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Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Range Review


Tesco's Wicked Kitchen Range first hit supermarkets in 2018. Created by American Chef Derek Sarno in collaboration with Tesco. Here is a detailed review of the range of products that wicked kitchen Tesco offers. It offers a diverse and exciting line of chilled meals, sandwiches, desserts, pizzas, salads, pastries and meat alternatives. Please visit wicked kitchen Tesco to know more about it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Range Review

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  • Ever since Tescos Wicked Kitchen range first
    hit supermarkets in 2018, I have been a massive
    fan. Created by American Chef Derek Sarno in
    collaboration with Tesco, Wicked kitchen offers a
    diverse and exciting line of chilled meals,
    sandwiches, desserts, pizzas, salads, pastries
    and meat alternatives. They also recently added
    several new items to their range in 2019, as they
    have become a reliable source of quick,
    convenient and delicious vegan food. Most of
    their items can be eaten directly from the packet
    or need five minutes in the microwave or oven.
    This ease of preparation is a valuable feature of
    any food product considering the hectic work
    schedules that dominate our modern world. A
    feature that both the Wicked kitchen range and
    the meals we provide here at Plant Sumo share.

  • Website Sarno said he envisioned the Wicked
    Kitchen range as plant-based meals designed with
    meat-eaters in mind. Which as someone who has
    eaten my fair share of meat, I would have to
    agree with. All the meal options they provide
    have centralised plant-based proteins and meat
    alternatives, in the same way, the typical
    western diet centres meal times around meat.
    Making them a truly fantastic option for anyone
    experimenting with or transitioning into a
    plant-based diet. I speak from personal
    experience. At university, I experimented a lot
    with my diet and new ways of enjoying food. But
    no matter if I was a meat-eater, flexitarian or
    full-on vegetarian I always popped one of their
    products into my weekly shop. From this, I became
    what some would call a Wicked connoisseur. I
    have tried almost all of their items, from
    savoury snacks to sweet desserts, and while I
    would not classify any of their offerings as
    bad there are definitely things that made me go
    WOW and things that made me gomeh. So here are
    the highs and the lows, of the Wicked Kitchen.
    Lets start with everyones favourite dessert.

WOW Red Velvet Brownie
  • Honestly one of my ultimate favourite offerings
    from Wicked, hence me featuring it front and
    centre. Its just absolutely delicious. You
    couldve told me I was eating a non-plant-based
    brownie I wouldve believed you. This is
    especially significant since in my own personal
    experience I have often found vegan desserts
    lacking in the same indulgence and creaminess of
    products made with eggs and milk. So when I
    picked this up, I didnt expect anything special.
    But this brownie completely blew away all my
    expectations. The ganache is fruity, tart and
    sharp, a beautiful compliment to the richness and
    creaminess of the chocolate.

The red cocoa bling not only looks aesthetically
pleasing but also provides a much needed crunchy
texture that stops the brownie from being too
creamy on the palate. Decadent and indulgent
without being sickly, this offering from wicked
kitchen proves that vegan comfort food can rival-
and even come out on top- compared to dairy-based
MEH Pineapple Dream Cake
  • I know what youre thinking- Rachael, you dont
    like the pineapple dream cake? Every single
    review Ive seen has been raving about it, some
    even praising it as one of the most sublime vegan
    desserts theyve ever had. But honestly? I found
    it rather disappointing. I found it lacked the
    freshness, creaminess and zesty punch other
    reviewers have praised. The pineapple wasnt bad,
    but at the same time wasnt a decadent fruity
    experience. I found the biscuit crumb slightly
    dry and cloying. To be clear- its not at all a
    bad dessert. If youre all about pineapple I
    would say go for it. But I think going into this
    I had really high expectations because of the
    hype that inevitably has shaped my

Either way, I wouldnt go out of my way to choose
it over the other offerings from Wicked, unlike
the ultimate vegan comfort food- their red velvet
brownie. Speaking of comfort food, while I have a
definite sweet food I know desserts arent for
everyone. If you favour a more savoury flavour
Wicked offers some phenomenal pastries.
WOW All The Rage Rolls
  • Another one of my Wicked faves, a sausage roll
    equivalent that is significantly healthier but
    just as delicious. They have an aromatic and
    powerful garlicky and sage flavour which I adore
    and find extremely comforting. The kale is
    crispy, the soya protein is meaty and hearty and
    the puff pastry is buttery and soft. I also
    really love the onion seeds, which are not only a
    creative and beautiful addition to the roll,
    giving it a lovely artisan rusticity but also
    provide some much-needed crunch to add dimension.
    Flaky and with an addictively delicious filling,
    I would pick it over the now legendary Greggs
    vegan sausage roll any day. Thats saying a lot,
    considering I went to uni in Northern England,
    where Greggs absolutely dominates the high
    street. Please visit wicked kitchen Tesco to know
    more about it.

MEH Packed Puff Pie
  • I have no comfort in saying this, but this
    comfort dish was not what I imagined it to be. It
    would be better described as a potato pie, as
    that was the dominant flavour. I personally found
    the portion of mushrooms and cauliflower in the
    pie lacking. Message though to any spud fans out
    there you will probably love this pie! I also
    found the brandy to be a strange addition. As I
    feel it not only did not blend as perhaps
    intended with the other ingredients, but made the
    pie a bit soggy. Shout out though to the seed
    toppers, which were delicious. This pie is one of
    the only Wicked items I would personally not
    recommend, though give it a try yourself! You may
    have a different experience. If youre not the
    kind of person who picks up a pastry for lunch,
    Wicked also offers a diverse variety of wraps and
    sandwiches in their Food To Go section.

WOW Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap
  • Ahh, the sweet potato pakora wrap. So many times
    I munched on one of these during a lecture, it
    was my absolute go-to for a quick snack while at
    university. Fresh, vibrant and with a mellow
    element of spice, the fire-roasted red peppers
    are bursting with flavour and the sweet potato
    pakora is crispy and comforting. I have also
    always been impressed with the quality of
    Wickeds vegan mayonnaise considering its my
    favourite condiment. Its smooth, creamy and
    blends perfectly with the spicier elements of the
    wrap. If you want to get into the wicked
    products, this is one I would definitely

MEH Smashin Chickpea Sandwich
  • While far from unpleasant, the smashin chickpea
    sandwich simply lacks the same level of flavour
    the other sandwiches and wraps have. Full of
    chickpeas, pesto, spinach and avocado mayo, there
    is little to no contrast in flavour or texture,
    meaning it tastes nice, not exciting. The tomato
    bread is a nice addition, but still lacks the
    dimension of flavour that would elevate this
    sandwich into a top item on my list. The fact
    this is the entry for my most Meh of Wickeds
    sandwiches and wraps says a lot. In my opinion,
    their fresh wraps, sandwiches and deli options
    are their strongest offerings. I couldnt even
    really find, as is evident with this sandwich
    being my meh option, anything I found
    particularly subpar. So while Im completely
    sure you would still enjoy this sandwich, In my
    opinion it isnt one of the standout options from
    the Wicked line.

But what if you want an easy option for the
evening? When youre exhausted after work and
cant be bothered with cooking and cleaning?
Wicked offers a diverse selection of Ready meals
that are both relatively healthy and innovative
in terms of ingredients.
WOW Cheeky Tikka
  • Some of the best vegetarian/vegan food in the
    world is Indian, or at very least inspired by
    Indian cuisine, and this ready meal is a
    testament as to why. Bursting with spice, body
    and vitality, the saffron rice was fluffy and
    light with a subtle creamy element of sweet
    potato and the roasted chickpeas were full of so
    many gorgeous layers of spice. All coated with a
    luscious thick hearty sauce. Yum. Also as Im not
    a massive fan of peas, the extent to which I
    loved the pulled pea protein in this surprised
    me. I finished it and then thought to myself
    hmm, I wish I had another. Enjoy your flavoursome
    vegan diet food delivery from our various meals.

MEH Wicked Mac
  • Im a big fan of Mac and Cheese. And throughout
    my life finding a vegan version which has been
    similarly satisfying has been extremely
    difficult. Emulating the taste of dairy cheese is
    an arduous task. Its so easy to make something
    despite your best efforts which tastes synthetic,
    with an unsatisfying texture or look. And Mac and
    Cheese is such a classic comfort dish that
    attempting to rival it as a vegan competitor is
    always going to be a challenge. To me, while I
    liked the crispiness of the onions and the pasta
    itself was nice the cheese flavour of this
    offering was slightly off, despite their best

Wicked does have scrumptious mac options-
especially their BBQ vegan mac and cheese which I
would recommend, but I found the Wicked Mac a bit
of a let down. Reading this, Im sure youre
thinking- doesnt Wicked have any products for
cooking? What if I want to just cook vegan
recipes myself? Well dont worry, they also offer
products for cooking, including a range of meat
WOW 2 Jalapeno Griller Patties
  • Perfect for a barbecue or home-cooked meal, these
    plant based patties are an exciting and
    flavourful take on the classic meat burger. The
    cheese that oozes out of the pockets is like a
    dream soft, rich and a wonderful accompaniment
    to the bold meaty plant-based burger. And the
    heat that engulfs your taste buds while having it
    is an enriching kick to the system. So basically,
    its full of flavour, punch and spice, with a
    texture and consistency that I found to be
    genuinely very close to meat, for those who
    desire an alternative not too different from what
    they may be used to.

MEH 12 Little Brats
  • While an ambitious idea perfect for all those
    vegan christmases, these 12 little brats in my
    opinion miss the mark in being the ideal
    plant-based bangers. The combination of maple and
    mustard while an idea that should work in theory,
    doesnt really in practice, as the balance is too
    shifted towards the maple, leading to a rather
    syrupy cocktail sausage. If thats your thing, go
    right ahead! But for me personally I am not a fan
    of that kind of sweetness in a sausage. They also
    dont emulate the taste of meat, so if you are
    looking for a plant based sausage that is
    scarcely different from a pork one, perhaps
    Quorns sausages may be more fitting for your
    specific needs. So! How to finish, after
    discussing all this mostly decadent and delicious
    food? Thats right- A healthy salad.

WOW Rainbow Salad Bowl
  • This rainbow salad made me smile as much as an
    actual rainbow does. On the purely aesthetic
    level, its a classically stunning salad, vibrant
    and fresh with its multicoloured vegetables and
    leaves. In terms of its flavour, I was extremely
    impressed. The crunchy and zesty red onion and
    carrot combine perfectly with the tandoori style
    sweet potatoes and aromatic onion bhajis. The
    chickpeas and lentils are soft and wonderful on
    the palette. The cool minty dressing uplifts the
    salad, preventing it from becoming too spicy. And
    the mango, which I was initially unsure about,
    really works as a fresh addition. And at only 321
    calories per pot, this rainbow salad is both
    extremely healthy and extremely delicious.
    Another one of my absolute faves, whenever Ive
    been feeling in the mood for something fresh and
    low calorie.

MEH Tex Mex Salad Bowl
  • A Tex Mex salad is supposed to be bursting with
    hot and earthy flavours, owing to its roots in
    hearty Mexican Texas-style cooking. But this one?
    Just felt heavy and a bit bland. A shame
    considering most of Wickeds salads are packed
    with flavour. I personally think it was a mistake
    to make the heat content of this salad mild, as
    that spiciness is what the salad is missing. Its
    heavy carb content of rice and beans is a lot to
    digest, and all the other ingredients- including
    the avocado dressing- do little to make it more
    dynamic and exciting.

Wicked Kitchen My Verdict
  • I love Wicked Kitchen. I think the vast, vast
    majority of the products from the Tesco range are
    absolutely amazing. The options I liked the least
    arent even bad examples of food!! They just
    dont in my eyes measure up to the truly
    innovative and mouth-watering options- many of
    which I have listed here as personal faves- which
    Wicked offers. For the standing of plant-based
    foods in the supermarket the Wicked range is
    undoubtedly pioneering. Sarno has imaginatively
    reinvented plant-based food in an innovative and
    accessible way, and for that this range deserves
    a lot of credit. Especially since vegans and
    those experimenting with plant-based food deserve
    to have the same access to fresh and easy prep
    meals as meat-eaters, a need which Wicked Kitchen
    has catered to. For us at Plant Sumo, we provide
    a similar service- just delivered directly to
    your door. Cheap, nutritious and delicious
    plant-based meals. Take a look at our main
    website at https//plantsumo.com where all our
    offerings are listed, and sign up today for your

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