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Top 5 new-age recruiting trends to make you a better recruiter


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Title: Top 5 new-age recruiting trends to make you a better recruiter

This list of new recruiting methods should make
you a better recruiter through better
decision-making and improved results. After
reading this go-to guide, you should be ready to
garner a better direction. 2019 has been a great
year for the job seeker and the employer. A lot
of movement was observed wherein people got out
of jobs, but found new and better ones. Even
employers did their piece of the work whilst
hiring millions of new candidates globally.
Moving forward, it is best to deploy new
recruiting methods to boost employee engagement
and augment talent recruitment. In this article,
you will read about top, brand-new methods to
change your recruiting direction. Through the
years, we have seen that it is a candidate-driven
market, rather than one that is employer
dominant. This means, the job seeker has the
power to pick employers, thus finding the right
hire can be a daunting task, as there are so
many possibilities that need to be taken into
Theres a whole new set of buzzwords floating
around in the recruitment market, let us see
some of them. Market your recruitment
process This marketing technique is similar to
marketing a product or service, the only
difference being, employers use various marketing
techniques to overcome workforce challenges and
attract talent using modern marketing methods.
Move from Outbound to Inbound Inbound marketing
is a new tactic wherein employers lure candidates
to select their firm or organization as their
first or next employer. This method makes it
possible for employers to attract, convert and
engage individuals. Legacy methods or outbound
marketing techniques have started to show a
decline in talent recruitment.
Showcase your brand As an employer, you need to
showcase what you are to a job seeker. Sending
the right message across characterizes employer
reputation and brand. Companies that have been
branded as bad do struggle to attract new
talent. This is seen in high attrition rates
wherein employers are not able to retain good
employees due to a non-healthy working culture,
poor senior management, and more.
A good experience makes all the difference A good
candidate experience can be defined in terms of
how employers have treated their candidates
through the recruitment process. That could be
past or present, a good candidate experience
makes them reapply and come back for interviews.
A good experience can be measured based on how
the candi- date felt about their past or present
interview This includes good hospitality from
the employer side, interview attitude, comfort,
and more.
Talent Database Maintaining a robust and large
talent database makes it easier for employers to
select candidates based on their job roles. This
talent pool can be taken from past interviews,
candidate referrals, etc. Most large-scale
enterprises have started adopting this technique
to accomplish their present and future
Words of Wisdom
If you wish to stay at the top and hire the best
talent for your industry, then this guide can
help you achieve this whilst reaching the best
candidates. iFCast helps you find the best
talent whilst monitoring the recruitment process
from start to finish.
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