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COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing in San Diego CA - Covid Clinic


Covid Clinic (CVC) offers rapid testing for all travel-related guidelines. After packing their bags and driving to the airport, travellers don't want to be surprised by an airline that refuses to fly them without a COVID-19 Test negative report. Covid Clinic offers various COVID-19 Tests, which are sure to meet the Travel Requirements of almost every destination. Patients may be able to receive reimbursement from their insurance company for all or part of the COVID-19 test. Tests offered at Covid Clinic's testing lab are certified. To know more visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing in San Diego CA - Covid Clinic

Testing in San Diego, CA
What Are The Different Types Of Tests To
Diagnose Covid?
-PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test These are
sent to the lab for diagnosis. The PCR test is
the gold standard test for diagnosing
coronavirus 19 because its the most accurate
and reliable test. -LFT (Lateral Flow Test)
These can diagnose COVID- 19 on the spot, but
are not as accurate as of the PCR
test. -Antibody Test These dont diagnose if you
have an active infection, but tell you if you
have had it in the past and/or if you have
immunity to COVID-19.
Why Is RT-PCR Test Important?
A PCR test is one of the most common methods to
evaluate genetic material from an organism and
can be used in a wide variety of ways. The test
is very effective because the DNA of a virus or
bacteria will break down in high heat, and it
can be identified by which enzyme does this
Reasons To Get A RT-PCR Test
-If you have had symptoms for COVID-19. -If you
have been around someone for more than 15- 20
minutes who have tested positive. Results
availability after PCR test As early as 24
hours Advantages of PCR testing Most accurate
reliable detection of COVID-19
Why Is A PCR Test Of Gold Standard?
PCR testing is a powerful tool to detect viral
pathogens. But the detection of specific viral
targets may vary depending on the amount of
viral DNA present in the sample. Researchers are
constantly monitoring the emergence of new
strains and will continue to develop new assays
to keep pace with the virus.
What Do Your
Test Results Mean?
  • -Positive Highly likely you have COVID-19.
    Symptoms include fever and muscle aches but
    severe symptoms are rare. If you exhibit any of
    these signs please go see your doctor for
    treatment immediately!
  • -Negative For many people, it's not a big deal
    if they don't have COVID-19. The CDC estimates
    that around 2 of the population has been
    infected with this virus, and you might want to
    get tested for just in case!
  • You can find a Covid CLinic Testing Lab Near you
    right here in San Diego.
  • If you test positive, consult your doctors, stay
    home and isolate yourself from others. If you
    test negative, continue to take the precautions
    and stay safe!

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