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Signs You Should Have a COVID-19 Antibody Test - Covid Clinic


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Title: Signs You Should Have a COVID-19 Antibody Test - Covid Clinic

Signs You Should Have a COVID-19 Antibody Test
What is An Antibody?
Of the five main types of antibodies that would
be produced after an infection, a test looks for
just three immunoglobulins A (IgA), M (IgM),
and (IgG). According to the CDC, IgM and IgG
antibodies for Covid antigens are usually
produced between two and three weeks after
infection, but it is not yet known as to how
long these remain in the blood. -A positive
antibody test result shows that one may have
antibodies from a previous infection. -One may
test positive for antibodies even if they have
never had symptoms of Covid-19. This happens
when one has had an asymptomatic infection.
Is It A Test For Past Infection?
Antibodies take one to three weeks in the body
before developing, and while they can tell you if
someone has been exposed or had an infection
within a few days of exposure, this test cannot
tell you your status with regard to COVID-19
because it takes time for antibodies to develop.
Signs That You Need To Get A Test Done
-No sense of taste or smell -Chest pains -Extreme
fatigue -Constant cough -Shortness of
breath -Headache -Flu-like symptoms -You have
been around someone who has tested positive for
How Do You Get An Antibody Test?
A person can get an antibody test by contacting
their healthcare professional, or alternatively,
Covid Clinic. We can then administer a simple
blood test to find out if there are any
antibodies that could be fighting the COVID-19
virus, and find out if you need additional
treatment if infected.
What Do Your Test Results Mean?
-Positive A positive antibody test result may
mean that you have antibodies from previous
exposure to an infection caused by the virus.
Sometimes, a person can test positive for having
those antibodies even when they actually dont
have them. That is known as a false
report. -Negative You might not have antibodies
for COVID-19, or you must not have gotten
infected with the virus for your body to produce
the antibodies. You might be currently having an
infection or must have gotten vaccinated.
Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks after infection for
a body to produce its antibodies.
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