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Abacus Travel Software


Trawex, a leading GDS integration company, develops travel web portals incorporating Abacus travel software to provide the best flight, hotel, tour, and car deals. Abacus GDS provides access to a world of content and functionality via web services APIs and desktop connections. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Abacus Travel Software

Abacus Travel Software
What is Abacus Travel Software?
  • Abacus Travel Software is a fast and effective
    system to ensure that all your air-to-hotel
    bookings to tour packages are hassle-free. You
    can also reserve a car or a transfer with a
    single tap. It is a cost-effective solution for
    travel companies and tour operators worldwide.
  • Abacus GDS is used by the travel sector globally
    to connect buyers and sellers via agency, online,
    and corporate travel channels. Via a unified
    platform, the Abacus travel software connects
    travel agents with an airline, hotel, car rental,
    rail, and other service providers.
  • Abacus GDS (global distribution system)
    and Abacus API integration allow travel agencies
    to increase operational efficiency to achieve
    corporate needs.
  • Abacus software connects the best travel service
    providers in the industry and allows you to
    select from a range of options. If a travel
    agency desires to expand, it must implement an
    effective global distribution system, and Abacus
    GDS software is the best option.

Why does the travel agency require Abacus
  • If you are an aspiring travel agency and are
    searching for a reliable platform to start or
    take your business to the next level, integration
    with the Abacus Travel Software can be an ideal
    choice for you.
  • Abacus GDS software is now essential in
    the online reservation system. This framework
    includes XML resources as well as desktop
    applications that are connected to the primary
    database. Abacus GDS provides access to a world
    of content and functionality via web services
    APIs and desktop connections.
  • The Abacus system is being integrated by major
    airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies, car hire
    companies, rail carriers, and cruise operators.
    Its remarkable features include flight schedules,
    pricing policy, product availability, booking,
    and ticketing status.
  • Customers can shop through hundreds of potential
    airlines, thousands of hotels, vacations, and car
    rental subcontractors by integrating Abacus into
    your application or travel platform.
  • Abacus system has all the competencies and
    benefits to succeed in the long run, not only
    because it's a comprehensive travel management
    system, but also its diversity in aggregating the
    travel contents. Over 100,000 travel agencies
    worldwide, use the Abacus GDS system and software

What Do You Get With Abacus Software Integration?
  • Trawex, an Abacus software company,
    provides Abacus GDS integration services to
    global travel agencies and travel management
    companies in delivering robust travel software
    solutions. We integrate the Abacus reservation
    system for accessing the comprehensive inventory
    of flights, transfers, and even hotels through
  • We assist you to get all the features offered by
    Abacus such as its real-time availability,
    booking, pricing, and consolidated display of
    data. However, we are dedicated exclusively to
    meeting the demands of the global travel
  • Abacus software helps the entire travel industry
    discover and enhance their revenues. It assists
    agencies in developing new revenue streams and
    even making profits after-sales. Abacus software
    allows the tourism sector to discover and
    maximize its profitability. 
  • Abacus travel systems are used by a wide range of
    travel sectors, from global network airlines to
    low-cost carriers, from major travel agencies to
    independent hotels, to develop efficient business
    ecosystems and gain a competitive edge.
  • Trawex can assist you in using Abacus to expand
    your market reach, attract new customers, and
    provide up-selling and cross-selling
    opportunities. In short, with Abacus' custom
    travel tech tools, you can start to leverage the
    online channel more efficiently.

Why Choose Trawex for Abacus GDS Integration?
  • Trawex is a well-known name in the travel portal
    development industry that assists online travel
    agencies (OTAs), especially IATA agents, in
    integrating with the Abacus software and
    connecting to the Abacus central reservation
  • Integration with the abacus travel software helps
    the travel agents to get connected to more
    inventories related to airlines, hotels, car
    rentals, cruise, bus booking, and rail booking.
    The custom reporting module and CRM
    module developed by our GDS developers facilitate
    the smooth operation of the travel agency system.
  • This will include 'live availability information
    for flights and fares for airlines, including
    low-cost carriers on domestic and international
    markets, as well as hotels and car rental.
  • Our developers can integrate the Abacus GDS to
    unlock the inventory of all related to travel,
    such as airline tickets, hotels, cars, and
    cruises. This is made possible by Abacus's online
  • The integration will increase your business
    value, improve operational efficiency, and
    increase productivity. It will assist you in
    developing and capture new market opportunities
    in real-time while lowering your operating costs.

Key features of Abacus GDS System
  • 247 real-time access to a worldwide inventory of
    hotel rooms, cars, airlines, buses, tours, and
    other travel-related items.
  • Easy connectivity and content mapper
  • Expand your coverage effectively with travel
    agents and agencies
  • New distribution channels open to inventory
  • Exposure to worldwide Inventory
  • Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking
  • The Abacus GDS software can easily be implemented
    on Android, iOS, and Web platforms.
  • Provides access to real-time pricing and
    availability to make online bookings.
  • Offers the best commissions and fares to travel
  • Abacus GDS makes it simple to manage information.
  • It provides a single-window interface for all of
    your marketing efforts.
  • Abacus software enables expanding the coverage to
    gain exposure to other travelers and travel

Benefits of Abacus Global Distribution System
  • Abacus travel software increases sales for travel
    agencies and companies
  • The inventories are instantly updated, allowing
    travel agencies to know the products available
    for sale
  • Instant access to the most detailed and reliable
    travel content
  • Easy integration and maintenance process
  • Ability to discover new revenue streams,
    cross-sell and integrate with other suppliers
  • Personalized and relevant travel management tools
    to save costs and bring in more revenue
  • Optimized business processes, procedures, and
    reporting, as well as business intelligence and
  • Real-time reporting allows for easy management of
  • It aids in increasing revenue and introducing
    repeat sales.
  • 24/7 access to inventory 
  • Enables business models such as retail travel
    agency and OTA (Online Travel Agency) 
  • Offer consumers increased pricing transparency
  • Travel agents can benefit from a global platform
    with extensive market penetration
  • Provide your customers with the best rates that
    no other system can provide
  • Place travel services to many clients without
    affecting your marketing budget

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