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CT Scan in Gurgaon


Book online appointment for MRI and CT scan test in Gurgaon. Advanced diagnostic tests like MRI and CT scans help in diagnosing the problem. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: CT Scan in Gurgaon

Miracles Health
CT Scan in Gurgaon
Table of contents
  • About Us
  • Introduction
  • CT Scan Diagnosis CT scan used for?
  • How to Prepare for Your CT Scan
  • Are CT scans safe?
  • Contact Us

About Us
  • We have been serving the health of Gurgaon since
    2002. From humble beginnings, when we had set up
    the The Apollo Clinic at Sector-14, Gurgaon to
    the present day wherein we cover the entire
    length and breadth of Gurgaon by having
    healthcare facilities in Sector-14, Sector-56
    Sector-82, today we are the largest healthcare
    provider in the small / medium segment in Gurgaon.

Computed Tomography scans are non-invasive
diagnostic procedures that make use of a
combination of techniques to gain horizontal and
axial images of the body part. In the CT scan, we
can see detailed images of any body part,
including the bones, fat, organs, muscles, and
even the blood vessels.
CT Scan Diagnosis CT scan used for?
  • Here is a list of conditions and diseases that
    can be diagnosed through a CT scan
  • Evaluating facial trauma and head trauma in
  • Takes brain images for differentiating between a
    hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke.
  • Determining the diagnosis of pain in the internal
    organs like the colon, small bowel, pelvis, and
    other abdominal pain.
  • Determining the causes of unexplained pain.
  • You can also look for CT scan centers near me on
    the internet to detect traumatic injuries like
    fractures in bones.

How to Prepare for Your CT Scan
It may be required to fast for two to four hours
before taking the CT scan. At times, the doctor
will ask to stop certain medications before the
test. It may be required to wear loose and
comfortable clothing before the procedure. Things
such as jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, hair
clips, safety pins, garments with metal
underwire, and hearing aids should be removed
before the procedure.
Are CT scans safe?
  • Healthcare providers consider CT scans generally
    safe.The patient will receive small doses of
    ionizing radiation that may affect biological
    tissues. However, doctors do not consider this
    radiation harmful. The National Institute of
    Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering stated that
    the risk of getting cancer due to this radiation
    is relatively low.
  • Whenever you are going for a CT Scan near me then
    you should talk to your doctor about the
    procedures potential dangers and benefits, and
    ask why the CT scan is necessary.

The availability of medical services is one of
the most essential factors in the development of
any residential area. Diagnostic facilities are
an essential aspect of medical care. Gurgaon is
home to a large number of diagnostic centres that
provide a variety of services to patients.Many
labs and hospitals in Gurgaon offer CT scans.
CT Scan in Gurgaon
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