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Best Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad | Eye checkup near me in Vaishali


Samyak Eye Care Clinic is one of the Best Eye Hospitals in Ghaziabad. We have the best eye doctor for eye care treatment and surgeries. Do visit us. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad | Eye checkup near me in Vaishali

  • Best Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad Eye checkup near
    me in Vaishali

Best Eye Hospital in Ghaziabad
  • The effects of COVID-19 are dropping every day
    and thats why schools are opening again after
    almost 2 years of online education.
  • While all the parents must be busy with the
    school supply supplements for their children,
    they should also book an appointment for an eye
    check-up for them.
  • Once the school will get started children will
    start reading and writing a lot more and they
    will have to read the blackboard/whiteboard which
    would be kept at a distance.
  • If they have an eye problem or vision problem
    then they will suffer in their learning and lose
    concentration during classes.
  • The impacts of online education on children have
    resulted in excessive screen time which can be
    harmful to childrens eyes. Thats why regular
    eye tests for children are extremely important.  

Why is an eye test for children important?
  • As a child grows, vision changes can happen but
    they cannot notice it easily. According to a
    study, one in four children is suffering from
    undiagnosed vision problems. That is because
    children cannot easily notice vision changes in
    their eyesight, which is why their parents are
    supposed to take extra precautions by booking an
    appointment for an eye check-up before their
    child re-joins school. There is a high chance of
    a vision change in your childs eye due to online
  • Booking an eye exam only when your child
    complains about some vision problem is the right
    way to go. But parents should also book an eye
    check-up frequently to ensure that their childs
    vision is intact. If a child is suffering from
    vision issues already then it is recommended that
    parents should book an eye exam every two years
    or every once a year. The eye exam will confirm
    that your childs eyesight is intact and they
    have a clear and strong vision.

Impacts of online education on childrens eyes
  • Nowadays, many schools are offering eyes tests
    for children but they are not as competent as a
    proper eye check-up which is held by
    Optometrists. Since the eye screening is held in
    schools, they have to test thousands of children
    which is why they will only focus on visual
    clarity and distance vision, and on that basis,
    they will give the eye-test results.
  • Usually, eye exams for kids are held
    by ophthalmologists or optometrists. These
    doctors will test your childs vision
    capabilities with visual clarity, distance
    vision, near vision, chronic disease, and color
  • There are a few conditions that require immediate
    eye tests for children. If you notice your child
    closing or covering one eye, squinting or
    complaining that things are blurry, if he/she is
    having some trouble while reading or doing some
    close-up work, If your child is blinking their
    eyes more than normal then you should immediately
    consult an eye doctor.

How to deal with your childs eye problem?
  • Even if your child has some minor change in their
    vision that should not be neglected by you. If
    your child has any vision problem then there is a
    high chance that he or she will have an eye
    strain, headache, or blur vision. In such cases,
    an eye test for children is very important and
    its recommended not to ignore it. If your child
    is suffering from any of the above-mentioned
    issues then it can be distracting and frustrating
    while theyre in school, and as a result, your
    child will not be able to concentrate on
    schoolwork or any other extra-curriculum
    activities at school.
  • Thats why an eye exam for kids before going back
    to school is extremely important. A frequent eye
    exam can help the doctors to detect vision
    problems earlier and theres a great chance to
    treat it successfully. Your child is going back
    to school after 2 years, thats why booking an
    eye exam for kids now will help you ensure that
    your child will have a great kickstart for school.

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