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Repair Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen by Doorstep Mobile Repair


Is the screen on your Samsung smartphone broken or damaged? It’s an unhappy typical occurrence, but fortunately, there are several solutions for correcting it. We have all the information you need on Galaxy Note 9 screen replacements, whether you want to take it to a repair shop or fix it yourself. Click here to read more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Repair Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen by Doorstep Mobile Repair

Repair Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen by Doorstep
Mobile Repair
Overview of the Problem Before you decide to
replace the Galaxy Note 9 screen, you need
consider how serious the problem is in the first
place. Determine the extent of the damage to your
phones screen. Is the phones glass screen
simply scratched in a few places, or is it
entirely cracked? If its the latter, you may
have already lost much, if not all, of the
functionality of your touchscreen. This is
critical since a Note 9 screen replacement at a
repair facility may be rather costly. Before you
decide to spend up to a couple of hundred dollars
on repairing your phone, it should be in pretty
terrible shape. This is why many individuals
prefer the do-it-yourself technique. Although it
is less expensive, DIY may be highly difficult
and is typically not suggested for persons with
little knowledge in electronics maintenance or
repair. If you know for a sure that your Galaxy
Note 9s screen has to be replaced, move on to
our following advice.
Get Doorstep Mobile Repair for Your Note 9 When
your screen is severely broken, the most usual
course of action is to take it to a professional
repair service. These professionals make a
livelihood by repairing phones and other
electrical devices and will make your smartphone
appear and feel brand new after repairs. A great
resource we recommend to you is
They have locations all over Delhi and NCR and
can do screen replacements and other services for
a huge variety of Samsung phones, including the
Galaxy Note 9. Simply choose the nearest facility
to your home and request an estimate
online. Click Here to Read Quick Mobile Repair
at Home Doorstep Repair
  • DIY Note 9 Screen Replacement Repair
  • DIY repairs appear to be an excellent alternative
    to repair shops, but it should be noted that this
    option is not appropriate for everyone. Screen
    replacements may be a difficult and complex
    operation for persons with little to no knowledge
    in electronics repair. There are several stages
    to take, some of which are rather sensitive.
  • If you are concerned about the potential
    outcomes, we strongly advise you to take it to a
    repair shop instead.
  • Before you begin, youll need a screen
    replacement kit, which includes all of the
    essential equipment as well as the new screen.
    There are several possibilities, like the KR-NET
    AMOLED Touch Screen Replacement Screen and the
    ShanS Replacement Screen Kit. A hairdryer will
    also be required early in the repair process to
    melt the internal adhesive.
  • If you believe you are capable of doing the work,
    please see our step-by-step instruction on the
    Note 9 screen replacement process.
  • Check that your Note 9 phone is turned off.
  • Using the ejector pin, remove your SIM card.
  • Also, if the Stylus is still inside the phone,
    remove it.
  • Heat the rear surface of your Note 9 for at least
    two minutes with a hairdryer to remove any
    fingerprints. The adhesive is incredibly
    resistant and must be heated to the right
    temperature. If necessary, you can keep the glue
    heated throughout the duration of the repair..

  • To make an opening, insert a tiny opening tool
    into a corner of the Note 9. From the front, this
    should slightly crack open the back surface
    plate. Insert a thin opening pick, such as a
    guitar plectrum, and gently slide it upwards.
    This will further divide the back surface from
    the front. Repeat on the other three sides of the
    phones cover.
  • Remove your phones back cover gently and set it
  • On the inside of your phone, there are 11
    cruciform screws. Using the proper screwdriver,
    remove all of them.
  • Using the opening tool, remove the NFC antenna
    component. Insert the tool into the top centre of
    the phone and gradually pry it out.
  • To prevent short circuiting, you must now
    disconnect the battery from its power source.
    Make use of a nylon spudger.
  • Remove the seven little screws under and to the
    right of the battery.
  • Remove the external speaker, which is located to
    the right of the battery, with a nylon spudger.
  • Using the nylon spudger, remove the dock
    connector cable and the stylus cable.

  • Using the nylon spudger, remove the screen cable
    and the light sensor cable.
  • Using the nylon spudger, remove the front camera
    and the iris sensor. They are both at the very
    top of the circuit board.
  • Four more screws that hold the circuit board in
    place must be unscrewed. Three are in the upper
    left corner, and one is in the lower right
  • Remove the circuit board with the nylon spudger.
    Insert it into an opening at the bottom of the
    phones base, then gently lift and set it aside.
  • Remove two additional screws from behind the
  • Take out the dock connector from beneath the
    battery. You can take it out by hand.
  • Remove the plug cord from the bottom right corner
    with the nylon spudger.
  • Remove the vibrating mechanism from the phones
    frame, which is located near the battery, with
    the nylon spudger.
  • Remove the battery from the phones shell very
    gently. Feel free to use the hairdryer again if
    there is still some sticky glue holding it in
  • Using the nylon spudger, remove the light sensor.
  • Place the opening tool between the earpiece
    speaker and the phones casing and gently pry it
  • You can finally get rid of your cracked Note 9
    screen. Remove it and replace it gently with your
    new screen. To reassemble your phone, simply
    reverse the methods listed above. Because the old
    adhesive has been heated up, you will also need
    to apply some adhesive glue around the battery.

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equipment, youll be able to complete it
successfully. The ShanS Repair Kit, which we
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that is ideal for this task. It includes the
majority of the tools youll need, such as
plastic razors, plectrums, tweezers, and more.
These are the same tools used by electronics
repair professionals, so this kit is more than
capable of replacing the Note 9 screen. It is
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