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Five Ways to Stay Warm When Your Utah Furnace Breaks


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Title: Five Ways to Stay Warm When Your Utah Furnace Breaks

Five Ways to Stay Warm When Your Utah Furnace
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  • Its getting close to single digits, the snow is
    still pouring down, youre on your third cup of
    hot chocolate, and suddenly, you notice the air
    is definitely colder than it was an hour ago.
    After some quick investigations, you catch the
    culprit a furnace that needs repair after being
    damaged by the Utah winter storm. You need to
    keep yourself and your family warm for both
    comfort and well being here are five ways to
    combat the cold with a furnace that requires

1. Keep your space small.
  • Close doors, put towels in the door gap, cover
    your windows with curtains, and congregate, as
    much as you can, in one small room in the house.
    Staying in one room and closing off the exits
    allows your natural body heat to warm the space
    without dissipating. Its no furnace, but it will
    help until you can call in a repair.

2. Layer everything.
  • This means coats, hats, and multiple pairs of
    socks. Extremities like feet and fingers are most
    vulnerable to intense cold, so protect them with
    multiple layers of warm clothing. If you still
    have electricity, you can even briefly put
    blankets and comforters in the dryer to warm them
    up. Bundling will help preserve additional body
    heat and make your family feel cozy, despite the
    circumstances, while you wait for a repair.

3. Eat, drink, and be warm.
  • Bring back the hot chocolate! Or, if youve had
    enough sweet stuff, consider opening a can or two
    of the soup you have stockpiled under the
    cabinet. Warm food and drink in your stomach help
    perpetuate that body heat. Especially if you
    still have electricity, this is a great solution
    until you can repair your furnace.

4. Use alternative heat sources.
  • Sure, theyre not as strong as a furnace, but
    space heaters can help you survive until a
    company can come to repair the real deal. Heating
    pads and blankets can also aid in close combat
    with the chill. And lets not forget what our
    ancestors used before modern commodities were
    around a fireplace! Your chimneys useful for
    more than Santa delivery system. Start up a flame
    and maybe even roast some marshmallows while you
    wait for the storm to end.

5. Get your furnace fixed quickly!
  • Dont try to weather the storm and risk further
    damage to your furnace or your family call a
    repair service in your area who will come out in
    the storm to help. A great Utah furnace repair
    service that spans several local cities and is
    always available when you call is All Utah
    Plumbing. Contact them as soon as possible to
    protect yourself during the cold winter months.
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