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Our vision is to save energy for our future generations, while we continue protecting our environment. While you choose USA LED, we assure you, you will never miss out any moment of splendid lights and aura and instead will be able to reduce the value of what you enjoy. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: USA led Wholesaler

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Outdoor LED Lighting - A Must For The Garden
Nothing can make a home look more breathtaking
than when it is illuminated at night by a quality
outdoor LED lighting system. Some people use them
above ground, some in-ground, some surround their
decks with them, others use them by their ponds
or to light up their pools and wherever it is
placed you can be sure that it will add
significance and beauty to your home. In
addition, outdoor lighting using LED provides a
sense of security and safety. What's Good About
LEDs These lighting fixtures are generally
available in strips, clusters, or arrays but if
you are using groups of six or more it is
necessary to use a regulated transformer so you
can get the maximum life out of the lighting
systems. These lights offer extreme money savings
by only using 2-10 watts of electricity you can
get up to 60,000 hours out of these bulbs, they
are very cool running, the turn instantly on and
off, they work great in cold weather, and they
can withstand moderate power surges, they are
often sensor activated, and the bulbs are very
Less Costly Operation It is said that the light
bulbs used in LED lighting will pay for
themselves within a year's time. Many people
choose outdoor LED lighting so they can
illuminate walkways or as occupancy sensors for
home security measures. Sometimes home owners use
this kind of light in lanterns or votive around
their yards which creates a beautiful lighting
display any time of the year. LED for outdoor
lighting is also available in holiday selections
because they cost a lot less to operate and they
are longer lasting. That is the promise of LED
lighting, that they will last about ten times
longer than outdated incandescent lighting
options and there is less need to worry about
replacing light bulbs all the time. Some
Disadvantages While there are many advantages
with LED lighting, it also has some
disadvantages. For one, these lights may cost
more to initially install. They are very
heat-sensitive so excessive heat can reduce both
output and lifespan, and they typically cast
light in one direction at a narrow angle compared
to incandescent or fluorescent lamps LED
lighting, which stands for the longer and more
complex name of Light Emitting Diode, is a semi
conductor device that converts electricity into
light. While this form of lighting has been
around for years, it has only been more recent
where this was used for purposes that were not
commercial. While LED's are small in size, they
can be grouped together for higher density
Save Money And Save The Environment Today, the
concept is to go green and save the environment.
LED lights do just that as they work to also
improve and reduce power consumption. They are
environmentally friendly and leave a minimal
footprint on our environment. Many people are
saying that LED lighting is going to be the
lighting of the future. Keeping this in mind, it
is always a good idea to save where you can in
terms of money and the environment, everyone
should check out outdoor LED lighting as well as
for indoor use too.
Outdoor LED Lighting
Since LED garden lighting started parking its
tanks on the low voltage outdoor lighting lawn
just a few years ago, it has grown enormously in
popularity. Outdoor LED lighting allows you to
achieve amazing after dark effects and yet it is
also very easy to install, cheap to purchase,
incredibly cheap to run and quite safe for
children, animals and plants. Most outdoor LED
lighting, like traditional garden lighting,
typically uses a 12v DC low voltage power supply
from a mains transformer installed indoors. There
the similarities end though, because LED garden
lights use only 10 as much electricity as
traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen
lamps. The reason is simple LED light is
produced by exciting electrons to emit photons
(light), whereas traditional light bulbs burn a
filament which gives off an incidental amount of
light along with all the heat. These are
fundamentally different approaches to the process
of producing light. LEDs are deliberately
engineered to emit light and nothing else
incandescent bulbs are essentially small heaters
that emit light only as a by-product.
For garden lighting then, outdoor LED lights are
ideal because of these properties of running cool
and using negligible amounts of electricity. It
is also worth mentioning that most LED garden
lights have an effective lifespan of a decade or
more, thereby reducing maintenance
requirements. LED garden lights come in all
manner of guises. The most common colors are
white and blue, but other colors are also
available as well as color changing LED lights.
One of the most noticeable characteristics of LED
garden lights is how crisp and pure they look.
The colors tend to be extremely vibrant with an
almost gemstone quality - sapphire blue, emerald
green, ruby red, citrine yellow, diamond white.
Though it is possible to use filters and
diffusing screens to tone things down, which in
itself opens up further effects and design
ideas. As well as variety in colors and
brightness, outdoor LED lights are also available
in any number of different fixtures. LED
floodlights, wall wash effects, rock lights,
embedded patio and deck lights, bollards,
lanterns, spikes, pagodas, integrated in garden
ornaments and submerged in ponds. Just for
starters. Two of the most common choices through
are outdoor LED spotlights and LED deck lights.
LEDs are well suited as garden spotlights since
LED light tends be directional by nature. They
also often have a good Colour Rendering Index
which measures how lifelike and vibrant the area
being lit appears. The items to check when
choosing LED garden spotlights are brightness
(even a 1w LED in a dark garden is surprisingly
bright) beam angle (how spread out or focussed
the light is) and "color", meaning both the
actual color (as in red or blue etc) and the
"color temperature" (how "cool" or "warm" the
light appears). LED deck lights are one of the
most versatile forms of garden lighting
available. You can use them as intended, flush
fitted into decking boards, or experiment with
many other applications. LED deck lights are
obviously highly robust and able to withstand
quite a pounding (literally) as well as extremes
of weather they're also cheap, lightweight and
simplicity itself to install. Just about any
piece of wood, or indeed any solid material, that
you can drill a hole into and feed cables through
can have LED deck lighting fitted into it. For
cheap and easy pathway lighting for example, just
hammer in some short wooden stakes at suitable
intervals, drill apertures to accept whatever
size, shape or color deck light you want to use,
feed the cables along the ground (I use old
garden hose pipe buried just below the surface)
and that's about it. You can fit LED deck lights
pointing up, down, sideways, any which way you
please in fact.
Outdoor LED lighting
100W Corn Bulbs
100W Floodlight
100W G4 Floodlight
Outdoor LED lighting
100W Shoebox Light
100W Ground Floodlight
100W Traditional Wallpack
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Its now time to switch to efficient, cost-saving
and energy-saving LED lights.!! We are here to
help you lower your Consumption bills.!!
Our vision is to save energy for our future
generations, while we continue protecting our
environment. While you choose USA LED, we assure
you, you will never miss out any moment of
splendid lights and aura and instead will be able
to reduce the value of what you enjoy. Our
mission is to continuously help you in saving
your valuable money on energy consumption and be
able to use the same funds in other pressing
issues. USA LED Wholesale is a leading
manufacturer, and led lights wholesaler in
USA. Our goal is to supply affordable and
world-class LED lights Our customers drive our
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