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How to Get Started in Cyber Security


Once you decided you want to choose your career in cyber security first you may think about "How to get started in cyber security?" and might think that you need standard backgrounds in particular but the truth is there is no standard academic path. You may or may not be from IT field so you definitely need certificate to get cyber certified. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Get Started in Cyber Security

How to Get Started In Cyber Security
  • The modern world has been swept by the power of
    digital revolution however, cyber attacks and
    cyber crimes have emerged as an important
    by-product of this revolution. Moreover, our
    dependence on the Internet and other digital
    platforms has only increased over time, which
    means that Cyber Security as an important career
    option is here to stay. But How to Get into
    Cyber Security? This blog will provide you with
    a detailed guide which will set you firmly on a
    Cyber Security career path.
  • Before we get into understanding the Cyber
    Security career pathway, it will be worthwhile to
    understand what Cyber Security is and why is
    Cyber Security important. Cyber Security can be
    seen as the practice of providing protection and
    security to servers, computers, mobiles,
    programs, systems and networks with the
    objective of defending them against malicious
    digital attacks (Cyber Security threats and Cyber
    Security attacks).
  • The nature of our modern lives happens to be
    increasingly dependent on digital systems, which
    has only heightened the possibility of Cyber
    attacks. These attacks might lead to loss of
    sensitive information resulting in operational
    and revenue loss, reputational risks and customer
    aversion, misuse of data, extortion attempts and
    so on. Thus, it has become crucial to learn Cyber
    Security and consequently, Cyber Security careers
    have emerged as one of the most lucrative domains
    within the tech industry in current times.  

Is Cyber Security a Good Career Field?
  • One of the foremost advantages of pursuing a
    Cyber Security career is in terms of the
    estimated compensation that one might expect as
    an expert in the field. Lets all face it money
    is one of the prime incentives within the job
    market and a Cyber Security career path
    guarantees you lucrative earnings. As a domain,
    Cyber Security rests on a continuous struggle
    between experts and hackers, with cyber attacks
    becoming more and more sophisticated over time.
    Thus, a career in Cyber Security is highly
    dynamic and it provides you with unlimited
    opportunities for personal growth as you are
    always engaged in coming up with the best
    possible solutions for dealing with these
  • When you are considering the idea of how to get
    into Cyber Security, you would be happy to know
    that they are innumerable entry points as there
    are a variety of industries to choose from. Data
    forms the backbone of every organization from the
    smallest to the biggest ones and protecting it is
    one of the foremost concerns of all enterprises.
    Thus, Cyber Security experts and professionals
    have a huge playing field where they can venture
    into any sector of their liking as digitalization
    seems to have touched upon most of the

How to start a career in Cyber Security
Eligibility Criteria
  • When considering a career in Cyber Security, it
    is important to understand that Cyber Security
    professionals do not necessarily have specific
    degrees to their name. This implies that a degree
    in domains like Data Science, IT, Machine
    Learning or software, might be a good starting
    point. Even then, the field of Cyber Security is
    a vast one and every individual is capable of
    contributing in one way or the other.
    Consequently, the educational requirements for
    different Cyber Security careers may vary. There
    are a number of entry level jobs which do not
    require a bachelors degree in Cyber Security as
    an educational criterion. On the contrary,
    advanced jobs might entail the requirement of a
    bachelors or even a masters degree in some
    cases. The scope of Cyber Security is so vast
    that even a diploma in IT can help you get
  • Want to be a Cyber Security expert? Enroll for
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How to get started in Cyber Security Skills
  • The domain of Cyber Security Course is a vast one
    and different job roles might entail different
    eligibility criteria and requisites. However,
    there are certain basic skills in terms of which
    you can evaluate yourself before initiating your
    Cyber Security career. These can be hard skills
    as well as soft skills which an individual brings
    to an organization. In this blog, we will
    consider some of them.

  • Hard Skills
  • These skills are essentially those which pertain
    to competency in the technical aspects of the
  • Knowledge of programming languages An
    understanding of some of the basic programming
    languages such as Java, Python, .NET and PHP, can
    be immensely useful in your career within the
    field. For instance, knowledge of C can be
    useful as a software engineer, knowledge of PHP
    can help you to understand security requirements
    and help you work with servers, and so on.
  • Understanding of operating systems Knowledge of
    the fundamental elements of an operating system
    can be crucial in understanding the potential
    weaknesses of the system. These insecurities are
    often exploited by hackers and it would be an
    added advantage to be aware of them.
  • Competence in networking and virtualization An
    understanding of the way in which the network
    works as well as its basic components, can be
    extremely helpful in learning about Network
    Security, an important branch of Cyber Security.
    Virtualization refers to the creation of virtual
    software within a device - separate from the
    original software of the device - which can help
    in running tests without needing additional
  • Ability to detect intrusion This might require
    familiarity with Intrusion Detection System
    (IDS). IDS is a software solution which can help
    in monitoring systems for any kind of malicious
    activities.  It helps in identifying the
    malicious event and reporting it to the
    corresponding system or network administrator.
  • Digital forensics This would involve developing
    skills which could help in analyzing a security
    breach or a cyber attack and consequently
    identify the probable culprit. This would involve
    developing expertise in the usage of various
    tools of digital forensics.
  • Soft Skills
  • These skills are considered to be those which
    help one fit within a workplace. They are
    intangible and are difficult to quantify. From
    the perspective of a Cyber Security career path,
    these might include
  • An inherent desire to learn
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to show initiative and take decisions
    with confidence
  • Competence in working creatively and coming up
    with new ideas
  • An inquisitive nature and a passion for the IT
  • It is a dynamic field and being a quick learner
    capable of adapting to new technologies can be an
    added advantage

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