. Which is better? Read these following points and then you will come to know that homestay is better than hotel. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Homestay Vs Hotel? Which Is Better? | Luxury Homestays In Uttarakhand

Homestay Vs Hotel? Which Is Better?
Best Way To Live
No one knows a place better than the local
occupants, and by staying with someone local you
have access to the best information on the place.
There are things about locales you would never be
able to find in guides and brochures. Even
online, most information on exploring a place is
repetitive, as sites copy from each other, so
trust your host to tell you where to go and what
to do.
Authentic Home Cooked Food
This is one of the most important aspects for me
because you get to eat what the local populace
eats on a regular basis. In hotels, the food you
get is usually not as bona fide and regional
since it is typically westernized to suit the
fundamental taste of visitors. The best part
about staying in a homestay is undoubtedly the
delicious home-cooked food.
Homestay gives you personalized services
Hotels tend to be highly professional with
high-end managers, reception desks and too many
visitors. Like tutors, the scope of receiving
personal care is reduced. If you are not feeling
well, the lady of the house would happily take
care of you nursing you to health.
Theyre cheaper when compared to the experiences
and services they offer
Hotels can get pretty darn expensive and if
theyre the low-priced ones, they are usually not
too clean and hygienic. Hotels have become
prohibitively expensive. Especially during peak
season, hotels could charge you an arm and a leg.
Homestays, however, offer a clean and affordable
alternative and come with better experiences
The experience adds on to the number of travel
stories that youve built
Guests are treated as family and thus are invited
to various family functions and local ceremonies.
Youd actually make much more memories while
residing in a home-stay than you could have
imagined whilst staying at a hotel. Most people
still continue to frequent hotels. None of them
would have particularly exciting or
distinguishable stories either.
Homestays generates income for locals
Homestays are simple establishments run by local
families to augment their family income. These
families tend to open their homes to locals for
want of company or for the sheer passion for
hospitality. While this is not a factor people
usually consider before traveling, it is equally
important to note that the money spent on these
homestays is many a times utilised with the aim
of making the women in the families more
Forming unlikely friendships
An ex-hunter, a reformed extremist, an old Naga
lady, a recovering maharaja, you never know whom
you encounter on your travels, whose home you end
up staying at. Homestay owners tend to be chatty
folk (people who dont like to meet other people
are unlikely to open up their home to strangers),
so the conversations are entertaining and
enlightening, and you might just form a new
friendship for life.
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