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Criticare Hospital - Heal a Bulging Disc Naturally


Criticare Hospital is a 100-bedded multi specialty hospital in Mumbai. They have specialized departments for cardiology and chest, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, gynecology laproscopic surgery and infertility, pediatrics and neonatology and endocrinology (diabetes & thyroid) diseases. The gastroenterology department offers specialized services in hepatology (liver), pancreas related issues, advanced gastroscopy and colonoscopy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Criticare Hospital - Heal a Bulging Disc Naturally

How to heal a bulging disc naturally? In India,
about 9 out of 10 people dont require surgery
for slipped discs. Usually, an individuals
issue can disappear within a few days. Even a
victim of the herniated disc doesnt recognize
the same. So, the doctors of Criticare Hospital
are concerned regarding this surgery. An
individuals stagnant pain demands surgical
  • So, a victims severe neurological deformities
    can be attained by surgery. In this article, the
    readers will know more about multiple bulging.
    Even a patients right time of surgery is
    mentioned here.
  • Best Ways to Heal Bulging Disc Naturally
  • Generally, ones pain from a bulging disc is
    minimal. Eventually, the individuals pain can
    have a natural solution. Some of these solutions
    include the following
  • Practices of yoga can be beneficial.
  • One can seek anti-inflammatory medications for
    relief. One person can relax his muscles with
    its intake.

  • An individual can have sessions of acupuncture.
    So, a victim can cure himself fast.
  • One can go for chiropractic care.
  • Thus, an individual can easily get rid of a
    bulging disc. Mainly, one must be dedicated
    enough to do so.
  • Who demands surgery in slipped cervical spine
  • Usually, a victim of a slipped disc wont go for
    surgery. Even Indias research speaks about the
    same thing. Following that, an individual cant
    understand the symptoms of herniated disc
    initially. He can only trace the spinal issue
    when it turns worse. Still, a victim can hurt
    his spinal column unknowingly.
  • Moving on, a person can have numbness due to the
    force applied against a nerve. So, a doctor can
    use therapies to treat the cause. But, an
    individuals unreliable response to the
    medications can demand surgery. So, an individual
    is initiated.
  • Therefore, the concerned doctor can precede his
    treatment accordingly.
  • Main Procedure of Slipped Cervical Spine Discs
  • The victim goes for surgical intervention to
    avoid pressure in the nerve. Further, one can
    calm down the pain by surgical means. However,
    the concerned doctors propose three ways of
    eliminating the pain. The three procedures
    include the following
  • Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • Here, an experienced surgeon is made to eradicate
    the herniated disc. Following that, he makes use
    of a thin tube for extracting the disc. Usually,
    an individual has to go through a slight
    incision. Furthermore, ones surgery concerning
    slipped cervical spine discs is a little
    invasive. Lastly, the victim will leave a small
    scar with a promise of fast recovery.

  • Surgery concerning spinal discs core
  • The surgeon aims at targeting the spinal discs
    core through surgery. He makes use of certain
    instruments for accessing the same. A surgeon
    eliminates the core by using a vacuum. Usually,
    an individuals spinal disc gets smaller by this
    procedure. Further, a victims pressure
    concerning the nerves is released.
  • Generally, an individual can go for surgery
    depending upon the outer layer. Ones broken
    outer layer isnt considered suitable for
  • Spinal Fusion
  • An individuals slipped cervical disc may require
    spinal fusion. Generally, the doctors of
    Criticare Hospital go for surgery for spine
    stabilization. So, a doctor attaches both the
    nerves using screws. Further, one can have pain
    in this procedure. Eventually, an individual can
    face strict restrictions after a spinal fusion.
  • Artificial Disc Surgery
  • The surgeon can choose an alternative of spinal
    fusion with alternative disc surgery. The
    surgeon seeks to alleviate the herniated disc
    with the artificial ones. However, the patient
    has minimal pain in this surgical procedure.
    Also, a victim has fewer restrictions as
    compared to spinal fusion.
  • Laminotomy
  • Generally, ones lamina is concentrated in the
    spinal canal. Further, a surgeon initiates in
    extracting a certain part of the lamina. Ones
    entire lamina can also be alleviated for
    repairing the herniated disc. Following that, a
    surgeon has to make an incision in the section
    of the herniated disc.
  • Furthermore, a surgeon has to undergo a
    discectomy for the removal of a herniated disc.
  • Therefore, there are multiple surgical procedures
    that you can go for. Most importantly, an
    individuals rare condition demands surgery
    mostly. Further, a victim can harm the bladder
    with a slipped disc. In fact, a surgeon can avoid
    any sort of mishappenings.
  • Recovery Time concerning the surgery

  • Well, a patient undergoing the surgery of a
    slipped disc can recover fast. A doctor agrees
    that going for surgery initially can assure a
    faster recovery rate. Usually, the victim can
    have promising health post-surgery. Following
    that, one can be discharged within a day after
    the surgery.
  • However, ones surgery concerning slipped
    cervical spine discs must involve few
    restrictions. This restriction involves the
  • Physical activities
  • One mustnt go for certain physical activities
    post-surgery. Generally, an individual should
    avoid driving for about 4 weeks. One should drive
    carefully after this period.
  • Avoiding Lifting
  • A person must restrict himself from lifting
    something heavy. Ones lifting of a heavyweight
    can pressurize the spinal nerve. Therefore, the
    patient can disturb the surgical area. So, an
    individual should leave lifting for about 4
  • Go for short walks
  • The patient post-surgery has to initiate short
    walks. Usually, one mustnt keep sitting for a
    long period. Following that, an individual can
    have stiffness by sitting constantly.
  • Thus, an individual takes some time to recover
    from the surgery. The family members should be
    supportive in this regard. The doctors recommend
    taking self-care for rapid recovery. So, the
    patients surgery concerning slipped cervical
    spine discs is quite significant.
  • Risks of Slipped Cervical Spinal Disc Surgery
  • Generally, one wont have any complications with
    discectomy. But, an individual can have certain
    risks with other surgeries. The seriousness of
    risks includes the following

  • The injurious nerve can be a possibility
  • Spinal protective lining may undergo slight
  • Rupturing Disc
  • However, ones surgery concerning slipped
    cervical spine discs does not attract many side
    effects. Usually, a person can also have
    herniated disc pain after surgical intervention.
    Therefore, a surgeon cant assure its total
  • Furthermore, a victim can worsen their pain as
  • Reference url - h ttps//
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