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PRK vs Lasik Eye Surgery


Although both PRK and Bladeless Lasik Surgery is very similar in their respective processes, there are still differences between the two. Know what key points differentiates PRK vs Lasik Eye Surgery. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PRK vs Lasik Eye Surgery

PRK v/s Lasik Eye Surgery
  • Know the main differences between the two
    bladeless surgeries, i.e., PRK and Lasik Eye

What is PRK Lasik?
  • PRK Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK as is
    most commonly known was the first attempt by
    mankind to induce vision correction by lasers.
  • Bladeless Lasik Bladeless Lasik is very
    popularly known as iLasik, zLasik, Femto Lasik
    and All Laser Lasik. This surgery has been around
    for more than 10 years.

Why do you need this surgery?
  • Either Surgery is required by a patient suffering
    from eye issues such as
  • Myopia- It is also known as nearsightedness
    wherein one cannot clearly see distant objects.
  • Hyperopia- It is also known as farsightedness
    where a person has difficulty in seeing nearby
  • Astigmatism- It is an eye problem that causes
    blurred vision due to irregular shape of the eye.

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PRK v/s Bladeless Lasik1. Procedure
  • PRK
  • Bladeless Lasik
  • PRK is a procedure of eye surgery, wherein
    numbing eye drops are applied in the eyes of the
  • In the next step, the top layer of cornea- also
    known as the epithelium is removed cautiously.
  • Finally, an excimer laser is used to reshape the
    cornea and hence the vision is corrected.
  • A suction ring is placed on the eye to keep eyes
    still after using the drops for maintaining
  • A Femto-second laser device is used in this
    surgery to make a thin cut in the cornea, after
    which it is reshaped with the help of a laser.
  • As a final step, the thin flap is folded back to
    its original place.

Note Both the procedures are pretty much
similar in the sense that both the procedures
make use of lasers to reshape the cornea to get
perfect vision. However, the difference lies in
the fact that in PRK- the top layer of cornea is
removed entirely. While, on the other hand, in
Bladeless Lasik, a flap is created on the cornea
which is then folded back to its original place
once the procedure is done.
2. Recovery
  • PRK
  • Bladeless Lasik
  • In Lasik Eye Surgery, recovery is very quick.
  • The patient is able to see more clearly than
    before from the very next day of the surgery.
  • No bandage is required after the surgery.
  • Not much pain or discomfort is experienced. In
    rare cases, burning sensation may be felt but it
    doesnt lasts longer than a hour.
  • In case of any slight discomfort or irritation in
    the eye, Lasik Surgery Specialists recommend
    lubricating drops to ease the healing process.
  • Contact like bandages are applied on the affected
    eye to help the eyes recover from surgery.
  • This can cause irritation and sensitivity in the
    eyes due to light until the bandages are removed.
  • Some people may experience blurry vision for some
  • However, once the eyes recover and bandage is
    removed, you will achieve the desired vision.

Which Surgery is more Effective?
  • The bottom line is that both the surgeries (PRK
    and Bladeless Lasik) are effective in correcting
    the vision permanently. The main difference is
    that it takes lesser time to recover after
    undergoing Bladeless Lasik while it can take over
    a month to recover after PRK surgery.
  • However, it is always advisable to vision your
    ophthalmologist and have a comprehensive eye
    examination before deciding which surgery to go
    for. You surgeon may best recommend you which
    surgery best fits your needs.
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