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Best Digital Marketing Tools For 2021 - Jain Technosoft


There are a myriad of digital marketing tools available, each serving its own distinctive purpose. You may use such tools to work online with peers, track If you’re not planning to hire an internet marketing company in India, you’re certainly seeking to know the digital marketing tools that can serve the purposes you’re willing to accomplish. And, this blog helps with just that! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Digital Marketing Tools For 2021 - Jain Technosoft

There are a myriad of digital marketing tools
available, each serving its own distinctive
purpose. You may use such tools to work online
with peers, track your projects, schedule your
social media posts, or anything else but these
tools are certainly needed at some point or the
other to proceed with your online work.
Different digital marketing professionals have
different preferences when choosing their
favourite tools. With different positions in
different industries, serving different
services, the tools used by each professional are
also diverse. No matter what tools they may use,
but it is important that every digital marketing
professional today is tech-savvy. Different
categories of digital marketing tools The digital
marketing tools used are mainly covered in seven
categories, namely SEO or SEM, social media
marketing, eCommerce marketing, advertising
management and analytics, collaboration, remote
working, and Web designing. If youre willing to
explore the best digital marketing tools in each
of these categories, well help you learn about
them in this blog. Experienced professionals
have been surveyed about which tools they like
the best, and why and the same has been listed
  • SEO/SEM tools
  • Google Analytics, which helps understand the
    types of visitors coming onto a site, the pages
    they explored, and the time spent on those pages
    helping ot understand what is engaging and
    creating conversions.
  • SEMrush, a tool for keyword research, keyword
    ranking reports, and competitive audits to
    compare search engine results, and identify the
    opportunities for optimization on the site.
  • Screaming Frog, a tool that helps download an
    entire site into a spreadsheet to review it all
    at once, thus identifying any missing or
    incorrect data across the sire, with errors,
    redirects, duplicate pages, and more.
  • Google Data Studio, which helps to see all the
    SEO and PPC KPIs in one place.
  • Google Tag Manager, which helps set up the
    correct triggers and tags in attribution
    reporting and campaign optimization.
  • Google Search Console, which helps measure the
    success of the SEO strategy, by monitoring the
    ranking and performance of target keywords, and
    highlighting any technical issues.
  • Similarweb, a tool for competition analysis,
    helping to identify the main traffic source for
    competitors based on website visits, and
    analyzing the rationale between organic and paid
    traffic segmentation, in terms of search
    volumes, keywords, CPC, etc.
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Sprout Social, an affordable social media
    management tool offering simple solutions to
    scheduling, community management, and analytics.
  • NetBase Quid, a social listening tool that helps
    track conversations outside the owned
    properties, surrounding specific industries,
    brands, competitors, or products thus assisting
    with understanding audiences and identifying
  • Tubular Labs, a global video measurement and
    analytics platforms that helps keep the brand on
    top of social trends, while also understanding
    what other brands are doing on social.
  • Synthesio, a social listening platform that helps
    strengthen social media strategies by capture
    social media intelligence from different markets.
  • Facebook Business Manager, a tool that can fuel
    FB/IG marketing strategies and product
    exceptional results around website clicks,

  • conversions, ultra-targeted ad campaigns, etc. by
    allowing to manage multiple pages, accounts, and
    business assets, all in one single place, so as
    to target the right audiences.
  • Buffer, which can schedule posts across Facebook,
    Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • HubSpot, a tool that can schedule and track the
    progress of social media campaigns, giving a
    360-degree view of the progress of the campaigns.
  • Falcon, a tool useful in managing organic social
    media posts for multiple campaigns, and pooling
    data from the reach obtained.
  • eCommerce marketing tools
  • Shopify, a scalable out-of-the-box eCommerce
    solution with hundreds of integrations and a
    seamless user experience, both on the front and
    back end.
  • Google Analytics, to monitor tools, which gives a
    good overview of how the site is performing, and
    what needs to be improved.
  • Pingdom, an ongoing monitoring tool that provides
    push notifications if any site goes down so that
    any issues can be rectified immediately.
  • WooCommerce, an affordable management tool that
    can turn a WordPress site into an eCommerce
    powerhouse, taking up charge of scheduling,
    community management, and analytics.
  • ly, a tool that makes it easy for clients to make
    their payments.
  • Advertising management analytics tools
  • Google Data Studio, which provides a free
    user-friendly interface to visualize data and
    showcase reports, and combine data and metrics
    from several sources to draw direct comparisons
    on performance, and identify opportunities for
  • BigQuery, which is an excellent data warehouse,
    and helps fetch data from third-party sources.
  • Google Ads Editor, which is essential for any
    Google Ads manager to organise and operate large
    ad accounts, allowing efficient bulk editing and
  • Google Ads Scripts, which has a whole team of
    developers in-house to build pretty much
    anything needed for PPC management.

  • HubSpot, which helps analyze the flow of a lead
    past the initial contact point, and into the
    various sales stages all the way to a closed
  • Collaboration tools
  • com, a great project management tool that makes
    running an account very smooth.
  • Toggle, a time management tool that accurately
    tracks the time you spend on different tasks,
    thus helping you manage and monitor where youre
    spending your time throughout the day.
  • Asana, a project management tool that helps
    deliver work to the highest standard, in a
    timely manner.
  • Google Data Studio, a tool that can help monitor
    campaign performance, with a large number of
    integrations allowing to aggregate all the work
    into a single view.
  • Trello, which helps share deliverables with a
    number of people, thus providing visibility and
    accountability on projects.
  • Remote working tools
  • Slack, that helps individuals and groups stay in
    touch, making communication and information
    sharing easy and intuitive through video calls
    and screen sharing features.
  • Zoom, a great video calling tool that can help
    people stay together, while staying apart.
  • Google Chat/Google Meet, tools that help with
    video calls, as well as the feature of sending a
    quick message to a client or co-worker in the
    middle of the call.
  • Google Calendar, a tool that can coordinate a
    team, even when individuals reside in different
    physical locations.
  • Web designing tools
  • Figma, for wireframes and UI/UX designs, with the
    Multiplayer feature that can have multiple
    people working on the same design in real time.
  • InVision, to present mobile, tablet, and desktop
    design prototypes, helping to understand the
    designed experiences better.
  • Adobe Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator,
    Premier, and After Effects, to enrich the
    designs with creative and immersive animations
    and videos.

  • Abstract, a tool for version control of design
    files in the same way development teams manage
    their branches and master files, allowing teams
    to always work from a single source, with updates
    being managed and reviewed by admins.
  • Miro, a tool for remote workshops and
    collaboration, providing the opportunity to stay
    engaged and active in remote sessions.
  • With the above references and reviews, you are
    now in a better position to use the best digital
    marketing tools for your particular purpose. Or,
    even better, you can hire a professional
    internet marketing company in India, who can
    look after every aspect of your online presence,
    right from website designing and advertising, to
    SEO, SEM, SMM, and eCommerce marketing.

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