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NLP Training in India


Vikram Dhar is a well-known business coach who also offers NLP training in India. Vikram Dhar is an excellent trainer who can assist you in expanding your strategic business approach in order to acquire new clients and increase revenue. He approaches his work as a business coach with the goal of discovering new opportunities and assisting his clients in reaching their full potential. For more information visit us : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: NLP Training in India

  • By Vikram Dhar

  • When I was looking for NLP training in India,
    specifically an NLP Training Program in
    Bangalore, I didn't find many. The options were
    very constrained. I had no choice but to settle
    with what seemed to be my sole option an
    organization providing NLP Training in Bangalore.
    Given the absence of alternatives, I was
    concerned about the program's delivery quality. I
    could only hope that the training would be of
    high quality, as I had read on numerous worldwide
    NLP blogs that NLP programs in India are often of
    low quality. I cannot deny that the training I
    had was excellent (I was fortunate to locate a
    good one).
  • considering there wasn't much to choose from),
    but I also realized there was room for
    improvement on multiple fronts - the training
    might have been more exploratory and less
    indicative of the trainer's knowledge, less
    therapeutic, less focus on playing energy games,
    and so on.

NLP History In India
  • Back then, NLP Training in India was a
    specialized field with few NLP Trainers to pick
    from. Today, NLP Training is still a niche field,
    although there are a myriad of NLP Trainers
    available, the majority of whom are unfamiliar
    with Neuro-linguistic Programming. While there
    was a scarcity of NLP Trainers a few years ago,
    there is now a plethora of them.As a result,
    before selecting an NLP Trainer or an NLP
    Training Program, one must be clear about the aim
    of NLP Training. Make certain that the NLP
    training programme in India you seek is the
    greatest investment in terms of programme
    content, programme outcome for you, best
    accreditations and international acceptability of
    the Trainer and the programme, and, most
    importantly, taught by the top NLP Trainer in

The Goal of NLP Training
  • One must recognise that the goal of NLP Training
    is not to demonstrate how much information the
    NLP Trainer possesses, but rather to ensure that
    the trainees are trained organically (custom
    content, custom speed for a certain batch) in the
    best way possible.The goal is for participants to
    challenge their limits by immersing themselves in
    states of curiosity, investigation, application,
    analysis, and assessment. The trainer should
    allow participants to experiment with various
    frameworks and determine what works where and
    how. The NLP Trainer should not spoon-feed the
    trainee, but rather encourage them to develop a
    learning attitude, investigate the subject, and
    discover what works best for them and how they
    may improve it. NLP coaching is in high demand
    these days, and some of the programmes available
    in NLP include integrated NLP Practitioner and
    ICF coach programmes in India.

The true power of high-quality NLP instruction
  • When I began attending NLP Training Programs led
    by co-developers and co-founders of NLP and had
    the opportunity to learn the psychology behind
    NLP, I understood that my intuition about NLP
    Training and delivery was correct. NLP Training
    should ideally be delivered in a unique method in
    which the Trainer uses NLP to deliver NLP. The
    right NLP Trainer will teach his learners how to
    study and encourage them to investigate the
    subject in their own unique way.He/she leads the
    programme in order to foster a learning
    atmosphere in which participants are encouraged
    to grow with NLP by experimenting with different
    frameworks, making mistakes, and learning from
    them.NLP was developed by geniuses who examined
    many aspects of human psychology such as human
    conduct, human state of mind, human adaptability,
    and what causes this. NLP training is about first
    absorbing and utilizing these mental structures,
    and then accurately portraying them to facilitate
    learning, behavior development, personal change
    work, and so on.

Where will it lead you?
  • Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity
    to learn from the best of the best, and I
    continue to do so, with the goal of ensuring that
    the challenge I encountered at the start of my
    NLP journey is not experienced by others. I would
    rather that aspiring NLP aficionados focus their
    time and attention on the subject itself rather
    than comparing NLP to Psychotherapy, Psychiatry,
    or anything else, as this will not get them
    anywhere. I was there once, trying to figure out
    what the difference was, only to realize that I
    had spent more time seeking for what NLP isn't
    than focusing on 'What is NLP?'
  • I've published my learnings and experiences on
    numerous platforms like writeups in blogs or
    videos, so that it reaches people all over the
    world and they can grasp what NLP truly is and
    what a nuanced and effective NLP Trainer or NLP
    Training Program should look like. If you're
    looking for NLP training in India, make sure you
    know what you're looking for, and once you've
    figured out what works for you, dive right in and
    keep your focus one inch broad and one kilometer
    deep that's the path to Mastery.Where to go from
    here for NLP training If you want to learn Neuro
    Linguistic Programming, you must first consume
    quality NLP content on the internet. I recommend
    that you read some more blog posts on this
    personal website as well as the NLP Coaching
    Academy website in order to make an informed
    decision on the next stage in your NLP journey.
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