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Reasons to Compares Money Transfer Services


Comparing money transfer services only takes about five minutes, but if you're really hesitant about wasting time, here are reasons that will convince you. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Reasons to Compares Money Transfer Services

Reasons to Compares Money Transfer Services
  • https//

  • Comparing money transfer services only takes
    about five minutes, but can help you save funds!
    Know why in the next slides.

1- Save Money and Time
  • You probably have a preferred remittance service,
    always the same process. But what you don't know
    is that there might be more options available
    that could save you money and time. There is a
    lot of competing money transfer companies, you
    could take advantage of it by using the cheapest
    or fastest one. Let's say you are sending 250S
    per month, you could find a service that cost 1
    instead of 6 and save 150 annually. That's a
    lot considering the amount sent!

2- Are You Getting Ripped Off?
  • Don't Fall Bait to Zero Fees Advertising! Those
    are just marketing claims. What they don't take
    from you using "fees" they'll collect in another
    way through back-end charges and currency
    exchange rates are considered and compared. You
    then have the peace of mind that you are not
    getting ripped off by hidden fees.

3- Comparison Tools Give You a Full Breakdown of
the Cost 
  • We've already told you about the currency
    exchange fee, right? Well, there's another hidden
    fee most remittance senders don't know about.
    Why? Because it's the recipient that gets stuck
    with the back-end fee, which is charged when the
    recipient claims their money. They charge you
    when you send money, and they charge your
    recipient when he claims it. And you'll never
    know about this, until they tell you.

4- The Best Option Changes with Your Needs
  • Does the money need to be received, soon? Are you
    sending a small amount? Some transfer services
    charge a flat fee, while others charge a
    percentage of what you send, so the best option
    will differ depending on how much you
    send.Also, bank to bank transfers are cheaper
    than cash pick-up methods. You can therefore
    always use the cheapest/fastest money transfer
    operator depending on your specific needs by
    comparing each time you are sending money.

5- Price Changes Everyday
  • The foreign exchange market never sleeps, so
    currency exchange rates fluctuate daily. At the
    same time, you look up the price of your
    transfer, you can also check out the live
    currency exchange rates. The money transfer
    operator's prices are also changing over time.
    Don't hesitate to subscribe to an alert to make
    sure you are not missing any deal or the opening
    of a new service that could save you a lot of

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