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An Ultimate Guide on Common Industrial Chemicals and Its Uses


In this presentation, you shall have a look at the major industrial chemicals in the 2021 market and its main uses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: An Ultimate Guide on Common Industrial Chemicals and Its Uses

An Ultimate Guide on Common Industrial Chemicals
and Its Uses
  • The chemical industry has witnessed a rapid
    growth in the past several decades. The
    applications of industrial chemicals is also
    radically on the rise. The use of these chemicals
    is very wide and differs from industry to
  • In this presentation, we shall have a look at the
    main industrial chemicals and their major uses.

Common Industrial Chemicals in Market 2021
  • A large number of chemical manufacturers and
    chemical suppliers in UAE offers high-grade
    chemical products to a large number of customers
    with the best services. These chemicals are then
    widely used for various purposes in different
  • The major industrial chemicals dominating the
    chemical industry in 2021 are as follows
  • Polyurethane Chemicals
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Propylene
  • Ethylene
  • Nitrogen

Polyurethane Chemicals
  • A polyurethane is formed when a polyol reacts
    with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in
    the presence of suitable catalysts and additives.
  • Conventional polyol, polymeric MDI, polymeric
    polyol, TDI etc. are the various polyurethane
    products highly used in the chemical industry.
  • Depending upon the customer needs and unique
    specifications, various types of polyols and
    isocyanates can be used in the production of
    polyurethane chemicals.

Use Polyurethane chemicals are widely used in
the production of foams, coatings, adhesives,
sealants, elastomers and several household items.
Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3)
  • Use
  • Sodium Carbonate is mainly used in the following
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Therapeutic treatments
  • Production of cleaning products
  • Pulp and paper products
  • Personal care products
  • Sodium Carbonate is another major industrial
    chemical used for various purposes these days.
    This is an inorganic compound also known as
    washing soda with the formula Na2CO3.
  • It is a strong alkali base and is mainly used in
    green cleaning products.
  • According to EPA (environmental protection
    agency), sodium carbonate is a safe pesticide and
    the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) designates
    it as generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Propylene (C3H6)
  • Propylene is also known as methyl ethylene and is
    an organic gas compound. We get this industrial
    chemical as a byproduct of fermentation process.
    Alternatively, propylene can also be produced
    from fossil fuels.
  • Use It is highly used in the green chemistry
    sector and as a fuel gas. Propylene is even
    polymerised to produce polypropylene plastic

Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Ethylene is highly in demand in the industrial
    chemicals market and each year above 150 million
    tons of ethylene is being produced. It is
    produced by the steam cracking of a wide range of
    hydrocarbon feedstocks.
  • Use For the synthesis of industrial chemicals
    like ethanol, in the petrochemical industry, in
    various polyethylene plastics used in food
    packaging etc.

Nitrogen (N2)
  • Use
  • The major applications of nitrogen is as follows
  • In the production of industrial chemical Ammonia.
  • For preserving food
  • In the production of transistors and diodes
  • In the synthesis of fertilisers, nitric acid,
    nylon, dyes etc.
  • Nitrogen is another element important to the
    chemical industry. This is an inert gas that is
    produced in tons each year through the process
    called fractional distillation.
  • It is highly used by the manufacturing and
    processing industries. Nitrogen in its liquid
    state, is used in the medical research sector. In
    solid conveying gas carrier nitrogen is used as a
    substitute for air.

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