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How to Boost Conversion Rate with A Good Web Design?


A website is essential for businesses in today’s digital age. A good web design is one of the important factors to increase conversion. In this article, I'll explain 7 web design tips to increase your website’s conversion rate. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Boost Conversion Rate with A Good Web Design?

How To Boost Conversion Rate
With A
Good Web Design?
A good web design is one of the important factors
to increase conversion. Your website amplifies
your online presence and boosts your credibility.
It is imperative for a variety of marketing
methods. Now, you might have already
implemented effective marketing techniques and
search engine optimisation. Your website traffic
and clicks increased. But despite the high web
traffic and clicks, your conversion rate was low.
What Is Lacking? What Have You Missed? In this
case, you need to optimise your marketing
process. Simply put, you need to do CRO or
Conversion Rate Optimisation to improve your
sales and make the most of your website.
  • Heres, 7 Web Design Tips to Increase Your
    Websites Conversion Rate
  • Provide a positive user experience
  • Invest in excellent web copywriting
  • Use high-quality images
  • Use videos to engage site visitors
  • Write strong Call To Action
  • Build trust through reviews and testimonials
  • Design an effective contact form

Provide Positive User Experience
Providing a positive user experience begin by
creating a brand new website. Tailor your website
according to your target markets specific needs.
Custom web design ensures that your site is built
with your user's specific journey in mind. The
basic elements of a good user experience are fast
loading speed, responsive web design, and an
organized navigation bar.
Invest In Excellent Web Copywriting
The website design attracts the customer, but the
content is what will make them stay and
eventually convert. Content brings the most
substance to your website. Your copy needs to
effectively connect your business to users to
ensure conversion. Learn more about the
copywriting formula AIDA Attention, Desire,
Interest Action . Or you may just want to hire
a professional website copywriter.
Use High-Quality Images
In this digital era, the expression "a picture is
worth a thousand words" has never been more
accurate. Remember that people have a short
attention span, therefore, using images that
entice and fascinate customers are making sure
you are leading them towards a conversion. If
you think you don't have the resources to hire a
professional photographer for your website, look
into high-quality stock images to boost your
conversion rate optimisation efforts.
Use Videos To Engage Site Visitors
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a
video is worth a million. Because most videos are
made up of 24-30 frames per second. People these
days are becoming more visual learners and videos
are well-liked tools to engaged customers.
Always remember to optimise your videos to make
them more web-friendly. Consult a web design
agency to assist you in creating videos that can
help you improve your site's conversion rate.
Build Strong Call To Action
Most websites these days still use general and
broad CTAs, like Call us today! or Buy Now!.
If you want to improve your websites conversion
rate, you will need to customise your CTAs to
convince your visitors to take your expected
action. Be creative and personalised your
message. Send a clear message so that customers
understand what will happen if they click a
specific button.
Build Trust Through Reviews and Testimonials
88 of shoppers read online reviews before making
a purchase. Even the founder and CEO of Facebook,
Mark Zuckerberg said that trusted referral is the
holy grail of advertising. Collect all the
feedback from your previous customers. That way,
more new customers will trust your brand since
many people from the same target market are also
satisfied with your product or service.
Design An Effective Contact Form
The main purpose of contact forms is to generate
leads by making customers leave some information.
Therefore, it is important to design it
decisively so that visitors may promptly convert
and complete the purchase. Keep in mind that
website users have little to no patience when
they surf online. A well-designed contact form
will save them the inconvenience of a terrible
contact experience and persuade them to convert.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of
people shopping online. Yet, the number of
businesses competing for attention has also
increased. It is important to analyze and improve
every aspect of your e-commerce website to
increased your conversion rate.
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