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Surfactant Market


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Title: Surfactant Market

Introduction The abbreviation of surfactants is
surface-active agents, which are amphiphilic
molecules. It consists of the lyophilic
(hydrophilic when in water) and lyophobic
(hydrophobic when in water) portion. Both
hydrophilic and hydrophobic allow the oil
molecule to dissolve in water. Surfactant is used
to reduce the surface tension between solid and
liquid and liquid and liquid in the form of
detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming
agents. They are also used in some sectors like
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, petroleum,
agrochemicals, etc. constant evolution in the
sectors is expected to benefit the industry over
the coming years. Furthermore, almost every
shampoo or soap has a surfactant even if it
claims to be sulfate-free has some amount of
surfactant in it as surfactant property is to
clean, as it acts as a detergent and it form foam
it is added in the formulation of the soap or
detergent. In addition to this as surfactant is
easily available and it is widely used in almost
every product from pharmaceuticals to the food
industry we can see potential growth in
surfactant in the coming year. Segmentation Global
surfactant market is segmented into type,
application and by region. Based on type global
surfactant market is categorized into anionic,
non-ionic, cationic, and amphoteric. Based on
application global surfactant market is
characterized into home care, personal care,
industrial institutional cleaning, textile,
elastomers plastics, agrochemicals, and food
beverage. Based on region, global indium market
and colors market is segmented into North
America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America,
Middle East and Africa. Market dynamics and
factors Considering surfactants availability at a
low price and its extensive usage from home care
to the food sector is the relevant factor to
drive the growth of surfactants. In addition to
this surfactants are immensely used in household
detergents, so increasing the consumption of
detergent will ultimately lead to driving the
growth of surfactants. Additionally, surfactants
are used in cosmetics also, for instance, Stearic
acid is the surfactant used in deodorant or
antiperspirants, cetrimonium chloride
stearalkonium chloride is also a surfactant and
it acts as hair conditioners, sodium
lauriminodipropionate disodium lauroamphodiacetate
is a surfactant and it has mild cleansing
agents for sensitive skin and hair, etc.
Surfactants are also naturally present in egg
and milk which is used to make some foods like
salad creams, mayonnaise, dressings, and
desserts. However surfactants are used in
different compositions in soap and detergent it
can also disturb lipid membranes that protect
cells, and this may cause irritation to eyes,
skin, and respiratory systems. Request Free
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  • Regional Analysis
  • North America is expected to dominate the market
    owing rising in higher usage of surfactants, an
    rise in expenditure, presence of major key
    players in the region, and others. Asia Pacific
    region had the largest laundry detergent market
    in the world in 2019, so we can consider Asia
    pacific region to be dominating in the terms of
    mass. Additionally North America is considered
    to be dominating region in the terms of value as
    in 2018, North America held the biggest market
    share in home and laundry care, valued
    approximately 23 billion.
  • Europe is considered to be the next dominating,
    considering supportive infrastructure and
    emerging urbanization in countries of European
  • Key Players
  • Some of the major players of global surfactant
    market are
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Nouryon
  • Ashland Global Holdings Inc.
  • Stepan Company
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • And others
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  • Key Industry Development
  • June, 2021 Japanese beauty giant has developed
    new technology to enhance the effectiveness of
    micellar water. The momentum of new launch was
  • development of unique state of surfactant the
    sponge phase. According to Shiseido the sponge
    phase increase the makeup removal properties of
    micellars water which traditionally contains
    almost no oil.
  • June, 2021 Multinational consumer goods giant
    Unilever has launched a laundry capsule in China
    created by recycling carbon emissions. In
    partnership with carbon recycling company
    LanzaTech and manufacturer of green
    technology-based chemicals, India Glycols,
    British-Dutch Company Unilever has found a way to
    capture carbon waste from a factory before it
    reaches the atmosphere and has transformed it
    into a cleaning ingredient (surfactant) for its
    new OMO detergent.
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