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Tips To Make Valentine’s Day Creative During Pregnancy


Wondering what can pregnant women do for fun and creativity, on Valentine’s Day. Read this to get a few tips to make Valentine’s Day creative during pregnancy. Protect your family by preserving baby's cord blood stem cells, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips To Make Valentine’s Day Creative During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful emotions
of your life. Seeing your baby bump growing
gradually along the journey makes you smile. But
we know that, you cant say no to the various
pregnancy challenges and bodily changes that come
along the way. It is your right to feel good from
inside-out. The news of your pregnancy has made
your partner, friends and family feel very happy
for you and they want to shower you with more
love. But you can also do something for yourself,
thatll make you feel more like you during this
time. With the Valentines Day, just around the
corner, undoubtedly, your partner may have
secretly planned a romantic gift for his pregnant
wife. But this time, you wish to do something for
yourself, thatll make you feel more like you
during your pregnancy.  So, why not try to do
something really creative and fun to make you and
your baby inside feel loved this Valentines
Day? Wondering what can pregnant women do for
fun and creativity, on Valentines Day? Fret not!
We have curated a few tips to make Valentines
Day during pregnancy creative for you.
Write A Letter To Your Baby Inside On Valentines
Day During Pregnancy
This letter could be on anything. May be about
yourself or your partner or it could be just be a
simple and light kick from your baby, that made
you feel like butterflies in your stomach. Share
each and everything in the letter. Attach the
ultrasound scans of every trimester with the
letter, if possible. You can write how he or she
reacted when you laughed, breathed too much or
felt sad. Writing is a healthy form of
self-expression. Writing is one of the creative
and fun activities you can do while youre
pregnant. Who knows, this could just be the
beginning of a great bonding between you and your
baby inside?
Keep Your Babys Name Planned We know that, its
not unnatural for you to feel exhausted, sleep
deprived and stressed out, during your pregnancy.
Therefore, when youre thinking about your babys
name, dont wait for that last minute and add on
to the stress. Nine months is a long time for you
to plan. You can creatively plan your babys name
with the help of your partner. This could be yet
another creative and sweet little gift for his
pregnant wife. Design Your Babys Nursery You
can keep your precious littles nursery designed,
with colourful toys and decorative things. Try to
use neutral tones so that they can be updated,
with your babys age. Also decorate the walls
with fun cartoon characters. But dont forget to
use chemical-free paints as fumes from paints
might be a potential hazard to the developing
foetus1, thus increasing the chances of birth
defects in babies. Go Shopping For You and Your
Baby Pregnancy comes with its perks! And shopping
is just one of them. But, the most enjoyable
activities while pregnant. Moreover, since your
body is evolving with the progression of your
pregnancy and you may be wondering what to wear
youve got enough excuse to buy clothes that will
suit your body and enhance your style. You can
also pamper yourself with flat-style shoes,
clutches and jewellery. Not only that, you can
also purchase some soft toys, feeding bottles and
unisex baby clothes for your would-be baby.
Do Something Only For You
Well! Hobbies are a great ways to combat boredom
and reduce stress factors, especially during your
pregnancy. You can try your hands on 
  • Knitting 
  • Drawing and Painting 
  • Stitching creative patterns 
  • Garden creatively  
  • Joining a virtual book club 
  • Getting creative with your cooking 
  • Learning a musical instrument 
  • Joining prenatal yoga classes (In these classes
    you get a chance to interact with other pregnant
    mommies as well)
  • Bring the spa home

These are some of the most cathartic and relaxing
activities while pregnant. And there couldnt be
a day better to start than Valentines Day during
Prepare Yourself a Pregnancy Scrapbook
This should cover your entire pregnancy journey
from the time of your conception to your babys
delivery. Take a photo of every moment like how
you broke the news of your pregnancy to your
partner, shopping for the little one, and
designing the nursery. Put short and sweet
messages along with the photos in every page of
this book. End this book with the photo of the
new-born and a congratulations card.
Do Belly Casting You can either DIY the belly
cast with henna or purchase a belly cast kit to
create it on your baby bump. Then you can
decorate it with paintings and photos or ask your
friends and relatives to sign on it. You can also
ask your partner to do the belly casting for you
as a wonderful valentines day gift for his
pregnant wife.
How bout A Maternity Photoshoot? Yes! This
thought has already brought a big smile on your
face. And trust us, this is one of the best
creative activities you can do during your
pregnancy. Shoot in different posesMaybe
adorning your favourite flowy maternity dress or
with your partner. You can have a photo clicked
showing little children caressing your baby bump.
In all of this, all that you have to do is get
the help of your partner to connect with the
photographers and get the photoshoot done in the
place that you like.
Create a Playlist Around 19 weeks gestational
age, your little one hears the very first sounds.
Therefore, if youre fond of listening to music,
prepare a list of your favourite songs, which
both of you can enjoy. Plan An Interesting
Dinner Date With Your Partner Remember your
pre-pregnancy days dinner dates? Have you lately
told him that you love him? Rekindle the moment
of romance by setting the table with lovely
pregnancy-friendly scented candles and discuss
about your pregnancy with your partner. After the
dinner, take a slow but small walk with your
partner and talk about the dreams you have for
your baby. Let your partner keep his ear or hand
on your baby bump the little ones response by
kicking would be a moment to cherish for both of
you. While planning for some of the most
interesting ideas for Valentines Day During
Pregnancy, dont forget to take care of your
babys health and your familys healthy future by
including cord blood banking in your birth plan.
Include your partner, while planning about stem
cell banking. May be this the best ever
valentines gift for pregnant wife. Happy
Valentines Day!
Thank You
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