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Top 5 Ideal Laser Eye Surgery options for Specs Removal


Wearing specs or contact lenses all day can be tiresome. Hence getting a Laser eye Surgery is the best solution for getting permanent specs removal. Here are the top 5 ideal laser eye surgery options for you to consider. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Ideal Laser Eye Surgery options for Specs Removal

5 Ideal Laser Eye Surgeries for Specs Removal
Due to the increased screen time and other
lifestyle changes, improper vision is the most
common diseases faced in the country today.
People start wearing specs and contact lenses
from very early in their life. However, wearing
them all day can be a hassle. Today, there are
many laser surgery options available which can
help you get rid of specs or contact lenses
permanently. They are completely safe, painless
effective. Lets learn more about them in
Types of Laser Eye Surgery
  • Just like technology has overtaken other spheres
    of our life, it has also emerged into health
    sector and made life easier to live. There are 5
    types of Laser Eye Surgery that will help you in
    specs removal
  • Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery
  • SMILE Laser Eye Surgery
  • Bladeless Lasik Surgery
  • Epi-Contoura
  • ICL

1. Contoura Vision
Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery is the latest
advancement of technology for specs removal. It
is US-FDA approved and offers advantages over
Lasik SMILE. Contoura Vision is the only
treatment that works on the visual axis of the
eye (the natural seeing axis) which leads to
better than perfect visual outcomes. It not only
corrects your specs power but also treats any
corneal irregularities.
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Another advanced Laser surgery option is SMILE.
Popularly known as "Flapless Lasik", it makes
use of only 1 laser known as the femto- second
laser to treat spectacles power. A piece of
lenticule is cut out which causes a change in
shape of the corneathereby correcting the
spectacles power. Also, one important thing to
notice here is that currently, SMILE is used to
treat only myopic numbers of the eye. In cases of
hyperopia or astigmatism, SMILE is usually not
SMILE is ONLY available at the following centres
in Delhi NCR
Centre for Sight New Delhi
Visitech Eye Centre New Delhi
A.I.I.M.S New Delhi
Aakash Hospital New Delhi
Spectra Eye Centre New Delhi
Eye7 Hospitals New Delhi
3. Bladeless Lasik
Bladeless Lasik is popularly known by various
names such as iLASIK, zLASIK, Femto LASIK, and
All Laser LASIK. Being one of the oldest methods
of specs removal, anyone seeking laser surgery
considers bladeless Lasik as the bare
minimum. Blade-Less LASIK involves 2 lasers-
Femtosecond Excimer Laser. Unlike traditional
Lasik, the flap is formed using laser instead of
a knife so the healing is faster. Also, since no
bandages or stitches are needed, it prevents any
pain or discomfort.
4. Epi Contoura
Epi Contoura is a special advanced technique of
specs removal for patients who have extremely
thin corneas and are not eligible for Contoura
Vision Lasik Surgery. Similar to the Contoura
Vision, Epi Contoura is also 100 bladeless and
painless treatment. Also, it is 100 touchless
which means it cannot be detected on slit lamps.
This makes it a preferred choice for people into
sports or those applying for government medicals
like navy, police, army, airforce, railways etc
5. ICL
ICL- an acronym used for Implantable Collamer
Lens is a Laser specs removal surgery for
patients with very high numbers, thin corneas
and dry eyes. ICL is a micro thin lens made of
biocompatible material known as collamer. ICL
is similar to contact lenses but is permanently
implanted inside the eye. Unlike contact lenses,
it does not have to be worn and removed daily.
Final Words
  • So, these are the top 5 most common and effective
    Laser surgeries for specs removal. They can
    treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and
  • Plan My Lasik has a team of experienced surgeons
    that will first examine your eye and then
    suggest you suitable laser eye surgery for you.
    They will also let you know the exact cost,
    procedure and
  • tips to follow.

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