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Best Gynae Laparoscopy Centre in Indore - Dr. Heena Agrawal


Gynecological laparoscopy is a procedure that allows a surgeon to examine your fallopian tubes, ovaries, and womb (uterus). It can be used to diagnose or treat a condition. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Gynae Laparoscopy Centre in Indore - Dr. Heena Agrawal

Best Gynae Laparoscopy Centre Indore
Dr. Heena Agrawal
Introduction to Gynecological Laparoscopy
Gynae Laparoscopic surgery is an alternative to
open surgery, in which the device laparoscope is
inserted into the pelvic area. Comparatively
larger incisions are required in open surgery.
With the device laparoscope, it will be easier
for doctors to view and treat the pelvic area.
Conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids are
treated by laparoscopic surgery.
What is Gynae Laparoscopy?
A Gynecological laparoscopy is usually done under
general anesthesia, which means you will be
asleep during the procedure. You will be asked to
follow fasting instructions. This means not
eating or drinking, typically for about six hours
beforehand. However, it's important to follow
your gynecologist's advice.
What Happens During a Gynecological Laparoscopy?
The process can take 15 minutes or more,
depending on what type of exam or treatment you
need. Your surgeon will make a cut in your
navel. Then he'll insert a tube through the cut
and pump some gas. This expands your abdomen,
detaches your organs and makes it easier for your
surgeon to see your organs with a Laparoscope. If
you need any treatment, or if your surgeon needs
to move some of your organs to get a good view,
he or she will make a few small incisions in your
lower abdomen. Any surgical instrument needed for
healing can be inserted through these cuts.
Your surgeon may inject a colored dye into your
cervix (the neck of your womb), your womb, and
your fallopian tubes. It can show whether your
fallopian tubes are blocked.
Gynecological Laparoscopy Useful For
Gynecological laparoscopy can be used to
  • Remove scar tissue (adhesions)
  • Treat ectopic pregnancy
  • Remove an ovarian cyst
  • Remove your womb (hysterectomy) or ovaries
  • Treat Fibroids (Myoma)
  • Remove lymph nodes for cancer of the uterus,
    ovaries, or cervix.
Gynecological Laparoscopy and IVF Specialist
Dr. Heena Agrawal believes in helping every
couple who are working hard to start their own
family. Consult our doctors to know more about
our services and appointments. Gynecological
Laparoscopy, IVF, along with medical advances,
has become the most widely regarded infertility
treatment with greater success rates.
3rd Floor, The Landmark Building , 16/1/3 , Race
Course Road, Janjeerwala Square, near Sodani
Diagnostic Center, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001
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