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Medical Marijuana Clinic Australia, Medicanna Health


We are a clinic specialising in the prescription of medicinal cannabis. Our doctors are reputable in the alternative medicines industry. Our patients usually visit us for the management of conditions such as: Chronic non-cancer pain Cancer pain and symptom management. Neuropathic pain Fibromyalgia Migraine Seizure mangement PTSD Insomnia Anxiety Anorexia Chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting (CINV) Refractory nausea & vomiting Palliative care Multiple sclerosis Spasticity Dementia Dystonia Parkinson's Disease Huntington disease Tourette's syndrome Autism spectrum disorder – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medical Marijuana Clinic Australia, Medicanna Health

Medical Marijuana Clinic Australia
  • Book Medicinal Cannabis Consultation

Getting Relief Shouldnt be a Pain in the Neck
  • Have you been living with chronic pain, anxiety,
    or insomnia for far too long? Are you interested
    in exploring more natural and healthy
    alternatives to dangerous and addictive opioids
    or prescription medications? Perhaps the
    treatments youve tried just arent helping. Did
    you know, you may benefit from medical cannabis
    and its many health advantages? Individuals from
    all over the country come to us to get their
    physicians recommendation for medical marijuana
    treatment, because not only do we truly
    understand, but we make it easy for our patients.

Who are Doctors of Cannabis?
  • Doctors of Cannabis is the ideal and most trusted
    resource to get your medical marijuana card
    online. We have served thousands of patients
    across the country, starting from where we are
    based in Australia.

Is it legal to get my recommendation online?
  • Definitely. The medical professionals at
    Medicanna Health are registered in the state for
    which they offer their services. Our online
    solution for medical marijuana evaluation and
    recommendations is in accordance

Where can I use my medical marijuana card?
  • Your MMJ card gives you full access to purchase
    cannabis, CBD, THC, tinctures, oils, edibles,
    vapes, and other types of products from cannabis
    dispensaries in your state. You need to ensure
    that you bring your medical cannabis card with

Can I get my medical marijuana card renewed
  • At Medicanna Health, we take pride in helping all
    patients quickly and properly renew their medical
    marijuana license online, no matter where they
    were seen the first time.

We understand you may feel nervous or
uncomfortable about talking to a doctor about
marijuana, we hear this a lot. Not to worry, our
doctors and staff are well educated in cannabis
care and are non-judgmental. After all, we are
here to help you achieve your goals of using
medical marijuana.

We Are A Clinic Specialising In The Prescription
Of Medicinal Cannabis.
  • This plant, also known as Marijuana, contains
    over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids. These
    chemical compounds interact directly with the
    bodys Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a network of
    receptors throughout our central nervous system
    that play critical roles in regulating
    physiological functions including inflammation,
    pain, sleep, memory, digestion, immune function,
    neuro-protection and more.

Thank you
  • Visit our clinic to any medical cannabis
  • Phone No.61 3 9028 2820
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