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Can I vape Hash in my Dry Herb Vaporizer?


Did you know, if done correctly, pretty much any dry herb vaporizer can vape CBD hash and concentrates? However, it is important to take the right precautions. If you don’t, at best, you’ll be facing a major clean up operation and at worst, you’ll damage the performance of your vaporizer. Visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Can I vape Hash in my Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Things To Remember When Vaping Hash In A Dry Herb
Enriching your smoking experience with hash using
dry herb vaporizers may seem like a simple thing
to do, but you must be careful about how you do
it. Forgetting the precautions and using the
wrong tools can quickly turn into a nightmare. If
you want to vape CBD hash in your vaporizer,
ensuring you keep the device clean can give you
the ultimate sensory experience you desire.
Following a few easy tricks can help you sustain
your kit and your health.
1 Clean Your Oven
Want your vaping gadget to function efficiently
for long periods? Keep an eye on the oven as hash
can melt when it reaches high-temperature levels,
leading to the secretion of oils. Oils will stick
to the oven, and the next time you seek a
mesmerizing experience, chances are that you will
not have it. Choose a good clean solution to
regularly clean the oven.
2 Set a Secure Layer in the Oven of Your
Most people overlook this method, but it can take
your dry herb vaporizers a long way. Try to
create a protective layer below the hash, at your
ovens bottom before you light it up. The best
layer is made by using herbs just to serve as a
soft bed for the hash to get a boost. It doesnt
only work as a cushion but can only increase the
flavor and effects.
3 Use the Right Amount
The usual herbs lack the raw potency of hash, so
remember to control your intake. It promotes
healthy vaping and also allows you to avoid
clogging the device with too much substance. The
recommended dosage is 0.1 grams for starters, and
you will have just about enough hits, say 8 to 10.
4 Increase the Surface Area
Did you know you can vaporize the hash better in
your dry herb vaporizers if you had a wider
surface area? It sounds complex, but all you need
to do is break the surface into tiny pieces and
then hammer it flat. More hash exposure to the
oven means more vape.
Vaping hash is a great way to enjoy yourself, and
it is entirely possible with your vaporizer.
However, much of it is connected to the effort
you are ready to put into it. Always take care of
your kit and keep it clean to make the most out
of it.
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